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Bonnie S

...And Death Shall Have No Dominion (novel; completed 4/03)
Description: After discovering their shared past and Molly's hidden power, Neflyte and Molly join forces with the Sailor Scouts to free the other Generals, defeat Beryl, and bring about a hope for a better future.


August Moon (incomplete novel; inactive; started 12/00; updated 2/02) (link goes off-site)
Description: Naru passes through death and must free the souls of Nephrite and the other tennou from eternal torment.

Dark Amethyst

An Apology (poem; added 9/01)
Description: A powerful poem about Nephrite's greatest regret.

Brothers in Arms (novel; complete; added 2/02)
Description: Years after his death, Nephrite returns to life on Earth. Thinking that Naru is lost to him, he surrenders to his darker nature until Rachael, his servant and lover, challenges him to face his past. (For mature audiences)

E. Liddell

The Crystal Weaver Saga (series; written 1998-2001; added 12/11)
The Wars of Light and Shadow (complete novel)
The Wars of Light and Shadow II: All Darkness Met (complete novel)
Little Lies (short novel; complete)
Those Left Behind (short story)
The Wars of Light and Shadow III: An Ill Fate Marshalling (complete novel)
Description: The four Dark Kingdom Generals find themselves mysteriously brought back to life, and turn to the Sailor Scouts for answers. The Scouts know as little as they do, but then a mysterious and powerful new enemy forces the Generals to recall a past and powers that they had forgotten. When Molly gets caught up in the fight, she is faced with a choice between the life she has always known and a magnificent, terrifying new destiny alongside Nephrite and the other Generals.... Thus begins The Crystal Weaver Saga, a multi-fic, multi-generational tale of the Generals, based on a completely different and original concept of their origins, backgrounds, and identities. The definitive Dark Kingdom epic.

Gita Toronjil-Lee

The Deserted City Streets (Poem; added 10/02)
Description: A look into Nephrite's mind while he's carrying Naru.


Music Box (novel; completed 7/16)
Description: Naru discovers the story of an ancient legend which might lead her to see Nephrite again!


Capture and Escape (incomplete novel; inactive; started 7/01; updated 12/01) (link goes off-site)
Description: Nephrite and Naru think they've finally found happiness, but are their hopes dashed forever when the arrival of a reality jumping woman heralds the capture of Naru?


Betrayed (novel; completed 10/02)
Description: Nephrite leaves the Dark Kingdom, but the rivalry between him and Zoycite continues.

Devil Jealousy (poem; added 12/01)
Description: Nephrite looks down from Heaven and reflects on his feelings as he sees Naru going on with her life.

Hurt (poem; added 3/03)
Description: Regrets and realizations upon Nephrite's death.

Lonely Villa (poem; added 10/02)
Description: Nephrite sits alone in his house, contemplating the effect that Naru has had on his life.

Nephrite's Holiday (short story; added 3/03)
Description: What do you know, they do have days off in the Dark Kingdom!

Over the Stars (poem; added 10/02)
Description: Nephrite has no regrets.

Tennis Lesson (short story; added 2/02)
Description: Molly and Melvin's tennis game is interrupted by a challenger.

Who Is That Guy? (novel; completed 3/03)
Description: Neflyte finds a way to watch Molly's life on Earth, but at what cost?

Why? (poem; added 1/03)
Description: Nephrite and Molly's thoughts as they sit together under the tree.


Arms Surrounded by Love (poem; added 3/02)
Description: After he rescues Molly from the youma, Neflite wonders why he did it.

Lost Love/Neflite's Dying Thoughts of Love (poem; added 4/01)
Description: Two poems on Neflite's death, from Neflite's and Molly's points of view.

Love Returns (short story; added 12/01)
Description: The follow-up to Lady1Venus's poem "Remembering Love." Did Molly see who she thought she saw at her graduation?

Loving Thoughts (co-author G Cassie) (poem; added 6/01)
Description: Imagine that Nephrite realized his feelings for Naru a lot sooner and wrote them down, and that she found the paper after his death.

New Beginnings (novel; completed 10/06)
Description: Now part of the trilogy Sailor Moon: Love and Revenge. The sequel to "Return of the Negaverse." Neflite, Molly, the Scouts, and their friends meet up with more old friends and enemies as Queen Beryl seeks revenge for her previous defeats.

Remembering Love (poem; added 10/01)
Description: Naru recalls her lost love and the years since Nephrite's death.

