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Art for Sanctuary
My Hero

Art by Ana Dell
Faux Hawk Haircut for Nephrite This mini story explains the next two fanarts, that go with Sanctuary. Author's note: "This mini outtake is based on “Sanctuary”. As I was reading the chapters about Nephrite’s hospital ordeal for the first time, I really thought, poor Nephrite, he would be dealing with a really massive hair loss some months after that – high fever and general anesthesia let a lot of hair roots die out. After a hair is damaged it lasts ca. 3 months, until it really falls out (and once its damaged, the process is irreversible). Hair follicle itself doesn’t die out so easily, and so after 6 weeks resting a new hair starts to grow out of it (so that’s why all goes back to normal finally). Yes, I am a self made hair growth expert! I also love his lux long hair, but sometimes I think, he mainly had his long heavy hair curtains to hide behind them his real emotions and feelings and it made him easier to tell the lies. Also, I was working hard to catch his essence and filter out the evil out of his face in my paintings. Some of the anime episodes showed him really different and only recognizable by his hair. I wanted to show, he isn’t just his hair. That’s why I “cut” his hair in a really short style, as I have this dark gift to let it happen. Well, first I felt guilty seeing the result, but then I got used to it, and now I think, it doesn’t look bad at all. He is also definitely recognizable and is just himself even without hiding behind his mane. Later I asked myself, what would Naru say facing Nephrite like this for the first time, and added her to the picture. I had a small conversation between the two on my mind and wrote it down. Its an outtake on your fanfic Sanctuary (before Epilogue). In this fanfic you touched some very serious subjects, and you were very experimentative with Nephrite's styles. That’s why I had to go with it and let Nephrite be an ambassador for an issue, people dealing with after recovering from bed injuries."
Nephrite's new hairstyle after he gets out of the hospital
Nephrite's hair growing out I played with more hairstyles for Nephrite afterwards – some kind of 1 year of hair growth. I found one hairstyle even better, then his long long hair.
Sanctuary Chapter 4 He should be against the law from Sanctuary, Chapter 4. Nephrite wearing a dark silk shirt and jeans.
Biker Nephrite Cool Neph in his biker disguise from “Sanctuary”. It took me really many attempts to make this one.

Songs for Sanctuary
Hanging By A Moment
Everything I Do, I Do It For You
You'll Be In My Heart

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