Updates 2001

18 December 2001

*First off, in the Library, we have Chapter 3 of Shitennou Monogatari by Cygnus-hime. There's also a new short story by Lady1Venus, Love Returns, and a poem, Devil Jealousy, from a new contributor, Kurozuishou. Also, Lady1Venus has made some small changes to the first two chapters of Return of the Negaverse and added some Author's Notes.
*There are some new doujinshi scans in the Gallery.
*Three new songs in the Dedications section, and a new poll. Vote for your favorite Neph'n'Naru song!
*I've redone the Links pages. Instead of having a separate page for links to readers' pages, I've put everything on one page, in two categories, Dark Kingdom Essentials, and Sailor Moon/Variety. There are a lot of great sites listed here, including some new ones, and I'm pretty vigilant about weeding out dead links. So check out the links, and have fun visiting these other sites! I've also moved my ever-growing collection of link banners here. Even if you aren't going to link me to a website, go look anyway to see some great graphics. Thanks to dalles and Cygnus-hime for making these for me!
*Two new questions in Interview With the Housekeeper. One's from Kurozuishou, and the other one is something I'm asked a lot.
*I keep telling Moon Momma to get her lazy butt in gear and finish Shadows of Hope. But nooo, she has to make Christmas presents and bake Christmas cookies. Excuses, excuses...

I want to wish my readers a Merry Christmas, Merry Solstice, Happy Hanukkah (I know it's over, but I hope those of you who celebrate it had a lovely holiday and that some of the holiday spirit still lingers), Happy New Year, and Happy-Anything-Else! I pray for peace and joy for all of you, and that the new year will be better for the world than this autumn was.

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21 November 2001
Sherrie's back! Yes, after an extended bout of Real Life, including gainful employment and a car wreck, Sherrie is back with a lovely portrait of Nephrite and a real treat, a full-color poster of Nephrite and Naru! You'll find them in the Gallery. btw, she's thinking of retiring from fanart, due to the demands of Real Life. If you want to see more work from her, please let her know!
*In the Library, you'll find the conclusion of Turning the Tables by Lady1Venus. There's also a lovely poem, You Changed Me, by a new contributor, Princess Liane Syaoron of Nowhere.
*And Lady1Venus sent in four more lyrics for the Dedications page, including "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. *sniff* that one always makes me cry *sniff* Very appropriate for N'n'N.
*I've added ratings to the fanfiction (except for poetry), and put a guide to the ratings on the main Library page. I'm not trying to restrict what people read, and I don't think there's anything on this site that's inappropriate for anyone age 14 or older, but some readers might like to know what to expect before they start reading a fic.
*Moon Momma is still working on her next N'n'N fic. It's coming along; she just needs to quit being so lazy.

23 October 2001
An assortment of things this time, large and small:
*In the Library, you'll find two more chapters of Turning the Tables by Lady1Venus, and a poem, From Nephrite to Naru on Their Wedding Day by a new contributor, Love Princess.
*In the Gallery, there's a cute picture by Cygnus-hime, called Luvbunnies. I love Naru's shoes!
*Four new songs on the Dedications page! Plus I went through all the other lyric pages and spiffed them up, so now this whole section has a nice, uniform look.
*Soylent Green sent me a little gem, The Cliched Nephrite Weekly Calendar, which I've posted on the IMHO page.
*There's another piece by my brother, the bemused American adjusting to life in Australia. It's called Recycling, Monty Python Style, and you'll find it in a brand-new section, Totally Non-SM. Now, you may be asking, Why do I post these things even though they have absolutely nothing to do with Nephrite and Naru or even Sailor Moon? Because it's my site ^.^ And I think they're wonderfully-written and very entertaining. If you read them and like them, let him know!
*Moon Momma is working on a couple of big projects right now, a new Neph'n'Naru novel and some original fiction. So even though it's going to take a little while, there will be more Moon Momma coming up!

