4 Oct. 2023 Hey, I'm back. Mina Martin sent me a revamped version of the first 11 chapters + Prologue of A Gift by Starlight last spring. I didn't have time to do anything with it before I left on an awesome vacation to Germany, and since we got back I've been dealing with post-vacation crash (thanks, CFS). But now, finally, here it is.

I'll get some more pages of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth up one of these days, plus I'm still toying with various new fanfic ideas. One of them will gel, eventually. I hope.

Also, an update to my Submission Guidelines.

Return to The Nephrite and Naru Treasury

4 Jan. 2023 Heh. Welp. Mina Martin reminded me that it's been a very long time since my last update! What can I say, I've been working really hard on my published writing and kinda... got busy. This update's been sitting here for like 6 months waiting for me to finally get around to posting it! But I've got a bunch of good stuff this time, a whole lot of fan art by Ana Dell and a short story to go with one of her new pictures. Plus three new chapters of A Gift by Starlight by Mina Martin and a bunch of new pages of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth by Yahiko-chan!I'm still toying with the new fanfic idea. I've got some cool stuff written on it, but I'm still not really sure where it's going. I'll try to squeeze in some time to work it out.

6 Oct. 2021 I'm back with some more goodies! Three more pieces of fanart from Ana for 24 Hours to Life! (Someday I'm going to put these all in story order; today, however, is not that day.)

And here's a treat - Yahiko-chan, the creator of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth, has resurfaced, with a beautiful new reboot of the comic! You can view the new version here (it's linked from the Extras page) or, if you want to get ahead of what I've posted, it's also at ComicFury. Enjoy!

I am also working on a new fanfic. It's pretty crazy, and I'm writing it without an outline or really knowing where I'm going with it, which I hate doing. But I'm starting to see where it's heading. I've been really busy with my professional writing, but I can usually squeeze in time most evenings to write a little on it. And now that I have an idea what I'm doing with it, that should help it go faster.

15 July 2021 Hey, I'm back with more fanart from the very awesome Ana! This time there's pictures for Hearts of Sword (aka The Life That Awaits) and In the Shadows of Paradise. (Note - some pictures might contain spoilers, so use caution.) And still more to come!

And I'm working on a new fanfic. I started one, but it wasn't really exciting me, so I shifted direction to something else. I think this one's going to be cool. Still not sure where I'm going with it, so way too soon to start posting! I like to completely finish writing a fic before I start posting, just to make sure readers don't get left hanging.

13 April 2021 Wow, I realized I've been doing this site for 20 years! Seems like I should do some sort of 20th anniversary celebration. If I can think of something. In the meantime, let's celebrate with more fanart from the very awesome Ana for 24 Hours to Life! (Just a note - some pictures might contain spoilers, so use caution.) I've got a ton more (and I do mean a TON) of art from Ana to post, but I'm taking it a little at a time. Back soon with more!

14 Nov. 2020 More fanart from Ana, for 24 Hours to Life and Remembrance! (Just a note - some pictures might contain spoilers, so use caution if you haven't read the fics they're from.) And Chapter 9 of The Gift of Love by LadyKeren (aka Keren Olivero).

Also, I've added a feature I've been wanting to add for a long time, an index to fanfics by author! Now it's much easier to find fics by your favorite authors, or explore authors you aren't so familiar with.

I made some edits to Lyra's Children. Nothing huge, nothing that changes the story, mainly just trending towards a somewhat younger Nephrite and putting less emphasis on the age difference between him and Naru. Also, Ana pointed out that I forgot Zoisite's apology in 24 Hours to Life! So I fixed that, and fixed one or two other minor problems. I am working on some new Nephrite/Naru ideas when I have some spare time from my pro writing.

17 Oct. 2020 So this was so cool - Ana from Germany emailed me a few weeks ago to tell me that my fanfics have really helped lift her spirits during Covid. I love hearing from readers about how my stories have affected their lives! And - she's been doing a lot of fanart to go with the fics! So in this massive fanart update, I'm pleased to present 18 new fanarts by Ana, with more to come! You can view them in the Gallery, and find links on the index pages of the stories they go with: Remembrance, Lyra's Children, Hearts of Sword (Ana's favorite fic), 24 Hours to Life, and Interlude.

