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7 May 2007
Yay, it's an update!! Just a quick one, to bring you the winner of the fanart contest, Miss Liss. Also news of a renewed outlook on the site. I recently started watching my old fansub Sailor Moon tapes and remembering why I like that show so much and thinking I really ought to update the site more often. Then, within the space of about 2 weeks, I got e-mails from four seperate fans of the site! I guess it's a sign...
Anyway, some cool things are underway. I'm working on a re-design of the site, going to have a NEW NAME!! and, I hope, a simpler, more sophisticated design, easier organization, and a tighter focus. Also some new goodies to look forward to - won't tell you what, don't want to spoil any surprises! Also my son said he'd write me a new hit counter that won't keep re-setting itself. I figure I must be up around 50,000 hits by now but you'd never know from the stupid Lycos hit counter! :P Don't worry, I won't be closing the site down for re-construction. I hate when people do that. I'll just put up all the new stuff all at once when I've got it done.
I'm also still an Animenation.com affiliate, so come through here first for all your anime/manga/Japanese pop-culture needs!
See you next time!

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11 Oct. 2006
Hey, I'm back, lots of stuff to update this time. I have a hard time finding that balance between what I'm supposed to do and what I want to do, but I'm starting to get it figured out, a little.
First off, it's the Fanfiction and Fanart Contest! Read all about it, then start getting your entries ready.
In the Library, I have updates to The Darkest Road, New Beginnings, Enemy's Choice, and Starfire. Over in the Gallery is a piece of fanart I got from the Dark Kingdom Love Revival, now *sob* defunct, a long time ago. The artist, Astrodonna, hasn't been heard from for a long time, as far as I know. So I didn't know who to ask for permission to post this piece, but it's too good to allow to disappear forever. A little trip to the exotic islands with Nephrite and Naru. Think seashell bikinis and angel wings.
Finally, I'm proud to now be an affiliate of Animenation.com. For those who don't know, being an affiliate means that if you click on the Animenation links on my website and then make a purchase, I receive a small commission on the sale. (It only works if you go to Animenation through my site. If you go straight there, I don't get credit for the sale.) I've bought stuff from Animenation and have always been pleased with their selection, prices, and service, and I highly recommend them. If you've enjoyed Nephrite and Naru's Place and want to show your support, this is a great way to do it. With the holidays coming up, it's a great way to do your shopping, and if you're asking the parents or significant other for anime, direct them to NNP. I appreciate it! (Hey, if I can make enough to offset the cost of keeping NNP free of Angelfire's ads, I'll be happy!) One request: if you plan to purchase hentai/adult materials, please do NOT use my link. A little extra money is nice, but I don't want money from pornography.
PS If you've been following my novel "Chosen of Azara" on my other site, Worlds Apart, it's finished now, except for the epilogue. I'll be posting that soon, along with the beginning of my next fantasy novel, "Rains of Urdai." (I think of such lame titles. Must think of better titles.)
Next time: more fanfiction. And someone please send me some fanart!

28 June 2006
All righty, here's some fanfic. New chapters of The Darkest Road and New Beginnings. I'm still working on new installments of Enemy's Choice and Starfire. Going slow, I haven't really been in a writing frame of mind for a while, but it's starting to come back.
On the links page, I've added a link to my pal Nephlite's Girl's Sailor Moon message board, Sailor Moon Fanatics. Check it out and have some fun there!
Also, get ready for the big fanfiction contest! Have you been working on your ultra-angsty, ultra-romantic Neph-Naru fics? Good. You can stop now, because that's not what the contest is about! Ha ha. Details on the topic, rules, and prizes (no money, just some nifty banner and scan type stuff) coming on the next update. I think I'll also add a fanart contest, too.
Finally, I've re-organized the file system for the fanfics. This doesn't really affect the readers, except that if you've got the index page or a chapter for a fic bookmarked, you'll need to re-bookmark it. Also if anyone runs across any missing pages or other mistakes, let me know. Thanks!
See ya next time!