5 October 2001
*First off, I've redone the Library. The single page was getting long and slow to load, with all the title banners. My choices were to divide the index into two sections, or lose the banners. I didn't want to give up my purty title banners, so I've divided the index into two pages, A - M and N - Z. Don't worry, it'll still be very easy to find what you're looking for, and won't take as long to load.
*Speaking of the Library there's a new poem, Remembering Love, by Lady1Venus. Yes, it has a cliffhanger ending -- I understand there's a short story to come. We also have the next two chapters of Turning the Tables by Lady1Venus, and the conclusion of Time In Your Heart by Moon Momma.
*In the Gallery, there's a new doujinshi scan sent in by Dark Amethyst. I'm always happy to get more doujinshi scans. (*hint hint*)
*Also in the Gallery, Kira did a lovely CG treatment of her "Roses" drawing. And, oh joy! Soylent Green is kindly allowing me to post Ghost, her beautifully evocative watercolor of Nephrite and Naru in the, uh, bathtub. Go look.
*Finally, there's a useful educational feature from my brother Down Under, Learn to Speak Australian. You'll find it on both the IMHO and Housekeeper pages.

19 September 2001
Right, then, here's that big fanfiction update I promised a while back. In the Library, Turning the Tables by Lady1Venus and Time In Your Heart by Moon Momma have been updated. (Oops, I forgot to thank dalles for the kawaii banner she made for Time In Your Heart. Thanks, dalles!) I've also added a powerful poem, An Apology, by Dark Amethyst. Finally, there's the beginning of a huge new epic, Shitennou Monogatari, or Tales of the Shitennou, by Cygnus-hime ("Swan Princess"). Enjoy!
*I was afraid this would be an art-less update, until Dark Amethyst tracked down the new location of Work for Idle Hands. Pu, the artist/webmistress at that site, is very kindly allowing me to post some of her beautiful art in the Gallery. I've also added Work for Idle Hands to the Links page, so go check out Pu's fantastic art! In addition, I fixed up Naru's ghastly skin tones on the Truly Madly Deeply CG. Looks much better now.
*You'll find two new lyrics in the Dedications section, both sent in by Glenda.
*Finally, thanks to all my readers for 5000+ hits!

11 September 2001
I am not a swearing person, but as I watched the news this morning I couldn't help saying, "Holy shit, holy shit." What cause in the world could possibly justify this kind of wholesale murder of what will surely be thousands upon thousands of innocent people? Whatever your religious preferences may be, if any, please take some time for a prayer, or a wish, or a thought for the peace of those who were killed, for comfort for the injured and those who lost loved ones, and for justice against the evil people who did this dreadful, dreadful thing.

5 September 2001
Big news for Nephrite-Naru fans: Greenstone, the shrine to Neph and Naru that closed before I ever started looking at Sailor Moon sites, has reopened! I'm pleased to add it to the Links page. Please give this lovely shrine your support, and let the webmistress know you're glad she brought it back.
*Also, hooray, another big art update! We've got three new pictures from Kira, of Nephrite and Naru, and dalles has generously allowed me to post some of the pictures she's done for August Moon. There's some real eye candy here, so enjoy!
*And, also, in the Library, the next chapter of Turning the Tables, by Lady1Venus. Sorry about leaving you with a cliffhanger on this one; do try not to throw things, and there'll be more of it on the next update. There's also the first three chapters (finally) of Time In Your Heart, aka the angsty little time travel story, by Moon Momma.
*I've added a question to Interview With the Housekeeper, on the IMHO page, in case anyone's interested. I also put the links to my brother's essays here. They were hidden away on the Housekeeper page, where probably hardly anyone ever goes, and his writing is so wonderful it deserves greater exposure. Check out Oz TV and Dream of the Blues, if you haven't already.
*Finally, if you see something on this site that you like, please take a moment to express your appreciation to the writer/artist. None of us get paid for doing this; our payment is in our own enjoyment and in knowing that others enjoy our efforts.