Plus three more chapters of The Gift of Love by LadyKeren (aka Keren Olivero)!

8 Sept. 2020 New chapter of A Gift by Starlight by Mina Martin, that she sent me back in, er, June. Oops. XD

9 Dec. 2019 So yeah, I've been home from my vacation to Scotland for more than 6 months. I was busy with some big projects with my pro writing, but now finally, here's an update. We've got the final chapters of 24 Hours to Life, along with more chapters of A Gift by Starlight by Mina Martin and The Gift of Love by LadyKeren (aka Keren Olivero) and a new short story, Fantasies Becoming Reality, also by LadyKeren.

With 24 Hours to Life, finished, what's next for me? I'm on revisions and edits for another big pro writing project, but in the meantime, it's good to keep writing new words. I have kind of a fun idea for some Nephrite/Naru fics I want to experiment with. We'll see how that goes. I'll also keep updating other fics as more chapters get sent in. I'm also always looking for more fanart!

17 May 2019 And I'm back with more chapters of 24 Hours to Life. Coming down to the wire on this one! Also, more chapters of A Gift by Starlight by new contributor Mina Martin and a new fic, The Gift of Love by LadyKeren (aka Keren Olivero). And some fanart and cute collectible images from new contributor Mitsukara. And with that, I'm off on another exciting overseas adventure; see you when I get back in a few weeks!

1 March 2019 Um, yeah. I'm going to try to not wait so long between updates, but then I always say that :P. More chapters of 24 Hours to Life and the beginning of a new fic, A Gift by Starlight by new contributor Mina Martin! Also a new piece of fanart from Mary2J. I've been worried about running out of fanfic ideas, but there's the one I talked about last update, and I just came up with a fun new concept, so maybe that will get me updating faster.

25 June 2018 Back again, sorry these updates are going so slow :P I've been busy with my publishing writing, and we also went to Germany for two weeks this spring! It was lots of fun, but I have a lot of travel-related anxieties so it took up a lot of mental and emotional energy. I'm blogging about it on my professional website, so if you want to hear all about it and see the pictures, check it out! The first post is here.

On with the update. More chapters of 24 Hours to Life, and a piece of fanart from new contributor Le-ARi. There's still a good bit to go on 24 Hours, and I'm starting to mull over a new fanfic idea. Might be something fun to experiment with. The paying work has to come first, but this might be some good writing practice.

26 January 2018 Finally another update. Sorry it's been so long. Things got busy through the summer, fall, and winter, and with my CFS/ME, I just didn't have enough energy for both my professional writing and doing a lot of work on updates. I had some fanfiction and fanart ready to go, but never got around to doing the actual update. But now, finally, here are more chapters of 24 Hours to Life, and some cute fanart from new contributor Mary2J! Enjoy, and hopefully next time it won't be so long before I'm back with more.

28 July 2017 Quick fanfic update, more chapters of 24 Hours to Life. I'm going to start to try getting these out more often, if I can get my work done on my professional writing during the day. There's still 13 hours to go and the fun is just beginning! No fanart this time; someone make some and send it to me (or the link or your Tumblr or DeviantArt or whatever) please!

1 May 2017 Yah, okay, I've been up to my ears in some big projects for my indie-published fiction. But never fear, I'm back with more new chapters of 24 Hours to Life and something pretty from fanart contributor Paloma Nevada. Enjoy!

31 January 2017 Well, what can I say? We went to a week-long family reunion right after the last update, and I've been recovering ever since. Well, things also got kind of busy between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then I got sick after Christmas, and I had a new book to publish. But I put doing this update in my planner and here it is! Anyway, new chapters of 24 Hours to Life and some beautiful fanart from new contributors Paloma Nevada and SMeadows are now available for your enjoyment. The bullet journaling system is helping me get a handle on everything I have going on, so I'm looking at doing an update every month *knock on wood*.