20 June 2006
Yes, I'm back, no I haven't lost interest in the site (if I really ever did lose interest I still wouldn't take it down, though I'd probably quit paying the monthly fee to make it ad-free). With one thing and another it's hard to find time to do this stuff, and I do have a lot of other interests I'm always trying to find time to pursue. But NNP lives on.
There may be a few changes coming. Don't worry, the heart of this website, the fanart and fanfiction, will always be here, though I may change the structural organization to make them easier to manage. In fact, I'm still accepting submissions for these sections. I'd like to incorporate some of the other anime I like (see the new section on the Links page), maybe get rid of some of the deadwood (I've mellowed considerably since writing some of my essays, though I still remain adamantly against non-canon yaoi pairings), and get a few fun new things going. Like a fanfiction contest - details to come!
Anyway, for today, I've updated the Links page. Notable are the correct address for Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home (I've heard from Stayka recently, and I'm thrilled that she's still actively maintaining her site!), the disappearance of the Scrumpdiddlyumptous Dark Kingdom Love Revival (someone find Soylent Green and give her a swift kick from me, okay? *sob*) and a new section of links to fansites for some of my other favorite anime. Also, some new Hand Over the Anime banners, featuring the Man with the Hair himself, Bo-BoBo. Right on.
Back soon with fanfic.

19 August 2005
Okay, we've got Chapter 7 of The Darkest Road and Chapter 8 of New Beginnings. Also, I dug around in my files and found some chapters of Starfire I hadn't posted yet, so here's Chapter 6. And, since it's been a looooong summer, a bit of rank stupidity from The Dark Kingdom Community Players: their production of Jane Eyre. I'm not sure it was worth persuading them to come out of retirement for this. Finally, new Hand Over the Anime Banners, featuring Team Rocket and characters from my all-time favorite anime, Rurouni Kenshin. (Please note my requirements about direct-loading these images: namely, don't do it! Please please please save them to your own hard drive first, before you use them!)
Coming next time: more Darkest Road, New Beginnigs, Starfire, and hopefully a new chapter of Enemy's Choice!

12 August 2005
Okay, making progress here. Two more chapters of The Darkest Road and New Beginnings. Also working on some of my own stuff - figuring out where I left off with "Enemy's Choice" and "Starfire," and also trying to coax the Dark Kingdom Community Players out of their embarrassment-induced retirement. Stay tuned.

6 August 2005
Right, then, where were we? Ah yes, corrected chapters 2 and 3 of The Darkest Road, along with brand new chapter 4. Enjoy.

16 November 2004
Yeah, yeah, I know. Five months between updates is not good. Getting big updates together to do all at once isn't working for me right now, so I'm just doing a little bit at a time and posting it as I get it done. Hope that's okay with y'all. Anyhoo, got the next chapter of The Darkest Road (there's tons more of it on my hard drive, just waiting to be coded)and a piece of fanart to go with my story Starfire (which I promise I haven't given up on, it's just going slowly and I haven't been in a writing frame of mind lately. But there's more of it written, and I think I know where it's going. Same for Enemy's Choice. Just be patient with me, folks ^.^) Also, in deference to Cygnus-hime's wishes, Shitennou Monogatari is now gone. Hope you enjoyed it while it was here.

4 June 2004
Well, two months between updates this time, it's getting better. *sweatdrop* In the Library there's a new chapter of New Beginnings by Lady1Venus and one of Starfire by Moon Momma. And I'm very pleased to present the first two chapters of a new shitennou epic, The Darkest Road, by Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs. This fic absolutely blew me away with its original concept (though the author admits to being influenced by the Crystal Weaver Saga and Brothers in Arms, two of my own favorite fics!) and the beauty of its writing when I previewed it, and I hope my visitors will enjoy it as much as I do!
Also, a few new goodies in the photo album. If you've ever wanted to see Moon Momma in a bikini, here's your chance. ~.^ (Hint: you have to scroll down for it.)
On a different note, Cygnus-hime, for a variety of personal reasons, has decided to discontinue writing fanfiction and has asked me to take down Shitennou Monogatari. I wanted to talk her out of this, but out of respect for her feelings and her valid reasons for doing this, I decided not to. Anyway, it'll be gone at the next update, so if this is a fic you've particularly enjoyed this is your last chance to nab it before it's gone.
Coming next time, more Moon Momma and more Darkest Road! (I need some fan art, y'all! Please!)