28 August 2001
Well, I'm back from vacationing in lovely San Diego (if you're going there, e-mail me and I'll tell you a really good Chinese buffet there) and the kids are back to school. So, on with the site.
*Yay! Some new art! I'm proud to present four pictures by a wonderfully talented new artist, Kira, in the Other Art and Images section. Also, um, another picture by the considerably less talented, but well-meaning, Moon Momma. ^_^;;;
*Two more chapters of Turning the Tables by Lady1Venus in the Library. I was hoping to have more fanfic-type stuff ready for this update, but with vacation and everything, like my computer's attitude, it just wasn't going to happen. So look for a big fanfic section on the *next* update.
*A new song in the Dedications section. If you're familiar with the NA dub of Sailor Moon, you've heard My Only Love. It plays for Serena and Darien, in the scene where Serena is revealed to be the Moon Princess, but I think it applies at least as well to Nephrite and Naru.
*A new rant! This is about one of those stupid stereotypes that Nephrite is so often subjected to. No, not Nephrite the Drunk, another one. You know what I mean.
*Last but not least, another new link, to This's Nothing, a way cool fanfiction page. Also, I've added a bit to the description of Densetsu Elemental Shitennou no Silver Millennium, on the Readers' Links page. Check out that site, and the other great sites that some of my readers have!

3 August 2001
Getting in one more update before I go on vacation, then my kids go back to school in a few weeks and I can start getting some more writing done.
*In the Library, we have the last three chapters of Time Twister. This is a great story, and I'm grateful to Mike Chenoweth for making it available for posting. There's also the first three chapters of Turning the Tables, a new novel by Lady1Venus. Looks like it's going to be a good one!
*And, yes, I finally drew another picture. You can see it in the Gallery, in the Other Art and Images section. Really, it isn't too bad, considering that I drew it. My focus group liked it, anyway. ^_^;;;;

18 July 2001
*In the Library: The next three chapters of Time Twister, by Mike Chenoweth. There's also a link to Capture and Escape, HappyLittleMoron's new story about Nephrite and Naru, part of her ongoing series about Diana, a woman condemned to travel between different realities. This one looks like it's going to be exciting, so check it out! Also a Moon Momma short story, Gifts, inspired by "Ghost," Soylent Green's way-cool painting of Neph and Naru in... well, if you haven't seen it yet, go to the Dark Kingdom Love Revival and have a look.
*In the Gallery, a nice drawing of Naru trying, not too successfully, to cope, by Dark Amethyst.
*Another piece in the IMHO section, Interview With the Housekeeper. These are questions that people have asked me, questions people might ask me, and things I've wondered about myself.
*On the Housekeeper page, some more musings by my brother, this time on popular TV shows in Australia. Be warned: it ain't pretty. (I think if my brother keeps it up with these wonderful little pieces he writes, I'm going to have to give him his own page.)
*I've added a new link to the Links page, to DS822: Ravenwood's Anime Home Page. This includes Ravenwood's Illustrated Discussions of Sailor Moon, and a lot of other intelligent and interesting pages on anime topics.

3 July 2001
Just when I think I'm going to run out of stuff to post...
*In the Library, I'm pleased to present the first three chapters of a real classic, Time Twister, by Mike Chenoweth. It's mainly a fic about the Scouts, but Neflyte and Molly play a pivotal role. It's one of my favorite fics, and if you haven't read it yet you're in for a treat! (I'll post the rest of it over the next two updates.) Also, we have a little bit of Christmas in July -- Twelve Days of Sailor Moon Christmas, by Lady1Venus. Nothing to do with Neph and Naru, but awfully clever anyway. Finally, I believe that every once in a while it's good to do something unashamedly stupid. In that spirit, I'm proud (well, sort of) to present The Dark Kingdom Community Players in their first production, Jane Eyre. You don't have to have read the book to read this, but I do highly recommend Jane Eyre; it's one of my favorite books, despite the treatment it receives here. Young girl, older man, forbidden love, tragic separation... sound familiar?
*I've added a few things to my personal page There's now a page of photos. Also, be sure to read Dream of the Blues, my brother John's moving tribute to blues great John Lee Hooker, who died last month. I know, nothing to do with Neph and Naru, but I couldn't let a fine piece of writing like that get away from me.
*And I've updated the links to dalles's sites, which have been undergoing reconstruction. She's got a cool new look -- be sure to check it out.
*A reminder, if you haven't looked at my Readers' Links page, be sure to do so. There are some great fanfics linked there, and other fun stuff.