21 July 2016 Okay, so things got busy there for a while, but I'm back. Finishing up my fantasy series, writing more stuff, a new granddaughter born at the end of May :-D This is granddaughter #2; we acquired her older sister when our son married her mommy last year. Very fun and exciting.

In other news, this site had been with Angelfire since it started in 2001, but I was finally seeing signs that Angelfire/Lycos was no longer the great company it used to be. So the Treasury has moved to a new server. The angelfire.com/anime2/nephandnaru address no longer works; you need to change/update your bookmarks to nntreasury.com. (If you're seeing this, you already used that address. I am no longer able to update the angelfire pages.)

So, anyway, this time we have the conclusion of Slow Process to Redemption and what looks like the conclusion to The Music Box, along with new chapters of 24 Hours to Life and some new fanart from regular contributor xoBulmaxo, now using the name Kinikim. Enjoy!

15 March 2016 Hey it's an update!!! I've been working hard on my original fantasy, trying to get that series done and released, and on my new Nephrite/Naru fanfic. The first two sections of 24 Hours to Life are now posted; the whole thing is finished and edited, so I should be able to make regular updates. Also we have new chapters of Slow Process to Redemption and The Music Box. And check out the Gallery for new fanart from regulars xoBulmaxo and Diewahne and from new contributor StarrDustCrusader!

22 July 2015 IT LIIIIVES!!!! Yes, here I am, with another update. Took a while because I've been working really hard on an original series, trying to get the books out every 2-3 months. And my older son got married last week, which delayed this update a little longer than I planned on. When I started this site, he was an 11-year-old middle schooler, who got inspired to start learning html by my making this site, and now he's all grown up and married and working as a web programmer.

On with the update: New chapters of Slow Process to Redemption, Music Box, and The Shi-Tennou Return, and new fanart in the Gallery by favorite contributor xobulmaxo and new contributors DonnaWeather87 and SemiMage.

Next time, I'll start posting my new fic, 24 Hours to Life! Watch for it ^_^

12 December 2014 Yes, still here, still updating. New chapters of Slow Process to Redemption, Music Box, and The Shi-Tennou Return are up. And there's new fanart in the Gallery, by Diewahne, xobulmaxo, and Seeraholic (formerly known as Molkoholic), and new contributors Owlteria and Kanaikia.

In the news, first of all, I finally gave in and signed up for Tumbler. Check out the Nephrite and Naru Treasury Annex for cool fanart I find on Tumblr and other stuff. And, you may ask, after all these years of resistance, what made me finally cave? The rebirth of the Scrumdiddlyumptious Dark Kingdom Love Revival! Yes, after all these years, Soylent Green has resurfaced with a Tumblog of fanart. musings, and opinions about the Dark Kingdom.

Also, the long-dreamed-of new English dub of Sailor Moon is here! You can watch episodes for a limited time on Hulu (they're on to the second half of the first season now, starting with the Nephrite Dies episode) and the DVDs are also available on Amazon (Japanese subtitled and new English dub both included). What do I think of the new dub? On the whole, I think it's excellent. Naru has a lovely voice, Nephrite has that perfect blend of arrogance and suaveness, and Evil Umino in episode 2 (which was left out of the original dub) is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. The storyline and characters are true to the original, the Japanese cultural flavor hasn't been purged, Zoisite's a guy!!!, and all the episodes have been dubbed. As for the new Sailor Moon Crystal, I can't say much about it since I've only watched the first episode, but since it's based closely on the manga and the Dark Kingdom is different, and there's no Nephrite-Naru or Kunzite-Zoisite, I've had a hard time working up a lot of interest in it. Fans of the manga version will probably enjoy it more than fans of the classic anime.

And, finally, I'm revising the fic I wrote last year, 24 Hours To Life. Watch for it sometime in the first part of 2015!

That's it for now, see you next time! (Hopefully I'll have the first chapters of 24 Hours to Life ready by then!)

