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AiharaYukii *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Problem? Naru with an attitude. Be sure to check out the mini-story that goes with this picture!
Alkven *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Magic Lessons It looks like he's holding an entire galaxy.
Ana ***Descriptions in the artist's own words! Please note: some pictures may be spoilers for the fics they go with!
Hearts of Sword Chapter 1 Naru in her darkest hours lying and mourning as she ran away from school.
Hearts of Sword Chapter 2 The bickering if Nephrite should get Naru's coordinates, just a second before he loses his patience.
Hearts of Sword Chapter 3 "I thought it was a dream"
Hearts of Sword Chapter 3 "Let's make it happen, then"
Hearts of Sword Chapter 3 My very first painting since 20 years. [Naru sword-dancing in the clearing in the forest - mm]
Hearts of Sword Chapter 4 I was really excited to paint the bedroom of Nephrite's mansion. A very expensive minimalistic Italian design room in green and ten and dark wood. So it's waking up after the first night together at home.
Hearts of Sword Chapter 4 Umino and Nephrite on one picture is just too cool ;) "Excuse me. My services are needed. As a dance partner, ha ha."
Hearts of Sword Chapter 7 "Hello girls!" Nephrite all sweaty without a shirt on
Hearts of Sword Chapter 8 Nephrite allowing Naru to drive his Ferrari, after she picked him up from the hospital ;)
Hearts of Sword Chapter 9 Naru finds Nephrite in the dark chapel/observatory trying to fight his struggles with whiskey on the rocks
Hearts of Sword Epilogue Yes, you always provide a happy end and this story has the sweetest happy ending of all.
Hearts of Sword Epilogue The young man is Mikhaerin from Naru's vision in Epilogue of “Hearts of Sword”.
In the Shadows of Paradise Chapter 12 Neutral and distanced and bored Nephrite not recognizing his Naru at all. So funny, he seemed to be working really hard on becoming Crystal Tokyo's greatest playboy in this fanfic.
In the Shadows of Paradise Chapter 12 Naru`s devastated look as Nephrite didn’t recognize her
In the Shadows of Paradise Chapter 14 A loving and caring and tender Nephrite. And this picture is my own take on and a homage to the scene, where Nephrite carry Naru to the park, from the episode with his death. This time he isn’t going to die but do something else.
In the Shadows of Paradise Chapter 14 Naru and Nephrite... (um, spoiler!)
Interlude Nephrite and Naru dancing to the Moonlight Serenade
Lyra's Children Chapter 2 I was so excited myself to paint Nephrite "african style" [that is, Relief Worker Nephrite - mm] and also wanted to give Monique a face.
Lyra's Children - Relief Worker Nephrite #2 one more attempt to try to let Nephrite look handsome with a ponytail during his time in Africa.
***NEW*** Lyra's Children - Nephrite in a suit Nephrite as a suitor on one of his office days from Lyras Children (I think, it was your [mine, Moon Momma's] wish to see him in a sharp suit with a necktie – in the “fashion victim” article – so here you go) – This picture is also inspired by my favorite actor – Its Mark Strong – the pose and the outfit are from one of his red-carpet events.
***NEW*** Lyra's Children - Ending Spoiler!
Remembrance Chapter 1 As Molly is just a second away from bumping into Masato
Remembrance Chapter 2 The first kiss
Remembrance Chapter 3 "I know how to lead" - I wanted to visualize the scene of Molly/Naru dancing with the man, who once almost ruined her life, without knowing yet who he really is.
Remembrance Chapter 5 The groom
Remembrance Chapter 5 The bride
Remembrance Chapter 5 Bride and Groom
***NEW*** Faux Hawk Haircut for Nephrite This mini story explains the next two fanarts, that go with Sanctuary. Author's note: "This mini outtake is based on “Sanctuary”. As I was reading the chapters about Nephrite’s hospital ordeal for the first time, I really thought, poor Nephrite, he would be dealing with a really massive hair loss some months after that – high fever and general anesthesia let a lot of hair roots die out. After a hair is damaged it lasts ca. 3 months, until it really falls out (and once its damaged, the process is irreversible). Hair follicle itself doesn’t die out so easily, and so after 6 weeks resting a new hair starts to grow out of it (so that’s why all goes back to normal finally). Yes, I am a self made hair growth expert! I also love his lux long hair, but sometimes I think, he mainly had his long heavy hair curtains to hide behind them his real emotions and feelings and it made him easier to tell the lies. Also, I was working hard to catch his essence and filter out the evil out of his face in my paintings. Some of the anime episodes showed him really different and only recognizable by his hair. I wanted to show, he isn’t just his hair. That’s why I “cut” his hair in a really short style, as I have this dark gift to let it happen. Well, first I felt guilty seeing the result, but then I got used to it, and now I think, it doesn’t look bad at all. He is also definitely recognizable and is just himself even without hiding behind his mane. Later I asked myself, what would Naru say facing Nephrite like this for the first time, and added her to the picture. I had a small conversation between the two on my mind and wrote it down. Its an outtake on your fanfic Sanctuary (before Epilogue). In this fanfic you touched some very serious subjects, and you were very experimentative with Nephrite's styles. That’s why I had to go with it and let Nephrite be an ambassador for an issue, people dealing with after recovering from bed injuries."