2 April 2004
Website? What website? Aack! I forgot! My website!
No, seriously, I didn't forget. I just, well, um, haven't gotten around to it *ducks thrown objects* But finally, here is a long-awaited update. In the Library are new chapters of Enemy's Choice by Moon Momma and New Beginnings by Lady1 Venus. Also, some spiffy little anime banners on the Miscellaneous page. Take whatever you like (save to your own computer, please; DO NOT direct-link to the images) to show how much you love anime! It's nice if you give me a credit or something, but you don't have to. There's a new photo in the photo album, one of my favorite pictures of my younger son. Also a new layout for the photo album, since it was getting awfully long to load. Finally, some adjustments to the Links page. Two new sites, Osaka Naru - The Becoming, a Yahoo group, and Year MVI, an invented background, pre-Beryl, for the Shitennou. Enjoy! I also took down some links that were no longer valid: King of Illusion, The Library (E. Liddell's site), This's Nothing (Sardonyx's site), Sailor Moon Online Paradise, Tsuki no Karesansui (Rubinia's site), Two Minute Warning (dalles/ghost's site), and Work for Idle Hands (Puu's site). If anyone knows where there's a new address or reincarnation for any of these sites, let me know. Thanks!
Coming next time: Another chapter of Starfire.

22 October 2003
Yay, finally another update! I apologize for the delay; things went kind of crazy for a while, but everything seems to be under control and (hopefully) the next update won't take as long. Anyhoo, we've got two more chapters of Enemy's Choice and Starfire in the Library. Also *gasp* some new fanart(!) thanks to the talented Sailor Harmony. I'm taking an informal drawing class being taught by my friend down the street, so hopefully sometime I'll feel more confident about doing some more fanart myself.
Till next time!

1 September 2003
Actually, it's late in the evening on August 31. I may get this posted tonight, or maybe not until tomorrow. Anyhoo.
As promised, the first two chapters of two new Moon Momma stories are up! Usually I like to have a fic completely drafted out before I start posting it, but these have been taking so long, I was getting impatient. I've missed posting my own writing. Anyway, I'm not sure where these are going. They could turn out to be short, or they could turn into epics. Isn't this exciting? Major alternate version/alternate universe here. Enjoy.

3 August 2003
Well, the people have spoken (13 of them, anyway) and the results are 11 want more Moon Momma as soon as possible and 2 can wait. I'll let the majority rule, this time anyway. I'm going on vacation tomorrow, but sometime after August 14 (which is when school starts and I finally get to use the computer again ^_^), look for chapters of my new in-progress fics "Starfire" and "Untitled." (Note to self - think of title.)
See ya later!

17 July 2003
Just a bit of business on the Links page I forgot last night. "Sic Itur ad Astra" is no more *sniff*, but Rubinia also has a site with a huge collection of doujinshi images, "Tsuki no Karesansui," which is now linked under "Mostly Sailor Moon." Also, "KatC's Sailor Moon Goodies" seems to have gone to that great hard drive in the sky.
Make sure you look at my newest poll!

16 July 2003
Okay, here's the rest of the Japanese-based version of Hearts of Sword, formerly known as "The Life That Awaits." Enjoy!
BIG NEWS! A DVD set of the subtitled and uncut first season of Sailor Moon (the only season that counts, if you ask me) is being released tomorrow! It's available at Animenation, and probably other places too. It's expensive, so save your money, pawn your car, put it at the top of your birthday or Chirstmas list, or whatever it takes. (Legal means only, please ^_^;;;;) I've finally been watching my fansubs all the way through, and believe me, the original Japanese version is SO MUCH BETTER.
Also, a new poll. I'm working on two new fanfics, but it's going really slow. Should I start posting them anyway, chapter by chapter, or wait until they're completely done, which could be who knows how long? Let me know!