26 June 2001
Speaking of Nephrite without a shirt on *ahem*... Lovely new picture in the Gallery from fanartist Sydney. She drew this at Dark Amethyst's request; thanks to both of them for allowing me to post it!
*New song lyrics on the Dedications page. You'll Be In My Heart (yes, I know it's the theme from Disney's "Tarzan," just trust me on this, okay?) and a couple sent in by Lady1Venus ages ago. Sorry it took me so long to get these posted!
*Some new links: The Kawaii Lounge, Sydney's fanart studio, is on the Links page. Also a bunch of new links on the Readers' Links page, including some great DK fanfics. If you haven't checked out the Readers' Links page, make sure you do. It has links to all sorts of sites, not just Sailor Moon. You're sure to find something fun to look at or read!
*Finally, I've suggested some art and song lyrics to go along with Sanctuary. You can also find the pictures listed in the Story Art section.
*For those interested in contributing fanfics, there's an addition to the Guidelines.
Coming soon: more fanfics!

13 June 2001
Well, here it is, the thrilling conclusion to Lyra's Children. Yes, that's all there is, there isn't any more. It took a while to get this ready, because it was orignally two chapters that turned into three. Plus, in real life, I got to the point where I could no longer live in a state of denial about the unbalanced condition of my checkbook. (Helpful Hint: Balance your checkbook more often than once every two years.) I've added a new quote, from "and death shall have no dominion" by Dylan Thomas, to the Introduction page. A big thanks to Dorrie for sending this in! Also, I've added something to the Acknowledgements on the Notes page, if anyone's interested. Hope everyone's enjoyed reading this story; I've had a wonderful time writing it, but now it's time to move on. I'm working on a new novel, "Time In Your Heart" (aka the strange little time-travel romance), which I'll post once it's complete, but for now I've got a backlog of odds and ends waiting to be posted. Also, I was able to get hold of a classic Sailor Moon story that I like a lot (I won't tell you what it is -- I'm keeping it for a surprise!) and I'll be posting that over the next few months. So stay tuned!

1 June 2001
Sorry for the delay. Here's the next two chapters of Lyra's Children. My writing definitely got worse as I went along on this thing, so these later chapters are taking a lot more work to get into postable shape. The next (and final) installment may also take a while. It's only two chapters, but will probably turn into three once I've added the Missing Scenes. >_<
There's also a romantic new poem from Lady1Venus, Loving Thoughts. Her friend ~.^ wrote this for her, and she decided that with a few changes it would work for Neph and Naru.
I've also added a link to In Metallia's Name to the Links page.

22 May 2001
Yes, more remodeling, though not so obvious this time. Nephrite built a table in the Library, to keep everything nice and neat in there. We've also been weeding out some of the excess html code that the Microsoft Office html editor likes to spew all over the place. It isn't necessary, and it just makes it harder for me to go in and change things when I need to.
Anyway, I've *sob* posted the next 3 chapters of *sniff* Lyra's Children. Another hard part to write. You might want to keep some kleenex handy. If Lyra's Children is getting a bit depressing for you, check out the new story from Lady1Venus, A Wonderful Day Out. No one dies in this one, I promise.
Also, there's finally a new rant in IMHO. It took a long time for me to calm down enough to write this one. I've also made a few small changes on the Links and Housekeeper pages.

11 May 2001
Yes, it's been Remodeling Week. In real life, we've been getting the kids' bathroom redone. Somehow, it ended up being little ol' me who had to go get the actual very heavy tile for the floor and the 50-pound bags of cement (I got the wrong kind, too). What a pain that turned out to be. But at least the hideous '70's gold vinyl flooring and avocado-green toilet (WHAT were people THINKING back then?) are gone.
Here, at NNP, we've remodeled the Gallery, to make it easier to navigate. Check out its new look, and the Secret Romance dounjinshi scans I've added. I've also added a colorized manga scan of Naru, that goes along with the next installment of Lyra's Children.
Speaking of which, here are the first three chapters of Book 3 of Lyra's Children. Sorry this took longer than usual. They needed a lot of work to get into readable condition. We're taking a break from the really intense stuff, but part of this is still rather *ahem* R-rated. I also added something to the Notes, if anyone cares.

