29 October 2010 Here is the beginning of Part 2 of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth. I'm also happy to announce the re-launch of my original fiction site, Worlds Apart. Although right now my original fantasy fiction is taking most of my attention, I'll be writing a N/N fanfiction for National Novel Writing Month. If it turns out any good, I'll start posting it next spring, probably.

19 August 2010 Okay, I'm back with the final chapters of Starfire and also the conclusion of The Crystal Weaver Saga: Little Lies by E. Liddell. Also, the story The Crystal Weaver Saga: Those Left Behind, in which the friends and family of the young boys taken by Onyx to become Crystal Weavers try to find out what happened to them. There's also a new music video by the creator of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth.

I have a couple more Neph/Naru fanfics in mind, and one of those might be my NaNo project this November, but as I announced last time, I'll be taking some time off from fanfiction to work on my original fantasy fiction and to redesign Worlds Apart, my original fiction website. If you enjoy my Nephrite/Naru fanfiction, if you like magic and romance with a dash of danger and adventure (and some awesome heroes), you'll probably enjoy my fantasy fiction, so please come check it out!

The Nephrite and Naru Treasury will continue to update -- as long as I have things to update! There's one more book from the Crystal Weaver Saga I'm planning to add, and I'll update Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth as new installments become available. Otherwise, it's up to you, the readers of this site, to provide material for continued updates. I want your fanart and fanfiction! Submissions must be your best work, and must follow site guidelines, basically Nephrite/Naru oriented, no Nephrite yaoi, no graphic sex or violence, no sexual-context nudity that actually shows anything. Look at what's already posted on the site to get an idea of what's acceptable.

As for fanfiction, I'm eager for new submissions. Besides the above guidelines, here are a few more: Interesting is more important than original. Don't out-and-out rip off someone else's work, but don't get discouraged if someone has already written something with similarities to your idea. Take that premise that's already been used a hundred times and put your unique, individual stamp on it. I will accept poetry, short stories, and novels. Please, NO drabbles (vignettes, flash fiction, etc), and for the love of Nephrite, NO SONGFICS!!! For novels, I will require a minimum of three chapters plus an outline or synopsis before I start posting. If a year goes by without new chapters, I will post the outline/synopsis and move the whole thing to the forthcoming Dead Fic Vault. Having an outline or synopsis so that you know where your story is going will help keep it from just dying out. Finally, please revise, edit, and proofread your fics before sending them to me. I want to maintain a high level of quality in the Treasury Library, but I am not available to do other people's editing and proofreading for them.

Now that I've given you all those rules, don't let it discourage you! I'm convinced that many of you out there can produce the kind of quality Nephrite/Naru goodness that I want for this site. Show me what you can do, and help keep the Treasury growing!

16 June 2010 Once again, life conspired against me, but here's another update finally! This time we have the next four chapters of Starfire and also the beginning of The Crystal Weaver Saga: Little Lies, the prequel to The Wars of Light and Shadow, which takes Nephrite, Jadeite, Malachite, Zoisite, and Alexandrite from their boyhood on the streets to the courts of the Silver Millennium to their capture by the Dark Kingdom. Also, the conclusion of Part 1 of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth, and two new pictures in the fanart gallery! Another picture from MollyDarling, and one from Arus. (Note: I e-mailed Arus, who is in Russia, quite some time ago for permission to post this picture. After a long time, I got an e-mail in Russian which landed in my spam folder and I accidentally deleted it right before realizing it might have been Arus's reply! *oops* So, since he/she did give me permission to post their other picture, I'm assuming it's okay for me to post this one too. If I'm wrong and you see this, Arus, just let me know and I'll take it back down.)

I'll finish posting Starfire on the next update. After that, I'm going to take some time to concentrate on my original fantasy fiction for a while, including time to refurbish Worlds Apart, my original fiction website. Updates to The Nephrite and Naru Treasury will continue. Remember, though, I can only update the site if I have stuff to update! There's still a good bit of The Crystal Weaver Saga to go, and of course Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth will be continuing. Other than that, if you want to see updates to the site, please send me your contributions of fanart and fanfiction! Make sure you review the guidelines here, and to tell the truth, I'm not inclined to start posting any multi-chapter fics that aren't finished because of the great number of incomplete fanfics that are already in the library. But if you have a complete fic, or at least a complete detailed outline from beginning to end, and it meets the guidelines, send it to me. Don't forget - it's up to you to make sure the Treasury continues to update regularly!

See you next time!

27 April 2010 Some delays came up and kept me from getting this update out as soon as I hoped, but here it is! I bring you the next five chapters of Starfire along with the conclusion of The Crystal Weaver Saga Book II: All Darkness Met. And we get to see if Naru's attack worked in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth!

I'm also doing the fanart happy dance - two pictures by a new contributor, MollyDarling, in the fanart gallery! And there are a couple of new videos linked on the AMVs page, along with a new featured video.

Coming soon: more Starfire, and the next installment in the Crystal Weaver Saga: Little Lies, a look back into the past at how four young boys became Crystal Weavers. See you soon!

9 April 2010 Well, it took me a little longer than I thought it would, but here, FINALLY, is the newly re-written version of Starfire! The first four chapters are up - the novel is completely finished but I'm not posting the whole thing at once, just to make the fun last longer. ^__^ But again, the whole thing is finished - you won't be left hanging wondering if it'll ever be finished because it is!!

We also have the next four chapters of The Crystal Weaver Saga Book II: All Darkness Met and two more pages of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth.