Return of the Negaverse (novel; complete 4/01; revised 2008)
Description: Now part of the trilogy Sailor Moon: Love and Revenge. A year after Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, some old enemies are back, under the command of Queen Beryl.... But other enemies are now friends. Can they and the Sailor Scouts work together to defeat this new threat? Romance flourishes, and old secrets are revealed. This is based on Generals+Senshi, with one *notable* exception.

Second Chance at Love (short story; added 2/02)
Description: Tiger's Eye picks the wrong girl to put the moves on...

Turning the Tables (novel; completed 11/01)
Description: After Neflite survives being attacked by Zoycite's youma, his goal becomes to win Molly's love for good and to turn the tables on Beryl and the Negaverse.

Twelve Days of Sailor Moon Christmas (poem; added 7/01)
Description: The Twelve Days of Christmas, Sailor Moon style, all ready for a sing-along with your friends!

Wishes (short story; added 3/01)
Description: Molly thinks she'll never see Neflite again, until she receives a special gift from the spirit of Queen Serenity.

A Wonderful Day Out (short story; added 5/01)
Description: After Neflite survives being attacked by Zoisite's youma, he and Molly have a chance to get to know each other.

LadyKeren (aka Keren Olivero)

Fantasies Becoming Reality (short story; added 12/19)
Description: Deleted scene from Slow Process to Redemption. At a major tennis tournament, Naru finally works up the courage to introduce herself to Nephrite. What was meant to be a simple introduction solidified her deep feelings of affection for the Dark Kingdom agent. Can Nephrite still remain focused on his mission? Or will he have a difficult time forgetting the junior high student?

The Gift of Love (novel in progress; added 5/19; updated 10/20)
Description: Finally coming to grips with his feelings for Naru, Nephrite leaves the Dark Kingdom upon Ruby's advice and he and his henchwomen slowly learn about what the human world has to offer as they aid the senshi with Beryl's ongoing threat behind the scenes. In the midst of the battle, their ranks increase by two unexpected, unlikely allies.

Slow Process to Redemption (novel; completed 7/16)
Description: Nephrite is finally in charge of gathering energy,with his best minions at his side. He encounters Usagi's best friend, Naru Osaka. At first he planned to use her as a tool, but it seems she has managed to melt his frosty heart.

Love Princess

From Nephrite to Naru on Their Wedding Day (poem; added 10/01)
Description: Nephrite's recollection of how he and Naru fell in love.

Mike Chenoweth

Time Twister (novel; complete; written 1996; added 7/01)
Description: When Rini tries to use the Time Key to go home, the paths of time are twisted, saving Neflyte's life but also beginning a set of events that will lead to disaster for the Scouts. The Scouts are faced with a seemingly impossible task: putting time back the way it should be without breaking their friend Molly's heart. A classic Sailor Moon fanfic.

Mina Martin

A Gift by Starlight (novel in progress; added 3/19; updated 8/20)
Description: It happens over and over again. Naru Osaka is attacked by monsters. She can't fight back, no matter how hard she tries. Fate has decreed, that's just how her teenage years and her life will be. But something, somewhere, has changed and so will she. So this time, with Nephrite broken and bleeding to death in her arms, Naru answers the voice asking her: are you ready to be strong?

Moon Momma

All I Can Do (novel; completed 3/01; revised 3/03)
Description: Nephrite, Kunzite, Zoisite, and Jadeite are given a second chance at life, but someone else has survived the fall of the Dark Kingdom, and she's out to get revenge on them.

The Dark Kingdom Community Players Present (stage plays... or something; added 7/01, 8/05)
Description: The shitennou vs. the classics.

Don't Forget Me (poem; added 2/01)
Description: Nephrite's plea to Naru after his death.

The Dreaded (and Dreadful) Dark Kingdom/Teletubbies Crossover (short story; added 12/00)
Description: Queen Beryl sends her Generals out after a rich new source of energy. Answers the question, is it really true what they say about Tinky-Winky?

Enemy's Choice (novel; complete 9/09)
Description: After the debacle at the department store, Nephrite recruits a new helper, with unforeseen consequences for himself and for her.

Gifts (short story; added 7/01)
Description: On the night of his death, Naru has a second chance to save Nephrite's life.

Hearts of Sword (also The Life that Awaits) (novel; completed 8/00; revised 7/03)
Description: More than three years after Nephrite's death, he and Naru are given another chance. But some old enemies, and a new one, threaten their happiness.

Idol/The Age of a Soul (poem; 12/00)
Description: A pair of love poems: Nephrite wants to understand Naru's love for him; Naru reflects on the age difference between them.

