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Title: A Gift by Starlight (novel in progress)
Author: Mina Martin
Description: It happens over and over again. Naru Osaka is attacked by monsters. She can't fight back, no matter how hard she tries. Fate has decreed, that's just how her teenage years and her life will be. But something, somewhere, has changed and so will she. So this time, with Nephrite broken and bleeding to death in her arms, Naru answers the voice asking her: are you ready to be strong? PG-13 (added 3/19; updated 1/23) (Google Translate)
Title: All I Can Do (novel - complete)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: Nephrite, Kunzite, Zoisite, and Jadeite are given a second chance at life, but someone else has survived the fall of the Dark Kingdom, and she's out to get revenge on them. PG-13 (3/01; revised 3/03) (Google Translate)
Art for "All I Can Do"
Title: An Apology (poem)
Author: Dark Amethyst *visit the author's website*
Description: A powerful poem about Nephrite's greatest regret. (9/01) (Google Translate)
Title: ...And Death Shall Have No Dominion (novel - complete)
Author: Bonnie S
Description: After discovering their shared past and Molly's hidden power, Neflyte and Molly join forces with the Sailor Scouts to free the other Generals, defeat Beryl, and bring about a hope for a better future. R (4/03) (Google Translate)
Title: Arms Surrounded by Love (poem)
Author: Lady1Venus *visit the Author's Website*
Description: After he rescues Molly from the youma, Neflite wonders why he did it. (3/02) (Google Translate)
Title: August Moon (novel in progress; inactive) (links to site)
Author: dalles
Description: Naru passes through death and must free the souls of Nephrite and the other tennou from eternal torment. A beautiful and fascinating story. PG (so far) (started 12/00, updated 2/02)
Title: Betrayed (novel - complete)
Author: Kurozuishou
Description: Nephrite leaves the Dark Kingdom, but the rivalry between him and Zoycite continues. Dialogue based on the German version. PG (10/02) (Google Translate)
Title: Brothers in Arms (novel - complete)
Author: Dark Amethyst *visit the Author's Website*
Description: Years after his death, Nephrite returns to life on Earth. Thinking that Naru is lost to him, he surrenders to his darker nature until Rachael, his servant and lover, challenges him to face his past.
MA, for Mature Audiences. Sexual content, language, and (for lack of a better term) difficult thematic material. Contains sex scenes which are explicit, dark, and not entirely consensual. Also, if you prefer to believe that Nephrite wasn't really evil, this story may not be for you. (2/02) (Google Translate)
Title: Capture and Escape (novel in progress; inactive) (links to site)
Author: HappyLittleMoron
Description: Nephrite and Naru think they've finally found happiness, but are their hopes dashed forever when the arrival of a reality jumping woman heralds the capture of Naru? Part of HappyLittleMoron's series about Diana, a woman trapped between different realities. Diana is featured on the banner; the whole picture, as well as other artwork by this artist, can be found here and here. PG (so far) (started 7/01, updated 12/01)
Title: Circles (novel - complete) (re-posted after the disappearance of the original site)
Author: NaruMolly
Description: Shortly after the battle against the Negaverse ends, Serena and Molly's school is visited by a group of musicians who bear an unsettling resemblance to the four Generals. It turns out the Negaverse wasn't as completely destroyed as everyone thought; in fact, the battle has only just begun. A classic '90s Dark Kingdom fic. PG (9/09) (Google Translate)
Title: The Crystal Weaver Saga (novel series - 4 novels complete)
Author: E. Liddell *visit the Author's Website*
Description: The four Dark Kingdom Generals find themselves mysteriously brought back to life, and turn to the Sailor Scouts for answers. The Scouts know as little as they do, but then a mysterious and powerful new enemy forces the Generals to recall a past and powers that they had forgotten. When Molly gets caught up in the fight, she is faced with a choice between the life she has always known and a magnificent, terrifying new destiny alongside Nephrite and the other Generals.... Thus begins The Crystal Weaver Saga, a multi-fic, multi-generational tale of the Generals, based on a completely different and original concept of their origins, backgrounds, and identities. The definitive Dark Kingdom epic, and the best Sailor Moon epic I've ever read. PG-13 (12/11; written 1998-2001) (Google Translate)
Title: The Dark Kingdom Community Players Present... (stage play)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: The shitennou vs. the classics. Our current production: Little Women. PG-13 (7/01; updated 8/05) (Google Translate)
Title: The Darkest Road (novel in progress; inactive)
Author: Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs
Description: An original and beautiful epic about the origins of the Shitennou. R (added 6/04; updated 3/08) (Google Translate)
Title: The Deserted City Streets (poem)
Author: Gita Toronjil-Lee *visit the Author's Website*
Description: A look into Nephrite's mind while he's carrying Naru. (10/02) (Google Translate)
Title: Devil Jealousy (poem)
Author: Kurozuishou
Description: Nephrite looks down from Heaven and reflects on his feelings as he sees Naru going on with her life. (12/01) (Google Translate)
Title: Don't Forget Me (poem)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: Nephrite's plea to Naru after his death. (2/01) (Google Translate)
Title:The Dreaded (and dreadful) Dark Kingdom/Teletubbies Crossover (short story)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: Queen Beryl sends her Generals out after a rich new source of energy. Answers the question, is it really true what they say about Tinky-Winky? PG-13 (12/00) (Google Translate)

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