And once again, check out my just-for-fun little forum for fantasy, science fiction, and serious fanfiction writers, The Worlds Apart Writers' Hangout. (We're also open to visual artists!) If you think it's relevant to your interests, please join us!

Next update coming soon - watch for it!

19 February 2010 Yup, I'm still here. What happened, see, is after I finished National Novel Writing Month, is some characters from a fantasy novel I abandoned a long time ago showed up again and took over my brain. They told me exactly how their story is supposed to go, and told me I'm not allowed to do anything else until I've got it written. So, you know, what could I do? But I got them to give me a couple of mornings off to get an update ready.

So what do we have this time? The next six (count' em!! 6!!) chapters of The Crystal Weaver Saga Book II, All Darkness Met. If you've been wondering what poor Melvin is up to, now you can find out! Also three more pages of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth. Yahiko-chan wants to welcome GlowingWaterEyes and EclairDuVerite to the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth team! And finally, Silver Dragoness (Rynn) has contributed pictures of some animation cels she owns. Very cool!

And in other news, yes, a completed first draft of the new version of Starfire exists!! It needs some editing; I was halfway through the first revision when these other characters showed up and hijacked my brain. But it exists, it's complete, and it'll be coming sometime!! soon, I hope. The old Starfire is no longer on the site.

Finally, another project of mine, a just-for-fun little forum for fantasy and science fiction writers, The Worlds Apart Writers' Hangout. Come check it out, and if you think this might be relevant to your interests, please join us!

17 November 2009 Yay, an update! This time I'm bringing you the first four chapters of the second book in the The Crystal Weaver Saga, All Darkness Met. The Empyrean are defeated but not destroyed, Molly/Almandite gets back in touch with an old friend, Jadeite is having trouble coming to terms with the memories of his brother, and another old enemy, this one more familiar, emerges. Enjoy!

The reason for the delay in updates is that I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month, where the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel (or the first 50,000 words of a novel) in 30 days, during the month of November. My project for NaNoWriMo is the completely new rewritten brand new shiny Starfire!! Yes, it will be finished. It won't be ready to post on December 1; the point of NaNoWriMo is quantity, not quality, so it'll need some editing. But watch for it starting next year! Note: the current Starfire will be taken down on the next update, so if you particularly like it, now's the time to save it to your computer.

22 October 2009 So sorry that it's been so long! Yes the site is still alive; my life took a stressful and difficult turn the last several weeks, our son that we sent off to Hawaii became ill and had to come home. He'll be okay, but it's been very difficult, waiting to find out what would happen. My cat is still missing, so that doesn't make things any better :( But, onward. Today I bring you the conclusion of The Crystal Weaver Saga: The Wars of Light and Shadow, in which the Crystal Weavers battle the Empyrean to stop their dangerous plot, and Molly/Almandite's life takes another unexpected and profound turn, and a couple more pages of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth. Yahiko-chan is very busy with school right now, but the work continues! And finally, yay, another fanart, this one by RurouniGemini83. Coming next time: Book 2 of the Crystal Weaver Saga, All Darkness Met.

25 September 2009 Yikes, I didn't realize it had been this long since the last update. Life got crazy for a few weeks; some of the craziness I was expecting (getting my older son ready to leave for two years to do mission work) and some of it I wasn't (my younger son got swine flu - it was mild, and he has completely recovered - and one of my cats ran away - still looking for him). But things have settled down enough for me to start updating again. We have the next four chapters of The Crystal Weaver Saga: The Wars of Light and Shadow. Molly tries to come to terms with her new life, and the enemy tries a dangerous new tactic. Also another installment of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth is up.

9 September 2009 Fanart happy dance time! I found some beautiful drawings by hathostet on deviantArt.com, and she has kindly allowed me to post them in the Fanart Gallery. Also, the next four chapters of The Crystal Weaver Saga the Wars of Light and Shadow. The Generals learn more about their new enemy and meet someone they knew in their pre-Negaverse lives; Molly's memories return, and she is faced with a life-changing decision. Enjoy!

I'm always looking for new content for the Nephrite and Naru Treasury, so here's a challenge to encourage you to contribute: Choose a fanart from the Gallery and write a fic (short or long) based on it. Or you can choose one of the fanfics on the site and make a fanart for it! I'd love to see what you can do, so here's an added incentive: everyone who submits a fanart or fanfic (whether or not it's inspired by something already on the site) between now and the end of the year that I accept for the site will receive a nifty exclusive wallpaper for your computer. If I'm already posting something of yours and you send me an update, you qualify too! This wallpaper is cute, it's functional (plenty of room for your desktop icons) and it won't be made available any other way, so start creating!

5 September 2009 Back again (already!) with fanfiction updates. First of all, Enemy's Choice is finally finished! Chapters 12 and 13 are up, and now I can move on to other things. I think I've figured out what to do with Starfire; it's going to require a major rewrite, but in the meantime I'll leave the old version up as an inactive fic, and completely replace it once I've got the new version going.

And now, for the thing I've really been excited about: I've been a fan of The Crystal Weaver Saga by E. Liddell for years, but for a long time the author only allowed her work to be posted on one other site besides her own. But on a recent visit to her site, I found that she has now given general permission for her fics to be posted elsewhere (as long as certain conditions are met). So I'm very excited to finally have the chance to add The Crystal Weaver Saga to the Library here at NNT! This amazing multi-generational fanfiction series takes a completely original look at the true origins and identities of the Generals and brings them back into a world where their powers are desperately needed. It also has wonderful Nephrite-Molly togetherness. For now I'm working on posting the first three War of Light and Shadow novels, which have the greatest amount of Nephrite-Molly involvement, plus some shorter works set in the Silver Millennium. But there's a lot more to it, and if the interest seems to be there I may end up posting the whole thing. If you've never read The Crystal Weaver Saga, I hope you'll do so now, and if it's been a long time since you read it, I hope you'll enjoy the chance to rediscover it!