In the Shadows of Paradise (novel; completed 9/12)
Description: Crystal Tokyo is a utopia of peace, happiness, and plenty. But even Paradise has its misfits. One of these is Umino Naru, judged to be insane and clinging to heartbreaking memories of those she's loved and lost. When, once again, she finds herself the center of attraction to a growing menace, who will listen to her warning?

Interlude (short story; 7/00; revised 3/03)
Description: A conversation between Naru and Nephrite after she saves him from Sailor Moon's Tiara.

Lyra's Children (novel; completed 6/01; re-edited 10/20)
Description: An epic story of Nephrite and Naru's enduring love. After falling in love with Naru in modern-day Tokyo, Nephrite sets out to redeem himself from his evil deeds and to defeat the force that threatens to tear him and Naru apart forever, in a quest that reaches back to the Silver Millennium, through war-torn areas of the present day, and into the Crystal Tokyo of the future.

Remembrance (novel; completed 10/00; revised 4/03; re-revised 1/12)
Description: Molly, a university student in Tokyo, falls in love with handsome business tycoon Sanjouin Masato, who seems to hold the key to her mysterious and traumatic past.

Sanctuary (novel; completed 11/00; revised 4/03; re-revised 1/12)
Description: Nephrite survives being attacked by Zoisite's youma, but leaving the Dark Kingdom isn't easy, and he and Naru are forced to seek safety in the most unlikely place.

Sanity (poem; 10/00)
Description: Naru finds one way of dealing with losing Nephrite.

Shadows of Hope (novel; completed 10/02)
Description: Naru's present crosses paths with her future when a crisis erupts in Crystal Tokyo and the children of the Shitennou are sent back in time to 20th century Tokyo.

Solaris (novel; completed 10/11)
Description: When Nephrite is fighting for his life against the monstrous Plant Sisters, Naru discovers that she possesses power she never dreamed of. Nephrite realizes that her power puts her in danger from those who would exploit it for their own purposes, but despite his efforts to protect her, she finds herself plunged into an ancient tangle of politics and evil.

Starfire (novel; completed 8/10)
Description: Naru's life is quiet but unhappy, until she discovers a mysterious painting that holds the key to her past and her true identity.

Time in Your Heart (novel; completed 10/01; revised 12/11)
Description: Naru discovers that the handsome new boy at her high school is young Nephrite, sent forward in time on a mysterious errand.

24 Hours to Life (novel; completed 12/19)
Description: Nephrite has 24 hours to win a new chance at life. All he has to do is make amends for the wrongs he committed and win Naru's heart. How hard can it be?

Vigil (short story; added 2/01)
Description: That fateful night, in Naru's room, Nephrite realizes before it's too late that he loves her.


lamentation siderales (poem; added 4/01)
Description: "Lamentation of the Stars." Nephrite wonders if the stars saw what he couldn't see.


Circles (complete novel; written in the 1990s; added 9/09)
Description: Shortly after the battle against the Negaverse ends, Serena and Molly's school is visited by a group of musicians who bear an unsettling resemblance to the four Generals. It turns out the Negaverse wasn't as completely destroyed as everyone thought; in fact, the battle has only just begun. A classic '90s Dark Kingdom fic.


The Darkest Road (incomplete novel; inactive; added 6/04; updated 3/08)
Description: An original and beautiful epic about the origins of the Shitennou.

Pieda the Mokona

Pomegranate (short Story; added 1/13)
Description: A Greek myth gives Naru and Nephrite greater insight about each other.

Scars (vignette; added 9/12)
Description: Naru reflects on what she's learned about Nephrite.

Princess Liane Syaoron of Nowhere

You Changed Me (poem; added 11/01)
Description: Nephrite reflects on the effect Naru has had on his life.

Ross TenEyck

Reflections: Osaka Naru (poem; added 6/07)
Description: Naru remembers in secret.


The Shi-Tennou Return (novel in progress; added 3/13; updated 7/15)
Description: The four heavenly kings who served under Queen Beryl return to the physical realm, but each has to pay a toll to do so. They have a new mission, and a new enemy.

The Stars Can Wait (short story cycle; added 8/09)
Description: Nephrite has the chance to return to life, but at a terrible cost. Can he learn to accept his new circumstances and find happiness?


Sub-Culture (incomplete novel; inactive; added 9/07; updated 3/08)
Description: Faced with a devious enemy (along with painful memories and personal problems), the Generals are forced to reveal some startling information to the Sailor Scouts and join forces with them.

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