I can't believe that for all the time I've been aware of anime music videos (AMVs) and that I've been a Nephrite/Naru fan, I never knew there were NN AMVs until Song sent me a link to her favorites. I won't be hosting anime music videos (I prefer to let YouTube deal with the space issues and the legalities ^_^) but I'm happy to link to them. If you make a video, or if you find another good one (has to fit with the theme; I rejected one that has Naru just going on with her life, we can't have that now, can we???), send me the link and I'll post it here.

*new* Molly and Nephlite by ReikaMasanori

*new* Nephlite - Save Me Molly ("Savin' Me" by Nickelback") by shego4893

*new* Master of Stars ("Ordinary" by Train) by lili0986

*new* Let Me Go (Three Doors Down) by Aeris218

*new* Forever Young by ayukawataur

*new* Nothing is Gonna Change My Love for you (Glenn Medeiros) by luissianaluiza

*new* Love U (Russian dub) ("Ashes to Ashes" by Groove Addicts) by millaukr

What Naru Wants ("Whataya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert) by Yazawafangirl707

Bigger (Backstreet Boys) by Nyaasu

Moonlight Shadow by Lisaralin

Red Roses for Naru (Black Roses Red, by Alana Grace by Yazawafangirl (aka Yahiko-chan, the creator of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth!)

Nephlite et Nanou (Nephrite and Naru) by rinasun

Some Will Seek Forgiveness by Jordan1793

Love Break Nephrite by Sessylove93

1000 Words by PantslessProductions

Hanging by a Moment by immortalrose

The King of the Stars by fairbuccaneer

Moonlight Shadow by Lisaralin

Learning to Love by Songbird21

Better Than Me by MercuryBubblesBlast

Bleeding Love by thatsweetbaybee

Never Too Late (Three Days Grace) by MegumiUrameshi

Naru's Inner Strength by StoriesThatNeverWere

Naru's Only Love by bandgeek91

Learning to Love (the Reason by Hoobastank) posted by Excaliber420

Heaven by Bryan Adams by RayeDraco

Note: AMVs have a habit of disappearing from YouTube, taken down at the demand of the music companies who are concerned that fan videos are cutting into music sales. There are a number of video downloading add-ons available for Firefox; you can use one of them to save your favorites.

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