And again: I'm always looking for new content for the Nephrite and Naru Treasury, so here's a challenge to encourage you to contribute: Choose a fanart from the Gallery and write a fic (short or long) based on it. Or you can choose one of the fanfics on the site and make a fanart for it! I'd love to see what you can do, so here's an added incentive: everyone who submits a fanart or fanfic (whether or not it's inspired by something already on the site) between now and the end of the year that I accept for the site will receive a nifty exclusive wallpaper for your computer. If I'm already posting something of yours and you send me an update, you qualify too! This wallpaper is cute, it's functional (plenty of room for your desktop icons) and it won't be made available any other way, so start creating!

3 September 2009 Finishing up Circles this time, with Chapter 15, "Circles," in which endings become beginnings, and "Last Days," a supplemental chapter relating the events at the end of the Silver Millennium. Also, Yahiko-chan, the creator of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth, also makes AMVs under the name of Yazawafangirl, and I've added her new Neph and Naru video to the AMVs page. It's also the featured video on that page.

Site news: Watch for something big starting on the next update - it's not new, but new to the NNT, and I'm excited to make this more readily available to my readers, and to encourage you to read it if you never have before. Also, I finally wrote the last chapter of Enemy's Choice!!!1!!!1 The last two chapters need some editing and revising, but they'll be coming soon. Finally, Yahiko-chan's classes started again, so progress on Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth will be slower, but she's still working on it.

To repeat from last time: Choose a fanart from the Gallery and write a fic (short or long) based on it. Or you can choose one of the fanfics on the site and make a fanart for it! I'd love to see what you can do, so here's an added incentive: everyone who submits a fanart or fanfic (whether or not it's inspired by something already on the site) between now and the end of the year that I accept for the site will receive a nifty exclusive wallpaper for your computer. If I'm already posting something of yours and you send me an update, you qualify too! This wallpaper is cute, it's functional (plenty of room for your desktop icons) and it won't be made available any other way, so start creating!

28 August 2009 Circles update: Chapter 13, Casualties of War, and Chapter 14, which was untitled in the version I got from NaruMolly's site but which I call Endings. Not to worry, though, it's not quite the end! If you haven't been reading this classic fic, here's a quick summary: Shortly after the battle against the Negaverse ends, Serena and Molly's school is visited by a group of musicians who bear an unsettling resemblance to the four Generals. It turns out the Negaverse wasn't as completely destroyed as everyone thought; in fact, the battle has only just begun.

Some minor changes, still updating the formats on all the pages to a uniform appearance. Also, I made a small but maybe noticable revision to Lyra's Children: Makoto (Jupiter) has a new love interest. I was never happy with the original one, even though it seemed like a good idea at the time and I had some fun with it. Instead, I've pulled in a little-known character (I think he only made one appearance in the show) who seems like a more realistic prospect for her.

*I looked through the old updates and found a challenge that no one ever took me up on: Choose a fanart from the Gallery and write a fic (short or long) based on it. Or you can choose one of the fanfics on the site and make a fanart for it! I'd love to see what you can do, so here's an added incentive: everyone who submits a fanart or fanfic (whether or not it's inspired by something already on the site) between now and the end of the year that I accept for the site will receive a nifty exclusive wallpaper for your computer. If I'm already posting something of yours and you send me an update, you qualify too! This wallpaper is cute, it's functional (plenty of room for your desktop icons) an it won't be made available any other way, so start creating!*

22 August 2009 Well, Yahiko-chan was busy working on BSSE while I was away, so here's the next installment already! Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth The plot thickens... Also Chapters 11 and 12 of Circles. Enemy's Choice is almost done, I'm editing what I think will be the next-to-last chapter. I've got a few new fics in the pipeline (one half-written, one or two new ideas). And soon I'll be bringing something new to the site - well, not brand-new, but new to here, and I'm pretty excited about it. See you next time!

19 August 2009 Hi, I'm back from the family reunion, which was exhausting but fun. I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world, and my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, which was pretty awesome. On this update I have the next installment of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth, along with Chapter 10 of Circles. Enjoy!

13 August 2009 Chapters 8 and 9 of Circles are up, along with some new wallpapers in the Computer Goodies section. If you've been following Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth, Yahiko-chan is making slow but steady progress and once there are enough new pages to make a satisfactory reading experience, that will be updated too. (It's no fun reading a doujinshi one page at a time; I prefer to add at least 5 - 6 new pages at a time, so be patient.) I'm also working on Enemy's Choice. I have to go away to a family reunion for several days starting tomorrow and will be away from my computer *cries* but hopefully I'll have a chapter or two drafted and can take the printouts to work on. Starfire's fate is still uncertain; I've put too much work into it to totally give up on it, but I'm just not happy with it the way it is now.

Oh, you may be noticing some changes in the appearance of pages in the Library. I've finally settled on a consistent format for the fic pages, and decided to add a link on each to the main page of the site so that people who find the individual pages through a web search will know where they are. (Also, some of my fics have been direct-linked from other sites, some with my permission and some without, and I want those readers to know what site they're really on.) This will be an ongoing process and won't affect the content or availability of those pages. But I think it will be an improvement to the site as a whole to have that consistent appearance and identification.

Back next week with more!