21 May 2014 I'm back! First of all, there's been big North American Sailor Moon news within the last week! Viz Media has licensed both the new Sailor Moon series and classic Sailor Moon! This means that the original Sailor Moon, all 200 episodes plus movies and tie-ins, is now licensed for streaming, digital, and home video rights in the Japanese subtitled version, and -- this is huge, we've been waiting for this for years -- a new uncut, uncensored English dub version is in the works! You can already watch Season 1, with our beloved Nephrite and Naru and the rest of the Dark Kingdom gang, streaming in quality video (better than the old fansubs and bittorrents!) (and 100% legal!) on Hulu and Viz.com! Get the details on Crunchyroll and Anime News Network.

And in other news, I've been busy the last few months with my professional writing, but we do have another update. New chapters of Slow Process to Redemption, Music Box, and The Shi-Tennou Return! And some pretty fanart by MoonLepus in the Gallery.

11 March 2014 Patience has its rewards - I'm back with a huge fanart and fanfic update! Been collecting some more great fanart from deviantArt, and I'm happy to add art from new contributors Moonprincess93, Blink-719, and MoonLepus, and from familiar faces Diewahne and Xobulmaxo to the Gallery. And in the Library, you'll find new fanfics by past contributors happyhappysunshine (you can find some of her art in the Gallery) and SanjouinDaCapo, as well as by new contributor Keren Olivero, a long-time friend of the Nephrite and Naru Treasury.

As for me, I have a new fic, 24 Hours to Life, I wrote last November for National Novel Writing Month, that's waiting till I have time to edit it. I'm hoping that I can start posting 24 Hours to Life this summer; in the meantime, enjoy Slow Process to Redemption, Music Box, and The Shi-Tennou Return!

Back soon with more chapters of the new fics and hopefully some more fanart!

1 November 2013 Yes, I'm back! With some more fanart goodies from deviantArt, including new contributors Slr Steel Fox, Kimmuryiel, MakorraLove12, and iliowahine!

Also, with November comes National Novel Writing Month, and this year I'm writing an all-new Nephrite-Naru fanfic! I actually only have a vague idea of what it's going to be all about, so this should be exciting! :P Watch for it to be posted here next year!

I'll be back when I've got more fanart or fanfic for you ^.^

23 May 2013 DeviantArt has been very good to me in the last month ^_^ Go check out this amazing fanart by three artists who are new to the Gallery here: Jen-and-Kris, Lord Opal, and Okydraft.

Also, I've made a few changes to the Links page - removed a few links that don't work any more, and updated a few others.

12 April 2013 Just a small update today, a new picture from Loreley25 in the Gallery. For more updates, I need more fanart and fanfiction!

11 March 2013 So, it hasn't been as long since my last update as I thought! Not a whole lot this time; there's a new picture by Diewahne in the fanart gallery, and Pieda the Mokona sent in some lyrics for the Dedications page.

Google Translate buttons are now available on all fanfic pages, for convenience in reading in languages besides English. At least, I think they are. If you are reading fanfics and come across a page that lack the Google Translate button, please let me know.

I've got a fanfic in mind, now I'm just waiting for time in my writing schedule to work on it. In the meantime, I'm accepting submissions of fanfics and fanart. If you have something, e-mail me and tell me about it.

25 January 2013 Yes, I'm back!! With some fanart by previous contributors Ashkanie and Xobulmaxo, and new contributors JustineDarkchylde and Baranamtara. I also have a new short story, Pomegranate by Pieda the Mokona.

And I just realized that I never got around to putting Google Translate buttons on the T-Z fanfics. So I'll get that done soon.

I didn't write new fanfiction last November during NaNoWriMo. Instead, I cranked out an original novel that I'd been struggling with for years and years that finally came together. I'm really concentrating on my original fiction now, but hope to make time again soon for more fanfic. In the meantime, I'm very pleased and excited to announce that I will soon be releasing my first professional novel, via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, and other online stores.

Also in the meantime, I can't update if I don't have anything to update, so I'm accepting contributions of fanart and fanfiction. Get creative, and send it in!

