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Title: Enemy's Choice (novel - complete)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: After the debacle at the department store, Nephrite recruits a new helper, with unforeseen consequences for himself and for her. PG (9/09) (Google Translate)
Title: Fantasies Becoming Reality (short story)
Author: LadyKeren *visit the Author's Fanfiction.net page*
Description: Deleted scene from Slow Process to Redemption. At a major tennis tournament, Naru finally works up the courage to introduce herself to Nephrite. What was meant to be a simple introduction solidified her deep feelings of affection for the Dark Kingdom agent. Can Nephrite still remain focused on his mission? Or will he have a difficult time forgetting the junior high student? G (12/19) (Google Translate)
Title: From Nephrite to Naru on their Wedding Day (poem)
Author: Love Princess *visit the Author's Website*
Description: Nephrite's recollection of how he and Naru fell in love. (10/01) (Google Translate)
Title: The Gift of Love (novel in progress)
Author: LadyKeren *visit the Author's Fanfiction.net page*
Description: Finally coming to grips with his feelings for Naru, Nephrite leaves the Dark Kingdom upon Ruby's advice and he and his henchwomen slowly learn about what the human world has to offer as they aid the senshi with Beryl's ongoing threat behind the scenes. In the midst of the battle, their ranks increase by two unexpected, unlikely allies. PG-13 (added 05/19; updated 11/20) (Google Translate)
Title: Gifts (short story)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: On the night of his death, Naru has a second chance to save Nephrite's life. Inspired by Soylent Green's painting "Ghost" (aka rubadub). PG-13 (7/01) (Google Translate)
Title: Hearts of Sword (Previously titled The Life that Awaits) (novel)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: More than three years after Nephrite's death, he and Naru are given another chance. But some old enemies, and a new one, threaten their happiness. In English-based and Japanese-based versions! PG-13 (8/00; revised 7/03) (Google Translate)
Art for "Hearts of Sword"
Title: Hurt (poem)
Author: Kurozuishou
Description: Regrets and realizations upon Nephrite's death. (3/03) (Google Translate)
Title: Idol/The Age of a Soul (poem)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: A pair of love poems: Nephrite wants to understand Naru's love for him; Naru reflects on the age difference between them. (12/00) (Google Translate)
Title: In the Shadows of Paradise (novel - complete)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: Crystal Tokyo is a utopia of peace, happiness, and plenty. But even Paradise has its misfits. One of these is Umino Naru, judged to be insane and clinging to heartbreaking memories of those she's loved and lost. When, once again, she finds herself the center of attraction to a growing menace, who will listen to her warning? PG-13 (9/12) (Google Translate)
Title: Interlude (short story)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: A conversation between Naru and Nephrite after she saves him from Sailor Moon's Tiara. My first Sailor Moon fanfic. PG (7/00; revised 3/03) (Google Translate)
Title: lamentation siderales (poem)
Author: Naru-chan
Description: "Lamentation of the Stars." Nephrite wonders if the stars saw what he couldn't see. (4/01) (Google Translate)
Title: The Life That Awaits (novel)
Author: Moon Momma
Note: This story has been re-titled Hearts of Sword. You can find it above.
Title: Lonely Villa (poem)
Author: Kurozuishou
Description: Nephrite sits alone in his house, contemplating the effect that Naru has had on his life. (10/02) (Google Translate)
Title: Lost Love/Neflite's Dying Thoughts of Love (poem)
Author: Lady1Venus *visit the Author's Website*
Description: Two poems on Neflite's death, from Neflite's and Molly's points of view. (4/01) (Google Translate)
Title: Love Returns (short story)
Author: Lady1Venus *visit the Author's Website*
Description: The follow-up to Lady1Venus's poem "Remembering Love." Did Molly see who she thought she saw at her graduation? G (12/01) (Google Translate)
Title: Loving Thoughts (poem)
Author: Lady1Venus and G Caissie *visit the Author's Website*
Description: Imagine that Nephrite realized his feelings for Naru a lot sooner and wrote them down, and that she found the paper after his death. (6/01) (Google Translate)
Title: Lyra's Children (novel - complete)
Author: Moon Momma
Description: An epic story of Nephrite and Naru's enduring love. After falling in love with Naru in modern-day Tokyo, Nephrite sets out to redeem himself from his evil deeds and to defeat the force that threatens to tear him and Naru apart forever, in a quest that reaches back to the Silver Millennium, through war-torn areas of the present day, and into the Crystal Tokyo of the future. R (6/01) (Google Translate)
Title: Music Box (novel)
Author: happyhappysunshine *visit the author's Fanfiction.net page*
Description: Naru discovers the story of an ancient legend which might lead her to see Nephrite again! PG (7/16) (Google Translate)

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