8 August 2009 Quick update today. Chapter 7 of Circles is posted. I've also added a link to the Links page, to Anime-Media.com, a site where you can watch the whole Sailor Moon series! It's the Japanese version with English subtitles. If you've never seen the original version, I highly recommend it. For one thing, the dub version of the first season had 40 episodes. The original has 46 episodes! Check it out and see what you've been missing! It's been a long time since I watched the English dub, so just for fun a few weeks ago I found a site that shows the dub version. I watched the first episode and it really hit me, comparing it to the Japanese version that I've gotten used to, how much the show was changed for the dub to make it into a kiddie show. The difference was pretty striking. There are some things in the Japanese version that take some getting used to, like the voices - the Japanese idea of attractive voices is a little different from Western ideas, and some of the characterizations are different. For example, Luna in the original sounds a lot younger, not like an old lady. But once you get used to it, it's just a completely different and (I think) more satisfying experience than the dub. Watch it and see what you think.

I'm working on Enemy's Choice again. It's kind of slow, my fic-writing gears are pretty rusty, but it's coming along. I think I'll wait till the last few chapters are complete before I resume posting it. On the other hand, I think I'm going to give up on Starfire and take it down, at least for now. I have no idea what I'm doing with it, and I'm not very happy with it. I've got something else about half-way finished that's kind of based on the same idea and that I'm a lot happier with, so I'd like to concentrate my energies on that instead. Starfire may reappear one day when I've got a better grasp on it, but for now it's going to be gone in two more updates so if you like what's up so far make sure you grab it before then.

4 August 2009 Part 8 of The Stars Can Wait is up, which completes that story cycle. If you've enjoyed this very different take on Nephrite and Naru's reunion, please click the e-mail link for Sanjouin-DaCapo on the story's index page and let her know! Also, Chapter 6 of Circles is posted. If you haven't read this classic fic in a long time, or if you've never read it, make sure you do! I also want to bring attention to another classic Sailor Moon fic I'm hosting on this site, Time Twister, an original take on the events surrounding Nephrite's death. If you've never read it, I highly recommend it. It's one of the first, if not THE first, fic with the Nephrite-Naru (Molly) pairing that I ever read, back when I was desperate to find ANYTHING about them.
Oh, and you may have noticed a different look to the section pages on the site. My old eyes were finding the text very hard to read against the old textured background, so I've replaced it with a more subtle texture. I think it's kind of nifty; hope you like it too.
And just as a reminder, this site is ACTIVE and I am always accepting quality Nephrite/Naru fanfiction and fanart. If you want lots of updates, I need to have stuff to update. So write it, draw it, and send it in!

30 July 2009 Ok, got a few things here today. Part 7 of The Stars Can Wait and Chapter 5 of Circles are up. Also, Lady1Venus has revised Return of the Negaverse and has put it into a trilogy along with New Beginnings and a third novel yet to come. Check out the Sailor Moon: Love and Revenge Trilogy in the Library. Also, Lady1Venus is a very prolific author, so if you enjoy her Sailor Moon stories, make sure you check out the rest of her fanfiction at her fanfiction.net profile.
Like I said before, once I've got a few of these other projects done that have been waiting, I'll get back to my own fanfiction. I have an ending in mind for "Enemy's Choice," so that'll be easy. "Starfire" is a little more problematic; I think I got in a little over my head, bringing Elios into it when I'm not familiar at all with that part of Sailor Moon. Rather than ditching the story, though, I think I'll just plow ahead and finish it and hope my readers will forgive me if I don't know what I'm talking about. :P I've got another fic that I'm a little happier with halfway written, and something happened not long ago that hadn't happened in a very long time - I got an idea for a new story! So hopefully Moon Momma the fanfic writer will be back in action soon.

28 July 2009 The next installment of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth is up!

25 July 2009 Part 6 of The Stars Can Wait and Chapter 4 of Circles are up. I'm finding that smaller, more frequent updates are easier, so that's it for this time. Watch for more Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth coming soon! Also, the cobwebs are finally starting to clear from the story part of my brain, so I think that as soon as I'm done posting The Stars Can Wait (I have trouble working on too many projects at once, even if it's just coding), I'll be ready to finish Enemy's Choice!! About time; I only started it 6 years ago. :P

20 July 2009 Added new links to the AMVs page, and a new Featured Video featuring one of my favorite songs for Nephrite and Naru!

18 July 2009 Yay, I'm back, with part 5 of The Stars Can Wait, Blossoming Love, and Chapter 3 of Circles. And something brand new and exciting: a new, original doujinshi (fan-created manga) by Yahiko-chan, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth. (You can find it in the new Doujinshi section on the Extras page.) Yahiko-chan's artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm proud to have this wonderful new addition to the Nephrite and Naru Treasury! (Please note, as with all images on this site, direct-linking aka hot-linking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Images and designs may NOT be used without permission from the artist.) Enjoy! (P.S. I didn't get the new AMV links put up this time; I'll get those on the next update.)

15 July 2009 Okay, part 4 of The Stars Can Wait, Romantic Swim, is up, along with Chapter 2 of Circles. I also did some housekeeping in the AMVs; a lot of them have been taken down, but I also found some new ones that I'll post next time. Also coming next time: more fanfic, and some brand new tasty goodness! Watch for it!

10 July 2009 Here's part 3 of The Stars Can Wait, Their First Date. I've also begun adding Circles to the Library, now that NaruMolly's site is gone. If you haven't read this in a while (or ever!), do yourself a favor and read it now. The chapters should go up pretty quickly; NaruMolly did the main part of the coding; I just have to change it to match my site's appearance and format.