18 September 2012 Ahem, yes. Update. Finally. I've been taking on way too many projects lately, plus I'm up to my ears in revisions on my original fiction. But anyway, here it is, finally! First off, we have the exciting conclusion of In the Shadows of Paradise. Also, a vignette, Scars by a new contributor, Pieda the Mokona. I normally don't post super-short fics, but she did a really nice job with this one and I believe she's working on some more Nephrite/Naru fics! Looking forward to seeing more from her :D And once again, deviantArt has not let me down: six wonderful new pieces of fanart in the Gallery, by RoadZero, Maaru-chan, NeverJohn, SailorPhantom, and previous contributor Molkoholic.

But wait, there's more! :D New dedication lyrics, also contributed by Pieda the Mokona, and four new links: Pieda the Mokona's Nephrite/Naru tumblog, NephriteNaruForeverLove; Every kind of nerdery imaginable, a tumblog dedicated to Sailor Moon and other anime screenshots and fanart; MoonSticks, a funny Sailor Moon comic strip; and Forgotten Fics, where the legendary Scrumdiddlyumptious Dark Kingdom Love Revival and other classic Dark Kingdom sites have been reconstructed.

I'm not sure what's coming up after this. I'm hoping I'll have time during November to write another Neph/Naru fic during NaNoWriMo, but it isn't looking very likely. In the meantime, the next update will be when people send me stuff to post! (hint hint) Till then, enjoy!

9 August 2012 Sorry about the long break again! I'm working hard on my original fiction so I can start releasing it for sale at the end of this year, plus my computer died ;_; I liked that computer and even though it was 6 1/2 years old it still worked fine, until the motherboard decided to die. Fortunately, I didn't lose any of my data, and now I'm up and running on a new computer again. Anyhoo, four more chapters of In the Shadows of Paradise are up, along with four nice pieces of fanart from Aihara Yukii, ChatroomFreak, JATGProductions, and Rikayu-chan. There's a lot more to come on the next update--more fanart, and some fanfic by someone besides me!!! ^_^ I didn't put it all on this update because I want to get it finally posted and I also want to save some of the goodies for next time (I worry about running out of stuff to post). Enjoy!

4 July 2012 Wow, ok, it's been longer than I thought! ^_^;;; Anyway, next four chapters of In the Shadows of Paradise are up. I also found a great Tumblog, Every kind of nerdery imaginable, that collects tons of great fanart for Sailor Moon and more, including art from Japanese sites I wasn't familiar with. I've posted a few of my favorites in the Gallery, along with links to the original sources. Go check it out for some amazing fanart! Finally, Chepseh sent me some more Moonfight scans, which you can see on the Extras page. Thanks, Chepseh!

I've been deep in heavy revisions on one of my original fantasy novels, but I think I'm through the worst of it now--at least for this novel :P. I don't think it'll be this long until the next update. See you then!

1 June 2012 Next four chapters of In the Shadows of Paradise are up, and there's two new pieces of fanart by Ashkanie in the Gallery.

17 May 2012 ...And here are the first four chapters of In the Shadows of Paradise! Be sure to read the Notes for some links to some amazing fics that helped inspire this story. Also, I've been neglecting the Dedications page for a long time, but I found some lyrics that have to go on it. Check out "Lost in Paradise" by Evanescence!

Back soon with more chapters!

7 May 2012 Quick update today. Brothers in Arms is now hosted at the Treasury. The web hosting service where Dark Amethyst had it posted is gone, and she has graciously given me permission to host it here. It is also now Google Translate-enabled.

I've also added a link to Aitsu Sweetheart, a multi-media resource site for Sailor Moon and other "magical girl" anime and manga. It's a newly-revamped site, still under construction, but new things are going up every day. Watch for multimedia downloads, graphics and goodies, contests, and more!

And remember to watch the Twitter feed on the front page, or follow Moon Momma on Twitter, for the latest news between updates!

3 May 2012 It's been a while, but I'm back now with an eye-candy update ^.^ In the Gallery, there's new fanart from Ashkanie, JATGProductions, Mewmew34, and Migio90. Many thanks to these talented artists for graciously allowing me to post their work here at the Treasury! Also, Chepseh, whose work you can see in the Gallery, got hold of a copy of a Moon Fight doujinshi, and was kind enough to scan a Nephrite/Naru story from it. You'll recognize a lot of the images from it from the doujinshi scans section in the Gallery.