***NEW*** Nephrite's new hairstyle after he gets out of the hospital
***NEW*** Nephrite's hair growing out I played with more hairstyles for Nephrite afterwards – some kind of 1 year of hair growth. I found one hairstyle even better, then his long long hair.
***NEW*** Sanctuary Chapter 4 He should be against the law from Sanctuary, Chapter 4. Nephrite wearing a dark silk shirt and jeans.
***NEW*** Biker Nephrite Cool Neph in his biker disguise from “Sanctuary”. It took me really many attempts to make this one.
***NEW*** Starfire Chapter 10 It is so nice, as Naru and Nephrite make a stop at a bistro to have their first supper together in Chapter 10. I think Nephrite would really need much food as a young man of (I guess) about 188-190 cm tall with a lot of muscles to keep his system going. Naru, as a slender young woman, who was raised by a single mom, would be shocked, how much this guy can stuff into himself. Nephrite is thinking: Decent meal, finally. Let’s dig in. Waaay much better, then a chocolate parfait. Naru at the same time: Ohmigosh, is he seriously going to finish it all off?? How much food does this guy need? Will I end up spending the rest of my life in the kitchen cooking and in the supermarket buying groceries to keep up with his appetite? How much money will I need for groceries per month?
***NEW*** Time in Your Heart Chapter 9
***NEW*** Time in Your Heart Chapter 10
24 Hours to Life - Jadeite, No Place
24 Hours to Life - Sad Testarossa Nephrite goes outside and faces his abandoned Ferrari for the first time. Well, dear Nephrite, don’t look so grumpy. If you had back in 1992 enough money for this great car you would also have had enough to afford an appropriate accommodation for it, a garage would have been nice. So be happy, it still could be worse – at least none of the trees collapsed over it...
24 Hours to Life - Jadeite and Nephrite Jadite and Nephrite allow themselves a short moment of despair on the harbor walk, before they meet Zoisite and Kunzite and then make a plan.
24 Hours to Life - Jad@Macao "My odds are stacked; I've never been a gambling man..." (from the Overtones.)
24 Hours to Life - Thetis A "Kiss me, you fool" moment
24 Hours to Life - Zoi@Bangkok getting a little bit squiffy from his fancy martini cocktail in the Casino#2 – and I already hear the song in my head “One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster…”
24 Hours to Life - Zoisite playing cards Zoisite pwning at poker and with the ladies. ^^ (moon momma comment)
24 Hours to Life - Nephrite and Saionji Rui
24 Hours to Life - Nephrite and Kijin Shinokawa It was also a big fun to make pictures of Nephrite visiting his former victims, especially Kijin Shinokawa. He was a teenager, barely older then Naru and Usagi, as Nephrite tried to drain his energy. It was cool to make him look young grown up after 3,5 years.
24 Hours to Life - "Hop in!"
24 Hours to Life - Visit with the dollmaker Nephrite and Usage visiting Mika and her mother and apologize. My son and me re-watched the episode "Dangerous Dollies" to make this picture. I wanted it to look the same but different – Nephrite sitting in exactly the same pose in the same living room like in this episode. It was a really nice episode.
24 Hours to Life - kitchen talk
24 Hours to Life - stolen moment in the kitchen I made newly this kitchen-talk drawings – 6 am is my favorite chapter. If I had to rate the best first kiss from all of your fanfics, I would definitely go with the kiss in the kitchen of the Chiba apartment.
24 Hours to Life - 8 pm, by the harbor A fateful encounter about to happen
24 Hours to Life - 8 pm, by the harbor 2 After the fateful encounter
24 Hours to Life - 10 pm Nephrite in the park
24 Hours to Life - 10 pm So I finally made the solo pic of Nephrite, as the last of the 4 shitennou. I was thinking for a very long time, which song would be a perfect company for him through the evening and the night and couldn’t decide… Then last week I heard the song "You are the reason" from the British singer Calum Scott (yes,I confess, I love brit pop Emoji) and it was like a stroke – this is it. Oh my God, this song is so Nephrite and his situation and his state of mind in "24 Hours". It's so his song, the perfect soundtrack through his evening and the night – if I would make an anime on "24 Hours", I would definitely go with this song accompanying Nephrite as he is racing through the city. Hearing the song I decided to make the pictures of Nephrite sitting in the darkened park on the bench asking the stars for help.
24 Hours to Life - The Stars Know Everything... ... except humans' privacy! Nephrite receive the vision from the stars on the bench in the park, 10 pm
24 Hours to Life - Kunzite Kunzite@Suncity, South Africa. How about the Lady Gaga song "Poker face" going with this pic.
Arus See more of the artist's work here
Nephrite and Naru Old-fashioned, could be from a Silver Millennium fic.
Stylish Naru on the beach
Ashkanie *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Kiss A lovely interpretation of the "Kiss" doujinshi picture.
Naru Asleep and sad.