4 June 2003
Short update, just the next three chapters of the Japanese-based rewrite of Hearts of Sword, formerly known as The Life that Awaits. I still have two new fics in progress, but my kids are out of school for the summer which means I have to share the computer with them, which means I don't get a lot of computer time, so it's coming along slowly.
Back in a few weeks with more Hearts of Sword!

9 May 2003
Hey, everyone, I'm back again! This time, in the Library we have the first five chapters of the revised, Japanese-based version of The Life that Awaits, which also has a shiny new title, Hearts of Sword, a tribute to/blatant ripoff of my new favorite anime series, Rurouni Kenshin. I think the new version is better; I'm leaving up the English version, so you can compare for yourself. Also, there's a link to the utterly kawaii Chibi Zoi's Story, which tells the story of Chibi Zoisite and her best friend, Chibi Neffy. The long-awaited story about how Nephrite and Naru got together is finally being told! The link goes to the Chibi Zoisite site, which is also linked on my Links page. While you're there, read some of the other delightful stories, check out the beautiful fanart, and enjoy the other fun stuff!
*I've updated my personal page, and added a few yummy photos to my photo album.

30 April 2003
Last three chapters of ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion, by Bonnie S are up! I went on an html marathon last night and got them all coded *checks health insurance policy to see what kind of coverage we have for carpal tunnel syndrome* Battles, cool attacks, and WAFFies abound! Hope you enjoyed this one! I'm grateful to Bonnie S for allowing me to post this. Hopefully we'll see more from her in the future!
*There are also some changes on the Dedications page. I've taken down a few songs. Please don't be offended if your song is one of the ones I've taken down; I'm just fine-tuning the page to bring it more into line with my overall view of Nephrite and Naru. Also, I've still got the songs I took down on my computer, in case I change my mind or one of them was your absolute favorite song and you want to be able to get the lyrics. I also put up a new song, Bring Me to Life. Yes, I know the section is closed to submissions right now, but hey, I'm the webmistress and I can do whatever I want. Just about anyone who knows me knows this is my most very favoritest song in the world right now, and I'm sure you'll agree that the lyrics are absolutely perfect for Nephrite and Naru. They work well from Nephrite's point of view, but they're also perfect for Naru in one of the fics I'm working on right now.
*Moon Momma update: The Japanese-based rewrite of "The Life that Awaits," soon to be retitled "Hearts of Sword," is next on the agenda. I've also got a couple of new fics in the works. That nasty writer's block has finally shaken loose. My creative juices aren't exactly flowing again, but they are making an annoying dripping noise that's been keeping me awake at night.
*Toodle-oo for now!

27 April 2003
Two more chapters of ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion, by Bonnie S. Getting close to the end!
*The big change this time is I divided the fanfiction indexes into four pages instead of two, so they should take less time to load now. The day may come when I'll have to dump the banners, but I'm trying to delay that as long as possible.
*Speaking of which, I've come to the conclusion that the reason the site is going over the bandwidth limit sometimes is because it's become very image-heavy. If this keeps happening, I'm probably going to have to redesign the site to eliminate this problem. Don't worry, that doesn't mean dumping any of the fan art! It means getting rid of or redistributing unneccesary graphics, like the banners in the Library.
*Also fixed up the Links page a bit. Note: If I'm linked to your site at your request and you dump the site without telling me, I'm not going to take responsibility for tracking down your new site and putting up a new link to it. In general, if someone personally requests that I link to them and then changes the URL or other site information, I appreciate it if they tell me instead of making me figure it out for myself. If I have to do this, I'd be inclined to go ahead and drop the link.
*Speaking of links, the voice actor links in This and That are no longer valid, so I dropped them. I've got some other fun ideas in mind for this page, so watch for those!
*Finally, I corrected a major inconsistency in chapters 3 and 4 of Lyra's Children. If you can figure out what it is and tell me, you'll get a Really Impressed Mention in a future update and maybe even an exclusive scan from "Secret Romance," if I can ever get it back from the person who borrowed it (HINT HINT you know who you are!)