2 May 2001
Okay, here's the next four chapters of Lyra's Children. I moved the index page and the introduction page around, because I want to get a more accurate idea of whether anyone is actually reading this thing. The counter is on the introduction page, because I discovered that if it's on the index page it counts each time you go back to the index to click on the next chapter, which would give me an inflated count. Anyhoo.
Warning: Chapter 7 was very difficult to write, and does not make for light reading. It contains a disturbing scene of violence, and, well, it's just sad. Consider yourself warned.

25 April 2001
Oof! *staggers under weight of everything waiting to be uploaded* Big update this time. Here's what's new:
*In the Library, we have the conclusion of Return of the Negaverse by Lady1Venus, along with a pair of her poems, Lost Love/Neflite's Dying Thoughts of Love. Also, ta-daa, the next four chapters of Lyra's Children!

Nephrite: We're finally getting to the good part.
The Housekeeper: EXCUSE me. You're supposed to be on the main page. And anyway, I thought you were at the hardware store.
Nephrite: I'm back. These errands go a lot faster when you can teleport.
The Housekeeper: Fine. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to continue with the update.
Nephrite: Sure. I want to show Naru what I got, anyway. [leaves]
The Housekeeper: Sorry about that. And he's right. "Lyra's Children" gets a higher rating than Moon Momma's other stories, and this installment is one of the reasons why. *blushes* Anyway, consider yourself warned.
*In the Gallery, we have some real treats. First of all, doujinshi scans from Secret Romance. Yay! This is about half of what I'll eventually be posting. Also, Naru-chan has been kind enough to allow me to post a lovely portrait of Neph and Naru she did.
*I've also made some additions to the Links and Readers' Links pages.
*I know it's been a long time since I've put up a good rant on IMHO. Don't worry, I'm working up to a good one, or, rather, I've been calming myself down enough to write one that meets the standards of civility I want to maintain. Watch for it in the next update or so. In the meantime, I found a great new illustration for the "Yaoi Kingdom?" essay. It's from some miscellaneous pictures at the back of "Secret Romance." Check it out!

17 April 2001
Here's the next installment of Lyra's Children. I'll be updating this about once a week, as I get several chapters at a time polished up. Believe me, you don't want to read them in first-draft stage. Really.
Coming next time: The rest of Return of the Negaverse, and scans from "Secret Romance!

10 April 2001
Well, it was ready, and I just couldn't wait, so here's the first installment of the Bloated Epic, Lyra's Children! Also, I couldn't wait to show off the absolutely awesome title graphic that dalles did for the story. Let us all grovel a moment in awe at her talent. Anyway, I've really enjoyed writing this story, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

9 April 2001
Here's what's new:
*In the Library, we have the next five chapters of Return of the Negaverse by Lady1Venus (who also has a brand new website!). Romance, secrets, and plot twists abound.... Also, Naru-chan is graciously allowing me to post her poem lamentation siderales. If you haven't read this yet, you're in for a real *sob* treat.
*In the Gallery, we have dalles' portrait of Thulite, one of the heavies in All I Can Do. I don't know whether to classify this as a teaser or a spoiler; you can definitely tell who he's related to. ^.^ And *drum roll* I actually scored a real live Neph-Naru doujinshi on eBay! Hopefully, if all goes well in the shipping *chews fingernails* it will be in my possession... by the end of April? I don't know. Anyway, I've posted the cover image of Secret Romance for your admiration.
*Two new Dedications, one from Naru-chan and one from Lady1Venus. These lyrics are perfect for my upcoming Bloated Epic, Lyra's Children (yes, this is shameless self-promotion).
Coming next time: The first installment of Lyra's Children! (yes, it's finished, but it's way too long to polish and post all at once.)