My latest fanfic, In the Shadows of Paradise, is in the late editing stages. I'm hoping to be able to start posting it in about another month. In the meantime, I've set a goal to go pro with my original fiction at the beginning of next year (publishing directly for Kindle, Nook, etc), so that is taking most of my writing time. I may or may not be able to write a new fanfic this year; I'll see if I'm on schedule with my professional publishing goals in late October, and if I have any new ideas. Also in the meantime, I would love to see some new Nephrite/Naru fanfics by someone who isn't me! *hint hint*

One last thing, I finally signed up for Twitter (I had to to get the bonus Twitter levels for Angry Birds Seasons :p). It occurs to me that would be a good place for news in between updates. https://twitter.com/moon_momma There's nothing there yet, but stop by sometimes in between updates to see what's going on with Moon Momma and the Nephrite and Naru Treasury!

19 January 2012 Two things today. First, the big news is that SOPA and PIPA have been set aside... for now. Their sponsors are saying the bills need to be re-worked to reflect the concerns raised by the Internet community. Some version of these bills may be passed sooner or later, but hopefully they will have been re-written to more narrowly focus on piracy without affecting non-pirate Internet activity. A more palatable bill is also being looked at, called OPEN. So the Internet is safe... for now. As Mad-Eye Moody would say, "Constant vigilence!" We need to make sure Congress doesn't try to sneak these things through when they think all the resistance has died down and no one is looking. More than this, people in all countries need to be aware of what their governments are doing and hold them accountable.

Okay, item #2: The fics on the A-D Library page are now Google Translate-enabled, except for the Crystal Weaver Saga (it's a lot of pages to do; it's coming up next) and the off-site fics August Moon, Brothers in Arms, and Capture and Escape. I also put a Translate button at the top of the library page so you can translate the fic descriptions. ^^ also please note that now the updates can be read in many different languages!

19 January 2012 If you came by the site yesterday, Jan. 18, and were wondering what was up with the front page, I was protesting and raising awareness of SOPA/PIPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act), which are currently under consideration by the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate, respectively. (They are essentially the same bill, one for each legislative body.) This law is supposedly targeted at foreign piracy sites (such as PirateBay) but it is so broadly and vaguely written that any website is in danger from it. If this bill becomes law, it will almost certainly mean the end of fan sites such as the Nephrite and Naru Treasury, and people like me who run such sites could potentially be sentenced to five years in prison. To find out what you can do to stop this censorship bill, go to AmericanCensorship.org. U.S. citizens can contact their representatives and senators (Senators' phone numbers are here) and petition President Obama to veto the bill if it is passed. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you can sign international petitions at americancensorship.org (scroll down a little way) and avaaz.org. These bills are quickly losing support among their congressional sponsors and supporters, but we have to keep up the pressure to make sure they are dropped for good and don't come back. Thank you for your help, and for your support of the Treasury and freedom of speech.

17 January 2012 Okay, here's the new version of Sanctuary. There are some fairly significant changes, but the basic story is still the same. I love this story, but it's very hard to get it right; I'm a lot happier with this new version than I was with the old one. It is also Google Translate enabled, for your non-English reading convenience. ^^

My next project is to put Google Translate buttons on the rest of the fanfiction pages on this site (I can't add them to off-site pages, sorry about that). I'll keep you updated as I make progress on that.

9 January 2012 Lots of goodies this time ^^. First, some new fanart from UnconventionalSenshi and Xobulmaxo, and a sweet one-shot doujinshi, Eternal Love, also from Xobulmaxo. Also, there's the newly-revised version of Remembrance. Finally, my experiment with Google Translate appears to be successful. You will find Google Translate buttons on every page of Time in Your Heart and Remembrance! I will gradually be adding the translator buttons to all the fanfic pages, but it's going to take a while because I host literally hundreds of pages of fanfiction on this site. I'll make a note each time I add the button to more pages, and note on the library pages which fics are equipped with translator buttons. I'm looking forward to making the Nephrite and Naru Treasury fanfiction collection easier to read for my visitors from around the world ^__^

I'll be back soon with the revised version of the angst-fest that is Sanctuary. The changes to this fic will be more extensive (though the basic story will be unchanged), so if you're in love with it as it is now, you might want to save a copy of it before it changes.