14 April 2003
Hey everybody, here's the next three chapters of ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion, by Bonnie S, featuring the return of everyone's favorite Human Paperweight! Also, I've posted revised versions of Remembrance and Sanctuary in the Library. Next up: the long-awaited rewrite of The Life That Awaits with Japanese names and boy-Zoi. This will go up a few chapters at a time as I get them done. And yes, Moon Momma is still working on a new Neph'n'Naru novel, she has no idea where it's going. This should be interesting. I'll start posting it when it's complete, whenever that may be.
Happy Tax Day tomorrow to my U.S. visitors. We mailed ours on Saturday, ha ha.

28 March 2003
Hello everybody, I'm back again with three more chapters of ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion, by Bonnie S. The saga continues!
*Also, in my never-ending effort to be your one-stop website for all your Nephrite'n'Naru needs, I've added a goodie to the This and That page: Wallpaper! Yes, it's original, custom-designed NNP wallpaper to beautify your computer desktop! (Actually, this is the first wallpaper I've ever made. I don't know if it's very good wallpaper. I hope it is.) There's one design up, based on the NNP site design, and I have another one in mind. Enjoy!
*Finally, I've started on a project that I've had in mind for a long time. I've started converting my older stories that are dub-based into Japanese-based. The impetus to do this came the other night when I tried to re-read "Remembrance" and couldn't get past the dub names because they bothered me so much. Anyhoo, revised versions of All I Can Do and Interlude are up in the Library. Remembrance and Sanctuary will be next, and I'll wrap up this project with my long-planned rewrite of The Life That Awaits with male Zoisite. (I'll keep the original version of this story up along with the new one, because there may be some significant changes when Zoisite goes back to being Boy Zoi.) Hopefully it'll also have a better title by the time I'm done with it.

21 March 2003
Both my kids had their birthdays this week (they turned 14 and 7), but somehow I found the time to do YET ANOTHER UPDATE! Yay! We have more fanfiction: First, a new story from the ever-talented and prolific Kurozuishou, Nephrite's Holiday. Also, Chapters 11, 12, and 13 of ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion, by Bonnie S.
I've also updated Worlds Apart again, so there's a new chapter of "Chosen of Azara" up, if anyone's following that. If you like fantasy with a hefty dose of romance, you might give my original fiction a try. (/shameless self-promotion) And, hooray, Moon Momma is finally writing again! I told her that if she didn't get to work, she was fired. Anyway, she isn't sure where this next N'n'N novel is going, so she's a little nervous about writing it because she likes to know the whole story beginning to end before she starts writing it, but I told her, Tough, just start writing, it'll work itself out. So we'll see what happens with this one.
See you next time!

12 March 2003
Hey, I'm back again with more goodies! In the Library you'll find the next four (count'em, four!) chapters of ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion, by Bonnie S. And in the Gallery, some more fanart! Hooray! Kurozuishou found these pictures on a Russian Dark Kingdom site (which I've added a link to on the Links page) They're by Rei G. Ino, a wonderfully talented artist, and were drawn as illustrations to a fanfic called "The Temple of Golden Dragon," which I really wish I could read, but it's in Russian and I don't know Russian *sob*
*Department of Shameless Self-Promotion: I've started updating Worlds Apart, my original-fiction site, again. So if you've been following my novel "Chosen of Azara," there's finally a new chapter up. About time, too.

