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1. All fan works appearing on this site belong to the respective artists/writers who produced them. If you wish to use any of these fan works on your own site, please contact the artist/writer who produced it.

2. This site is hentai-free and non-yaoi. If you wish to view or create hentai or yaoi materials, there are plenty of other outlets for them. But those are not what this site is about.

3. That being said, many of the materials on this site are intended for audiences age 14 and older, and are not suitable for younger children.

Instructions for submitting fanfics, fan art, and other contributions:

PLEASE NOTE: All submissions must be free of partisan/controversial political content. I recognize that creators' opinions, beliefs, and worldviews will necessarily impact their creations, and that's fine. However, overt political/current event content, such as explicitly advocating outside the context of the story or artwork for a particular political cause, issue, or organization, is not allowed. This site is a place to get away from those things, not a place to stir up further contention and controversy or to campaign for political issues. Moon Momma reserves the right to edit out such content, and will note where this has been done. Thanks for understanding :) Let's keep NNT a cool, fun place for everyone.

4. Before you do anything else, review all my guidelines carefully! Please attach your text or graphics file to an e-mail to moon_momma@msn.com. Do not send it as an e-mail itself, unless it's very short. In the e-mail tell me: your real first name, the name you want on your contribution, what page the contribution is for, a brief description, and your preferred e-mail address. Note: I will not post last names. You never know who is looking at these sites.

5. This site is hentai-free. I will not post any sexually explicit materials. No exceptions. Please review materials already posted in both the Library and the Gallery to get an idea of what my limits are.

6. This site is non-yaoi. Incidental yaoi involving, for example, Kunzite and male Zoisite, is okay. But yaoi themes/relationships/activities should not be the main focus of the story or artwork. I absolutely will NOT accept any Nephrite yaoi. Period. No exceptions. Don't even waste your time sending it to me, because I won't look at it.

7. This site is titled The Nephrite and Naru Treasury. That means that I want stories where Nephrite and Naru are together. I do not want stories where either of them are paired with anyone else, unless they eventually end up together. I'm not especially interested in happy little "Nephrite's alive" vignettes, unless they have some strikingly original feature. I want original, interesting stories with conflict and resolution, that explore the depths of this fascinating relationship and give new insights into it. If you're submitting lyrics for the Dedications page, be aware that I'm not interested in just generic love songs. I want songs with specific references to aspects of Nephrite and Naru's relationship (for example, obsession, death, willingness to sacrifice, trying to understand feelings, cheery stuff like that ^.^). I'll accept lyrics that otherwise might not be appropriate if they fit with a fanfic that's already on the page.

8. I don't want to see any character assassination (not even directed at Zoisite!) or character distortion. There's no point in drawing or writing characters like you hate them, since someone else out there probably likes them and you will only alienate part of your audience. Please avoid dumb stereotypes, like "Nephrite the alcoholic" or "Zoisite the cross-dresser," unless you're writing a parody. Parodies/funfics are welcome, as long as they have some originality, aren't cruel, and both Nephrite and Naru play a part. For the minimum level of Naru involvement that I'll accept, see The Dreaded and Dreadful Dark Kingdom/Teletubbies Crossover.

9. Please be considerate of your readers. Be careful of your spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, etc. I will not accept stories with excessive foul language. Graphic violence is also not welcome.

10. I work hard on my fics, and I expect my contributors to do the same. Do not send me your first drafts! Even one revision can make a huge difference in the quality of your story. I have very little time for beta-reading and editing, so if I think your story needs work I'll just bounce it back to you with a few suggestions. If you want help with revising, I suggest you check this out: Holly Lisle's How to Revise a Novel and Holly Lisle's One-Pass Manuscript Revision. If you are writing a long fic, I require at least three chapters plus an outline or synopsis before I start posting it. This will accomplish two things. It will help your story be more coherent from beginning to end and prevent it from turning into the Monster Mutant Fic From H-E-double hockey sticks. Also, it will make it easier for you to actually finish writing it. I get so frustrated when I enjoy a fic and it isn't finished and hasn't been updated in two years!

11. Male Zoisite is strongly preferred, but I'm not going to insist on it. I dislike the manga pairings, but if Nephrite is with Naru, I guess I can live with the other ones (though my mind boggles at the idea of Zoisite with a woman). You can mix Japanese and North American versions; I do that all the time. Just please don't westernize the story too much -- I've grown to prefer a definite Japanese flavor in Sailor Moon/Dark Kingdom fanfics.

12. Art submissions: Same basic guidelines as for fics. No yaoi or sexually explicit materials, no graphically violent materials. I prefer pictures of Nephrite and Naru together, but I will also accept nice portraits or illustrations of them individually. I welcome (i.e. beg for) illustrations for my fanfics! As for quality, if they're better than I can do, that's good enough for me. ^.^

13. Be warned -- Although I accept most submissions that are sent to me, I reserve the right to reject any submission. If I really like something but it has problems, I may point out the problems and ask you to send me a revised version. To reduce the possibility of rejection, please make sure you are completely familiar with these guidelines before you send me anything.

Credits and Acknowledgements

Most of the screen captures on this site came from either Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home (captures made by Stayka deyAvemta and/or Andy Schraepel) or Nephrite's Sacrosanctuary. Thanks to Stayka and Dark Amethyst for their gracious willingness to share.

A big thanks to the following people who have generously allowed me to use images from their sites in my art gallery and elsewhere (sadly, most of these sites are now defunct):
Marcia, Marcia's Cel Collection
Art, The Sailor Moon Online Paradise
Emrys, Troublemakers and All Things Naughty
LadyWren's Sailormoon
KatC's Sailor Moon Goodies
Pu, Work for Idle Hands
dalles, Dies Nox et Omnia

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