And a friendly reminder, I do NOT permit direct-linking (aka hot-linking) to images on this site. In other words, if you want to use an image from this site somewhere else, you MAY NOT use the image from its location on my site. You MUST save the image to your own computer and upload it to the other location from there. If it isn't possible for you to do this, you can get a free Photobucket account, save the image there, and load it from there. Also - fanarts from this site may NOT be posted anywhere else without permission from the artist, or if you are unable to make contact with the artist, from me. This restriction does not apply to doujinshi scans, although it's good manners to ask permission and post a credit to where you got it from. Images that are provided for your use, such as link banners, and the banners and buttons from the Goodies page are free from these restrictions, though I still appreciate credit and a link. Remember, though, NONE of these images may be direct-linked. I can catch direct-linking on my site traffic reports. When I catch you, first I will change the file name so that the image just won't show up on your site, profile, etc. If you don't learn your lesson the first time and you direct-link again, I will replace the image you are linking to with something that will, shall we say, teach you a lesson. My bandwidth (which I'm paying for) and I appreciate your cooperation.

9 July 2009 Not a real update, just a few housekeeping tasks inspired by some analysis I was doing of my statcounter reports. Made it clearer on the Links page what site this is (a lot of people seem to be landing on my links page from a search without realizing that THIS is the biggest Nephrite-Naru aka Nephlite-Molly site on the web); also changed the file name of Soylent Green's painting "Ghost" from rubadub to ghost. Believe it or not, this was causing a very confusing search-engine result. Just trying to make life easier for people trying to find my site! More fanfic soon. ETA: changed "ghost" back to "rubadub." might work better this way. :P

7 July 2009 Back again, this time with the second installment of The Stars Can Wait, "Chocolate Parfait." Also, on the links page I've added a link to Peppermint Storm, a shrine to the Kings as they're portrayed in the manga. Although it's been around forever I'd never linked to it before because it's strictly manga based, meaning no Nephrite-Naru goodness, and even though the original drawings and concepts in the manga are wonderful, I really prefer the characterizations and storytelling in the anime. So why link to Peppermint Storm now? Because I just (after all this time) realized that they have a nice selection of fanarts by Astrodonna and Soylent Green, which have become very hard to find ever since the Dark Kingdom Love Revival shut down. So go check those out.

4 July 2009 The first story in The Stars Can Wait, "Broken Yet Alive," by Sanjouin-daCapo is up. I have the whole thing on my hard drive, so keep watching for more!

3 July 2009 Code code code codecodecode... Ok, I have bunch of updated linkage. I took down the links to sites that don't exist any more, surprisingly few this time, considering how long it's been. I also added a "Do Good" section with links to various causes that are important to me, mainly feeding hungry animals and people. Most of them you can contribute to without even paying anything, so make sure to check them out! Also, Sanjouin-daCapo, in addition to being a talented fanartist and fanfic writer (her story-cycle "The Stars Can Wait" will start appearing in these pages on the next update) also designs wonderful bird-themed t-shirts and accessories, so check out her online stores which I've also added to the links page! And be sure to clinck on the link for the FUNimation survey - they want to know what anime you would like to see them release, and one of the choices is a new re-dub of Sailor Moon! Finally, I removed the broken link for "Circles" on A - D page in the Library. "Circles" will be returning soon, so watch for it! (You can also find it at Dies Nox et Omnia, found on the links page. I've also started marking which fics in the Library have gone inactive, meaning they haven't been updated in years and probably never will be updated, and which fics are complete. I know that some people don't want to invest a lot of time reading a fic that will never be finishes, so this will help you decide what to read.
Back soon with some fanfic!

3 July 2009 I'm back, and with a big pile of update business to dig myself out from under, one thing at a time. For now, I've got a fabulous piece of fanart by Arus, an artist featured on the Russian Dark Kingdom site. Also, I've been informed that the link to "Circles" no longer works; NaruMolly's site appears to be gone. Never fear, though, I have the whole thing saved to my computer, and I will take NaruMolly up on her long-ago offer to let me post the files on my own site. So that will be going up again. There are more fanfic updates waiting (a revision of Sailor Moon: Return of the Negaverse, among other things) and some linkage. I may even finish my own fics sometime, ha ha. Back soon!

27 October 2008 Another quick update today, with an essay in the IMHO section by Nephlite's Girl.

17 October 2008 Don't touch that dial! Yes, it really is an update. I'm digging myself out of a huge pile of disorganization, and sorting out everything that's been sitting here waiting for months to go up. Today I've got some fanart for you, by Pellury and Sanjouin-daCapo. Enjoy!

7 July 2008 Ok, you may have noticed that the featured video "Nephrite, Dark General" wasn't working any more. That's because the creator of it, FairBuccaneer, has replaced it with a new one she likes better. So check out "King of the Stars" as the featured video on the AMVs page, where there's also a link to it on YouTube. Enjoy!

1 July 2008 Chapter 5 of Sub-Culture actually wasn't ready yet, so it's gone. Hopefully Tanzanite will get a break from her work schedule soon and be able to work on it some more!
*This time I have some wonderful fanart by Dark-elfa and TechnoRanma, which Fair Buccaneer brought to my attention. To thank her, I've made her AMV about Nephrite the featured video this time on the AMV page. She pointed me to a couple of other fanarts, and I'm waiting eagerly to get permission to use them too.
*Speaking of AMVs, another reader sent me a link to a new Nephrite-Naru AMV on YouTube. When I got there, I found not just one but a whole bunch of N/N AMVs I hadn't seen before. They're linked on the AMVs page, so enjoy!