8 March 2003
Another update! What's with all the updates, you ask? I've got lots of fics to post, and I've decided to post a little at a time instead of doing too much all at once so that it's too much work. Anyway, some fanfic updates: The last two chapters of Who is That Guy? by Kurozuishou, and the next three chapters of ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion, by Bonnie S. (Note -- this one is rated R with an extra blush *^.^* Consider yourself warned.) Enjoy!

2 March 2003
Wow, I'm on a roll here: Fanfictions galore! We have Chapter 4 of Who is That Guy? and a new poem, Hurt, both by Kurozuishou; Chapter 6 of Cygnus-hime's Shitennou Monogatari; and Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of the new epic I promised you a few updates back, ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion, by Bonnie S. And there's more to come! The rest of Who is That Guy? is on my hot little hard drive, and ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion is in its entirety on a Zip disk on my desk. I'll get these put up as I get them tagged. Plus, it just might be that Moon Momma is finally getting back in the mood to do some writing. I'll give her lazy rear end a good kick, to get her started.
See you next time!

28 February 2003
I'm sitting here on Friday night with nothing to do (hubby and I are usually too tired by the end of the week to do much of anything) and I've got Chapter 3 of Who is That Guy? all tagged and ready to post, so here it is!
Stay tuned, there's lots more to come!

26 February 2003
Quick update this time. I've got some fics piled up, so I'll post them as I get them ready. Right now, we have a new piece of fan art (fan art! yay!!!), a gorgeous CG by Tina V, "The Handmaiden's Curtsey in the Garden." I'm always happy to get submissions from new contributors!
*Also some changes on the Links page, new addresses and a new site dedicated to Gene and Melfina from "Outlaw Star." I'm not familiar with that series, but this shrine makes me want to check it out! A general spring cleaning (fall cleaning, for those of you in the Southern hemispere) of the Links page will be coming soon. If you have a site listed here and need your listing updated, or if you know of any broken links or other changes, please let me know!
See you again soon!

10 January 2003
Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone had a great holiday season.
First off, we're celebrating our 2nd anniversary here at Nephrite and Naru's Place, on January 12! I can't believe it's been two years. I'm so excited about how this site has grown. Even better, we reached 20,000 hits on December 12, 2002, 1 year and 11 months after the site was launched and only 10 months after reaching 10,000 hits. Thanks for your support, everybody!
*In the Library there's a new poem, Why? by Kurozuishou, as well as the first two chapters of her new novel, Who is that Guy?. Note -- Kurozuishou's main language is German, but she writes in English. At first I was editing her writing rather heavily to "fix" the English, but I've since re-thought this policy in order to preserve the German flavor of her writing. So if her style seems to have changed in this new novel, it's only because I'm not sticking my editorial nose into her writing so much. Enjoy!
*Some more chibi character portraits for Shitennou Monogatari. These are cute!
*Three new songs on the Dedications page. Note -- For various reasons, I've decided to not accept any more submissions for the Dedications section, at least for now. Preparing the lyrics for posting gets kind of tedious, and I feel like the section is getting out of hand and maybe needs to be pared down somewhat. If I find any submissions/requests still hanging around in my files I'll still post those, but please don't send in any new ones until I say I'm accepting them again.
*On the Links page, there's a new link to a nifty little Nephrite and Naru shrine, Nephrite and Naru Forever. Yay -- the world needs more N'n'N shrines! Be sure to check it out and give the webmistress your support.
*Coming next time: more of "Who is that Guy?" and the start of a new epic romance from a brand-new contributor! I'm finally getting past my Neph-Naru writer's block (probably burnout from writing seven novels in two years, plus I've been distracted by Rurouni Kenshin -- Kenshin and Kaoru forever! ^.^) so hopefully I'll have something to post in a couple of months. There might also be some changes coming at NNP. I feel like the place could use some sprucing up. No new layout -- I still like this one -- but I may drop some sections and add a few things. Don't worry, though. The heart of this site, the fanworks archives and Nephrite and Naru's story, will remain the same. Till next time!

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