1 January 2012 Happy New Year! I am trying an experiment with putting a Google Translate button on the fanfiction pages. If you have a moment, would you please go the the test page, Interlude, and see if it works for you? And then send your feedback to moon_momma@msn.com. I'm hoping that this will make it easier and more enjoyable for my visitors from all over the world to read the fanfiction here at the Nephrite and Naru Treasury. Thank you!

30 December 2011 More new fanart!!!!! This time courtesy of Xobulmaxo and TwinklePowderySnow.

And the complete newly-revised version of Time in Your Heart is up now. There aren't a lot of changes; I fixed a few scenes and characterizations that I wasn't happy with, and corrected a few errors to match with official Sailor Moon canon (mainly birthdays). A new version of Remembrance is coming up next; there will be more extensive changes to this one, but the basic story is still the same.

If you're wondering why I've decided to revise these fics so long after I originally wrote them, there are a few reasons. One is because I'm a much better writer now than I was ten years ago (at least I think I am :P). Another is because I'm more familiar with the complete Sailor Moon canon now, especially the Japanese version, and am making some changes and corrections to get rid of some of the more glaring errors I've made in the past. Finally, most authors will tell you, and if you write you might already know this, characters are going to do what they're going to do, because of their personalities and because of the needs of the story, regardless of what the author thinks is right or wrong. The characters in both my fanfiction and my original fiction frequently do things that I personally think are wrong. In my writing, authentic characterization and the development of the story comes first, but I also feel an obligation to occasionally re-evaluate things to see if what I once thought was necessary really is, and to make sure I'm not promoting, glamorizing, or excessively dwelling on things that I don't feel comfortable promoting, glamorizing, or dwelling on.

Finally, I will soon be adding a new feature to the Library pages: links to online translation services! People come to the Nephrite and Naru Treasury from all over the world. I wish so much that I could translate all the fics here into every language spoken by all my visitors, but that would be impossible. So I've decided to provide convenient links to online translators to make the fics more accessible for everyone. Watch for this coming soon!

27 December 2011 Ok, here's the conclusion of The Crystal Weaver Saga III: An Ill Fate Marshalling by E. Liddell. If you've enjoyed reading this epic fanfic, there's more of it at El Liddell's website (link on the Crystal Weaver Saga index page) - a number of short stories and a novel that is still in progress.

Also, some fanart by Ashkanie, and a bunch of new music videos.

The new revised version of Time in Your Heart will be going up at the end of this week (around Dec. 30).

9 December 2011 I'm back, with a Fanartapalooza!!! Yes, lots and lots of new fanart that I found at deviantArt. Many thanks to Dasha-Crawford, Chepseh, Tata, Alkven, Ngaladel, Julia Illing, Diewahne, and Buylova for graciously giving me permission to share their art with you. Among those artists is a long-time favorite who has re-emerged under a new name and with a lot of new art; you'll know her work when you see it ^_^

Also, I've completely remodeled the Fanart Gallery. All the pages are now consolidated into one page, so that all the fanart goodness is more easily accessible for your convenience. Story art is now listed under the individual artists. I've also added a thumbnail for each artist, to give you an idea of their style. I'm amazed at the huge amount of talent and the wide variety of artistic styles I'm privileged to host here at the Treasury.

More Treasury business: Sanctuary, Remembrance, and Time in Your Heart are due for some revisions, major and minor. There are some things that over time I've decided I'm just not happy or satisfied with, with those fics, and it's time to do something about it. The fics will remain available until the new versions are ready, and I'll give you some warning before the old versions disappear and the new versions are posted.