13 March 2008 Okay, here's Chapter 5 of Sub-Culture. The plot thickens....
The next chapters of Enemy's Choice and Starfire don't exist yet, and I don't have Chapter 6 of Sub-Culture yet, so it may take a few weeks for the next update. However, I will continue working steadily, if a bit slowly. Also, thanks to Anna, who lives in Russia, I have some small corrections to the Russian parts of Remembrance, so I'll put those up sometime.

10 March 2008 Okay, here's Chapter 11 of Starfire. Not sure how much is left of this; I think Starfire and Enemy's choice are both approaching their conclusions, then I'll get to the next story waiting in the wings, which as of right now is about half-finished. Coming up next time: Chapter 5 of Sub-Culture. Back soon!

3 March 2008 Yay, another quick update. Chapter 11 of Enemy's Choice is up. It didn't take long because I already had the whole thing written, it just needed a little editing and then the coding. (Yes, I still hand-code my html.) Chapter 11 of Starfire will be up next; it's about half-written, so give me a few days.

1 March 2008 OK, that didn't take long, so far so good on the small but steady thing. New this time is Chapter 20 of The Darkest Road. This is the last chapter that I have, but obviously (you'll see when you read it) it isn't the end. If you'd like to see more, you can try e-amiling the author. I haven't heard from her in a long time, but you never know. In the meantime, I'm thinking of instituting a policy of not leaving unfinished fics up that are obviously never going to be finished. So if you like this one, you might want to save it to your own computer in case the time comes when I decided it's never going to be finished and take it down.
Also, a new AMV link. Very nicely done; I wish I could feature it as the "Featured Video" on the AMVs page, but the embedding for this one is disabled (I'm featuring another video). Enjoy it anyway.
give me a few days, and hopefully I'll be back soon with a new chapter of "Enemy's Choice."

28 February 2008 Yay, an update, a small one but an update nonetheless. Chapter 4 of Sub-Culture, which has been languishing on my hard drive for several months now. Sorry, Tanzanite! *oops* Dealing with some health issues, may go into more detail in my blog, nothing serious but it's definitely affected my quality of life and ability to get things done. I'm having to adjust to new ways of doing things in all aspects of my life, but that may turn out to be a good thing: as I, of necessity, break things down into very small chunks for getting them done instead of trying to do a lot all at once, I should be able to make small but steady progress on things for the site. Like posting contributor fics and *oops* finishing my own. Which reminds me, I'm still happy to accept contributions, so keep those fanarts and fanfics coming my way! Back soon.

19 October 2007 Updates to The Darkest Road and Sub-Culture, along with a whole bunch of art by Tanzanite to go with "Sub-Culture." Three cover images, including two (slightly racy) of Malachite with Zoycite and Nephrite with Naru, and what Tanzanite calls the Underwear Series. Though if, like me, you are of a more demure disposition, you can think of it as swimwear. You'll find the art on the index page for "Sub-Culture" as well as on the Story Art page.
Also a new song on the Dedications page. My new favorite song, I've listened to it about ninety bajillion times since I discovered it, and it's a perfect soundtrack for Nephrite's death scene. It's so awesome (and hard to find - it's a hidden track on a CD) that I've even included links to videos on YouTube that use it. Enjoy.

20 September 2007 Big fanfic update! Chapter 18 of The Darkest Road is up, along with Chapter 10 of Starfire. And a new goodie: the first two chapters of a new novel from Tanzanite (yes, the fabulous fanartist!) called Sub-Culture. This one's very different - hope you enjoy it! And as a bonus, there's also a new fanart from Tanzanite! And there's a new AMV link and a new featured video on the AMVs page.
*Couple of notes: first, I've started adding "next chapter" links at the bottoms of new chapters that I add, even though the next chapters aren't up yet. This is just to make my life easier, so I don't have to go back and add the links to the previous chapters when I upload new chapters. So if you read a newly-updated chapter and click on the link at the bottom to go to the next chapter and get an error page, don't panic. It just hasn't been added yet.
*Also, PLEASE take note of the many warnings against direct-linking (aka remote-loading) material from this site, ESPECIALLY images, and ESPECIALLY NOT fanart images. I had to spend a whole morning a few weeks ago changing the file names of a bunch of fanarts that were being direct-linked from some blogs. Direct-linking uses up my bandwidth that I'm paying for and displays the images without giving any credit or acknowledgement to the source. Basically, it's theft, both of bandwidth and of art. If there's a fanart or other image you particularly like, please get permission from the artist first, and then save it properly to your own webspace, and always give credit. If you're just mentioning it in a blog, please make the link go to the gallery page that the fanart is listed on. Same thing with fanfics. Please do not directly link to the chapters or the fic's index page; please link to the library index page where the fanfic is listed. I appreciate the cooperation of everyone who is courteous enough to do this the right way. (Oh, and it doesn't work to try to hide your direct-linking from me by making the blog entry "friends only." I'll find out anyway.)

27 August 2007 Quick update today. First, there's Chapter 17 of The Darkest Road. Also, a few more goodies from deviantArt: a couple of beautiful portraits by Kir-tat. Thanks to Tanzanite for pointing me towards these! As always, please support my wonderful contributors by visiting their websites and/or e-mailing them to tell them you enjoy their work.
*Plus a new poll for your amusement. Kind of a stupid question, but as I'm now officially the mom of a college student, I was kind of wondering.
*I'll be updating fics as the chapters come through the pipeline, so hopefully there won't be too much time between updates.