March 26, 2001
I can't believe I'm getting this update done on schedule. Both of my children's birthdays were last week, and between two birthday parties, assorted family gatherings, and baking half a dozen birthday cakes, I didn't get to put in as much time at the computer as usual. (My kids are seven years apart, and their birthdays are two days in a row. I count precision childbirth among my many and varied talents.) Anyway, here's what's new:
*I've started a page of links to readers' sites, as a way of thanking my readers. Make sure you check out this page, to see what else your fellow Neph-Naru fans are into!
*In the Library, the first five chapters of Return of the Negaverse by Lady1Venus. This fic is complete, btw; it's just a matter of getting it typed up, submitted, and ready to post. No new Moon Momma this time; I've been working hard on my bloated epic, and anticipate being able to start posting it late in April.
*In the Gallery, a lovely watercolor portrait of Molly by dalles.
*Been messing around with my No Neffy-Jeddy Zone banner. Though I was nearly fatally grossed out by looking at too many Neffy-Jeddy scans, I finally managed to find a pic I think works. Neph looks appropriately alarmed at being shoehorned into the yaoi mold. It ain't in the anime *or* the manga, folks!
*Hmm, what else... Oh, a minor change on the Housekeeper page. My bro finally made it to Perth, Australia to join his wife and little boy there. He reports that Perth has the climate that Los Angeles wishes it had.
Well, that's everything. And now, on with the website!

March 7, 2001
First of all, a big thanks to everyone who participated in my first contest! There are still a few days left to win a beautiful CG cartoon that will *not* be posted on my site. See the Feb. 23 update for details.
And now, on with the update:
In the Library, a new contributor! Check out Wishes, a sweet short story by Lady1Venus. She's also written a novel (it actually predates "Wishes" by a few years) called "Return of the Negaverse," which I'll begin posting late this month. Watch for it! If you've got too much time on your hands, there's also a new Moon Momma novel, All I Can Do. If you like fics where the Generals all come back as friends, this is for you.
In the Gallery: Doujinshi scans! Woo hoo! A big thanks to Motts123 for tracking some of these down, and also to Sherrie, LadyWren, and Emrys. I don't want to make any promises yet, but there may be more to come ^.^
And there's a new song on the Dedications page.

February 23, 2001
Hey, it's a contest! Nephrite asked me to add a comment to the Our Story page. If you can figure out what the new comment is, e-mail me your answer. Everyone who sends in the correct answer by March 10, 2001, will receive, via e-mail, a beautiful screen capture cartoon of the scene in question.
What's new this time: Some teasers for upcoming fics.
In the Gallery, two CG pics for the upcoming Moon Momma novel, All I Can Do. Also another gorgeous drawing by Sherrie.
In the Library, a short story, Vigil, which is also the first chapter of Lyra's Children, Moon Momma's Bloated Epic, slated for release late this spring. Also a poem by Moon Momma, Don't Forget Me.
A new rant on the IMHO page, and a new song on the Dedications page.
Coming next time: All I Can Do

February 5, 2001
Okay, now that I've done two updates without sending my site to hyperspace oblivion, I'm ready to start taking contributions. You can contribute to the Library, the Gallery, Dedications, and IMHO. Please review my guidelines carefully, then start sending stuff in!
Here's what's new this time: Five new pictures in the Gallery: three drawings by the very talented Sherrie, and two doujinshi scans (ooh!) In the Library, a new novel, Remembrance. This is probably my favorite Moon Momma fic so far.
Coming next time: A contest! (hint: familiarize yourself with the "Our Story" section of this site!)

January 26, 2001
My first update! I just hope the whole site doesn't self-destruct ^.^;; Anyway, here's what's new:
Sanctuary, a novel by Moon Momma
Cute Little Red-Haired Girl, a new drawing by Moon Momma (since no bribes to quit drawing have been forthcoming ^.^)
Also some small changes on the links and Housekeeper pages.

Site launched on January 12, 2001

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