I'll be back soon with the conclusion of An Ill Fate Marshalling and some new AMVs!

3 December 2011 ...And I emerge triumphant from yet another NaNoWriMo, with a brand new Nephrite/Naru fanfic ^.^ It needs revising and editing, though, so give me few months. Hopefully it'll be ready to go up this spring. In the meantime, here's some fanart by Asisko44 for you, and six more chapters of The Crystal Weaver Saga III: An Ill Fate Marshalling by E. Liddell. Enjoy!

20 October 2011 Okay, Here are the next four chapters of The Crystal Weaver Saga III: An Ill Fate Marshalling by E. Liddell, and the thrilling ^.^ conclusion of Solaris, by me. Also, a lovely piece of fanart by toeto x3.

After this I will continue adding An Ill Fate Marshalling (and might go on with the next book in the series). During November I will be writing a brand-new fanfic during National Novel Writing Month, and it will appear sometime next year.

7 October 2011 Sorry for the slight delay, I had a couple of busy weeks plus I got sick. :( Anyway, here are the next four chapters of The Crystal Weaver Saga III: An Ill Fate Marshalling by E. Liddell, and of Solaris, by me ^^.

National Novel Writing Month is coming up soon, starting on Nov. 1. I'll be continuing my tradition of using it to get another Nephrite/Naru fanfic written. This new idea is very cool and exciting, and I can't wait! If you've been wanting to write a fanfic or other novel but just can't seem to get around to it or to finish anything, NaNoWriMo might be just what you need to get motivated and get writing! If you decide to give it a try, feel free to send me a writing buddy request; my user name on the NaNoWriMo site is moonmomma (what else?).

26 September 2011 A big update of fanart goodness! I stumbled across a treasure trove of Nephrite-Naru fanart on deviantArt, and I want to thank these artists for graciously allowing me to post their work here: Loreley25, UnconventionalSenshi, ChronicallyZee, Molkoholic, Hezaa, FenrisFang, Sara Beth, and MollyDarling. You can view the goodies at the Fanart page. Look for the *new* tags to find the new additions to the gallery.

And more fanfic: The next four chapters of The Crystal Weaver Saga III: An Ill Fate Marshalling by E. Liddell are up, as well as the next four chapters of my new fic, Solaris. Enjoy!

21 September 2011 Yay, a big update today! First of all, Molly Darling pointed me to a whole bunch of Neph/Naru fanart she's done. I'm posting some of it today, and the rest next time. You'll find it in the Fanart Gallery. Thank you - I always love having new fanart to post! Next is the beginning of The Crystal Weaver Saga III: An Ill Fate Marshalling by E. Liddell. The Crystal Weavers face off against the Dark Moon family! And finally, I'm happy to present my newest fic, Solaris. The first four chapters are up; enjoy! And I'll be back soon with more ^.^

I also did some work on the Links page. Weeded out dead links, and added some new ones, including two old favorites from the ancient days.

Remember, to update the site, I need stuff to post. So read my guidelines, get creative, and send me your best work!

30 August 2011 Yes, I'm still alive, and so is the site. I've been concentrating on my original fiction this year, but I also have a new fanfiction I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year, Solaris, which is currently in the revision process. Hopefully I'll have it ready to start posting in another month or so. Trust me, you don't want to read it before I've finished revising it. Really. Also, I have a really nifty N/N fanfic all outlined and ready to go for this year's NaNo. I'm really excited about this, and hopefully it'll turn out a lot better and won't take so long to revise. (Actually, part of the delay with Solaris was because I was too scared to look at it for months. It was that bad.)

I'm not getting any other contributions, though there's a fic or two I'm going to look into to see if it's right for the Treasury, and if so, I'll be requesting to post them. Also, I still have a huge long fic from the Crystal Weaver Saga, An Ill Fate Marshalling, to post, so I'll get to work on that. Please, I need contributions! No contributions, no updates!

As for actual updatage this time, there are two more pages of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth. Yahiko-chan and the crew are on haitus to take care of some Real Life concerns, but hopefully they'll be able to return soon with more BSSE.

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