23 August 2007 What's this? Signs of life at the Nephrite and Naru Treasury international headquarters? Yes, I'm back, after a month or so of very preoccupying events, including but not limited to my older son moving away to college and my younger son starting junior high. Not a huge update - I think updates may come just a chapter at a time, at least while I'm getting caught up on a bunch of other stuff. Today we have Chapter 10 of Enemy's Choice, a new AMV (also a new featured video on the page), and new dedication lyrics from Miss Liss, which have been sitting in my mailbox so long it's embarrassing (I forgot to post them on the last update). Enjoy!

13 July 2007 Just a quickie - I figured out how to embed video from YouTube (duh, you copy and paste the "embed" code - for some reason I was having trouble with this before, don't ask...>_<;;;;) So now the AMVs page features a Nephrite-Naru music video that you can watch right there. I'll change the featured video each time I update (or that's the plan anyway...) AMV makers, contact me if you would like the links to a stash of video clips that Song has uploaded and is willing to share.

13 July 2007 Just a short update today, but a good one. Chapter 16 of The Darkest Road is up. I've got four more chapters of this on my computer; I think it's complete but I'm not sure. If you're enjoying this fic, please let the author know!
*Also a wonderful new drawing, Seduction, by Tanzanite. Amazingly, this was done all in ballpoint pen!
*I've also done some fiddling with the site. I put some code on the gallery pages so that the images will open in a new window. This will save you, the viewer, from having to hit your "back" button so often. I also re-wrote a lot of the fic descriptions on the library pages, to make them more interesting. The old ones were pretty blah. Plus I put "next chapter" links on all the chapters of the novels, to make it easier to get through them without having to go back and forth through the index pages. And did you notice the random fic quotes I put on the main page? That was fun; sometimes I just sit here, clicking the refresh button over and over and over just to see what quote comes up next :b and inflating my hit counter. Anyway, here at the Nephrite and Naru Treasury we're always looking for better ways to serve your Nephrite & Naru needs!
*Finally, the big news - I upgraded my Angelfire service, so I now have 3 Gb of server space ^___^ and a domain name!! Yes, the Nephrite and Naru Treasury is now at www.nntreasury.com. The old Angelfire address still works, too.
*And remember, for news about the site (will I ever post the next chapters of my own fics? How obsessive am I really about tracking my own stats? what's my excuse for not updating today?), check out my blog.

27 June 2007 Wow, it's been almost three weeks, but I've written four chapters in the last three weeks and I'm now where I'd like to be, fic-wise, which is a chapter ahead of where I'm posting. Enemy's Choice should be wrapping up in a few more chapters, but I think that Starfire probably has a way to go yet. You'll find chapter 9 of each of these in the Library along with chapter 15 of The Darkest Road and a wonderful poem that I came across on my scouring of the web for any Neph/Naru fanfics that I didn't know about already. It's Reflections: Osaka Naru by Ross TenEyck. It's part of a series of poems from the points of view of different Sailor Moon characters, and you definitely must go to his website and check out the rest of them.
*Also, some more beautiful fanarts by some more great artists I found at deviantArt: beautiful portraits by DraJien, BlueValentineRose, and Tanzanite.They're in the Other Fanart and Images section.
*In the Extras section, there's a link to a new AMV and also a fun new Hand Over the Anime banner. I don't know why I didn't do this one a long time ago, except I just got the idea from Greenstone, where Sarah-neko used these two pictures to illustrate the "perfect couple." I also made a matching link banner for the site. I also made some teeny-tiny 31x88 link buttons, because that seems to be a standard size and I didn't have any.
*A new link on the Links page, to The Oracle, a fantastic website with an encyclopedia, graphics, games, info, downloads, screenshots, and more. My new favorite general Sailor Moon site!
*You might remember, from the previous version of this site, my brother's essays. I took them down when I re-structured the site while I decided what to do with them, and now I've put a few of my favorites back up. They're linked from my About Me page.
*I've also started a blog in connection with the site. If you want to know what I'm thinking ("WHAT is she THINKING?!?"), what I'm up to, or what's up with the site ("Is she ever going to update again?"), you can check it out here. It's also linked on my About Me page.
*Wow, that seems like a lot of stuff this time. Back soon with more fics!

7 June 2007 Googling my own website to see what turned up was a very good thing, since it introduced me to the great deviantArt artists I posted last week, and it also brought me a fanart gem by Zox. It's in the Gallery, in the Other Fanart section. My brain is already churning with fic ideas inspired by this one! Make sure you check out Zox's website; he's got a lot of great Sailor Moon and other fanart, along with some fun crossover art, including a new look for Neo-Queen Serenity (hint: emphasis on Neo).
*On the fanfics front, Episode 14 of The Darkest Road is up. I also had a fragment of Chapter 9 of Starfire, which I finished and then, since it was so short and Chapter 8 was also short, I added the new stuff onto the end of Chapter 8. So even if you read Chapter 8 of Starfire last time, go read it again - there's a lot more to it now. Since I've been struggling so much with Starfire and Enemy's Choice, I want to get a couple of chapters ahead of what I'm posting, so give me a few weeks to get more of it written and then I'll start posting it again. I'm also still working on the new fic I started.
*I now have screen capture capabilities (bwah-hah-hah!!), so I've added a few illustrations to Things I Made Up, in the IMHO section. I also added something about Naru's age to that essay.
*I've added a new link, to The Chibi Project. It doesn't have a lot to do with Sailor Moon, except as it involves a Chibi Moon PVC action figure. It's hard to explain, but it's one of the funniest websites I've ever seen.
*Also a new Hand Over the Anime banner, and new link banners for the site, with the new name on them.
*I've been doing a lot of stealth editing, fixing broken links, refining things in fanfics that I wasn't happy with, etc. I don't bother doing an official update for those things, but if you look at something and it's different from how it was the day before, that's what happened.
*Zox's picture has got me thinking about how fanart can inspire fic ideas, and I've decided to issue a challenge to my readers: choose a fanart in my Gallery that you like, and write a fic (short or long) based on it. This isn't a contest or anything with a deadline; I'd just like to see what you all can come up with. If you've thought that you'd like to write a fic but you're having a hard time coming up with ideas, here's your chance.
*I'm going to take some time to get some stuff written, and then I'll be back with more fanfics!

1 June 2007 I'm doing the fanart happy dance! Over at deviantArt I came across some wonderful pictures of Nephrite and Naru by some fabulous artists - J, PingPong1, and Serenity Winner - who have been kind enough to allow me to post their pictures. I also answered a question that Inunokanojo had about an old N/N picture (this one) and asked her, if she was ever in the mood, to draw me some N/N art. It only took her a couple of days to present me with some wonderful gift art ^_^! You can see their work in the Gallery, in the Other Fanart and Images section. Go take a look; your eyeballs will thank you. (And make sure you check out their websites to see more of their great work!)
Also, lurking in my files I found the original scan of My Hero. I thought it would be cool to show it with the original magazine page background, so I've posted it, also in the Other Fanart and Images section.
In other great news, I think Starfire may be salvagable after all. I was doing some research at Project WikiMoon (which I've added to the Links page), and found that something I thought was an unsurmountable obstacle in the canon is actually a product of fan canon. Which means I can ignore it! Anyhoo, I've still got a lot of plot re-working to do, and may need to re-write some stuff that's already up. But for now I've posted Chapter 8 of Starfire, and more will follow as I get this thing worked out. (I'm still writing the other fic I thought of, that uses the same ideas; I'll begin posting it once it's finished.) Episode 13 of The Darkest Road is also up, along with Chapter 8 of Enemy's Choice. Enjoy!

22 May 2007 Okay, here it is *drum roll*: "Secret Romance," the doujinshi that I have several scans from posted in the doujinshi art section, now scanned and translated for your enjoyment! Sherrie, the wonderful artist whose work you can see here, has been studying Japanese for several years, and was kind enough to translate the main story and the two extras as a personal favor to me. This book is very difficult to come by, so I'm pleased to share it with other N&N fans. I hope you enjoy it! (Since it doesn't really qualify as either fanart or fanfiction, I've put it in the Extras section.)
Also for your reading pleasure, we have Episode 12 of The Darkest Road, and a new essay in the IMHO section - nothing really controversial, just an explanation of why I do some of the things I do in my fics.
Next time: more fanfic. I'm looking for submissions to the site, so if you want to send something in, don't be shy!

19 May 2007 Got a few new things this time. Chapter 7 of Enemy's Choice by Moon Momma is up. Over in the Extras section, there's a link to a new AMV (anime music video), a new poll to take, and another animated GIF from Song on the computer goodies page.
The special treat I've been promising is coming along. It involves a lot of scanning, transcribing, and coding, but it'll be ready on the next update. Also next time I'll have another chapter of The Darkest Road, and maybe some other fic. Depending on the writing.
I finally had to concede that Starfire is a lost cause. I am totally stumped on this one. So further progress on it is being suspended. Maybe I'll just post the next chapter I have, it's the last one that's any good, the rest of it is a mess. If anyone would like to pick this thing up and run with it, especially if you know a LOT more about the later seasons of Sailor Moon than I do and you already have ideas about where you'd like to see it go, contact me. In the meantime, I've worked out another novel using a few of the same ideas, that I'm much happier with, and I've actually got it outlined in detail from beginning to end and four chapters written! In just the last three days! So watch for that sometime.

11 May 2007 Okay, here's some of the update goodness I promised last time. We've got Chapter 11 of The Darkest Road, a couple of new song dedications, new polls, and a new link on the Links page, a Russian Dark Kingdom site that has been updated at some point this year! I don't know Russian, but it's just so rare any more to run across a Dark Kingdom site that's still being actively updated.
In case anyone's wondering, I am still actively looking for submissions to this site. If you'd like to contribute something, don't be shy! Just make sure you follow the guidelines.
More to come soon!

9 May 2007 Whew. I gave myself two weeks to do the site re-design, but here it only took 3 days. It's such a big job that I felt like I couldn't concentrate on anything else until this was done. Not a huge change, but I like the new background, colors, and title designs. Slight changes in organization - a bunch of things that used to have their own sections are now grouped under "Extras" and "Site Info." Look in the Extras section for fun things like links to AMVs, polls, and fun graphics for your computer. I debated long and hard with myself about whether to keep the title graphics for the fanfics; I felt they made the site graphics-heavy and took up a lot of server space. But then Angelfire upgraded my storage space for free ^____^, so that wasn't a concern. I also thought it might make updating easier if I just listed all the fics and their chapters on one main index page. But that would be a pretty long page, and it seems like almost everyone else lists their fanfics that way. In the end I decided to keep the old library organization and graphics because I feel like it's something unique about my fanfic library and the banners are kind of a nice way to give a little extra feel for what each fic is about. I also went through all the links to other sites, weeded out the dead ones (an awful lot of them *sniff*) and fixed the ones that needed fixing.
**I've tried to check and double check everything, but if you find any broken links, missing images, etc, please let me know!
I've got some more updating to do, including something that I think will be a real treat (not telling what it is though!), but right now I just want to get the new site up. So come back soon for more!

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