Nephrite and Naru Interesting setting, I wonder what the story is.
Naru In a pretty dress.
I will always protect you Beautiful coloring of "If only..." by Sarah-neko (below)
Naru at school Looking cute! Based on an original by Aya Kodai.
Embrace Nice coloring of a doujinshi picture.
Saved Version of "My Hero" (below)
Asisko44 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Date in a Cafe Very sweet.
General Nephrite Waiting He looks handsome and confident here.
Naru and Nephrite They look so happy.
Bikini I got this off the old Dark Kingdom Love Revival site, which has been gone for many years now, and I don't think this artist has been heard from in a long time. But this picture's too good to disappear forever.
Baranamtara *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Still Here How sweet ^.^
Blink-719 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Molly and Nephrite Pretty drawing of Nephrite and Naru.
BlueValentineRose *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
If I Never Knew You... A very poignant portrait.
Buylova *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite and Naru Out for a treat.
ChatroomFreak *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Starlight Twilight-style take on Nephrite and Naru.
Chepseh *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Lessons in Love So THAT'S what the kurozuishou was trying to tell Nephrite!
A Bad Prince for Sleeping Beauty The scene between Tuxedo Kamen and passed-out Usagi from the Diamond Embassy episode, with Nephrite and Naru in their place.
ChronicallyZee *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
The STARSS A unique take on Naru and Nephrite, with Naru as a natural redhead and Nephrite as Native American General of North America.
Luvbunnies Because in Moon Momma's fics they multiply like... well, you know ^.^
Children of the Shitennou From left to right, Sanjouin Mitsu, Jasmine, Sanjouin Meiko, Aino Toshiro. Illustration for Shadows of Hope.
dalles *visit the Artist's Website*
Naru in Watercolors A beautiful portrait.
Merry Christmas, Nephrite It takes more than the Ghost of Christmas Past to cheer up this Scrooge!
From August Moon:
Naru in a blue dress
Always On My Mind
Art for All I Can Do:
Thulite . Note the strong family resemblance between Thulite and his parents.
Topaz Ooh, evil...
Dark Amethyst *visit the Artist's Website*
Without You Naru struggling to cope.

Dark-elfa *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Beware the Second Wave Nephrite and friends... er, minions.
Dasha-Crawford *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Dark Kingdom Lord Nephrite
Family Portrait Nephrite and Naru
It's Easy to See Elegant.
Lord Nephrite "escape expectancies."
My Little Girl Definitely not his daughter, though.
N + N Delicate, beautiful portrait.
Nephrite and Cat Two of my favorite things in one picture ^_^
Pendant Gorgeous Nephrite wearing a magical pendant.
Diewahne *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite in Uniform
Dancing Naru Dancing in a dream
Honeymoon What it says
Fishing Something else they might do on their honeymoon. ^.^
Calendar Nephrite Cutie pie!
DK Calendar Cuties Zoisite, Jadeite, and Beryl. (Kunzite's taking the picture.)
Embossed Roses A lovely and unusual CG treatment of the "Roses" picture below.
Naru luvs her Neffy! But which one...?
Roses Neph doesn't waste them by throwing them around
Mask This is what those masks in the "Tuxedo Nephrite" and "Diamond Ball" episodes *should* have looked like.
Dollies Looks like Neffy and Jae are going to duke it out over the candy jar...
Nephrite Gorgeous!
Nephrite and Bike *drool* He really should have had a motorcycle, along with the Ferrari.
Chocolate Parfait So sad.
Escaping from Destiny Could be a Silver Millennium setting (reminds me of Lyra's Children), or a metaphor for a modern-day escape.
Nephrite and Naru Lovely painting.
Nephrite Another beautiful painting.
Neff, Naru and the Stars Funny sketch.
Neff and Naru Cute.
Nephrite and Beryl Not sure who I feel more sorry for, Nephrite or Beryl.
Nephrite and Naru in the Moonlight Could also be a Silver Milennium setting, it reminds me of a scene from Lyra's Children.
The Forever Dark Kingdom Painting of the whole Dark Kingdom crew, plus one.
Chibi Kunzite and Zoisite
Chibi Naru
Chibi Dark Kingdom Naru
Chibi Nephrite and Naru
Chibi Nephrite
Chibi Jadeite and Thetis On a romantic vacation ^.^
Nephrite and Naru online sketchpad assorted Nephrite and Naru sketches
Nephrite Naru sketchpad montage
Kunzite and Zoisite/Nephrite and Naru diptych 1 Beautiful double-panel painting of Kunzite&Zoisite and Nephrite&Naru.
Kunzite and Zoisite/Nephrite and Naru diptych 2 Another lovely double-panel painting of Kunzite&Zoisite and Nephrite&Naru.
Nephrite-Naru Sketch A sketch from diptych #1
Naru, Nephrite, and some roses ...and a nosebleed ^.^
DonnaWeather87 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru-Neflite Scribble Quick sketches of Nephrite and Naru.
DraJien *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Mr. Nephlite...Ms. Naru A very pretty and stylish portrait. Gorgeous hair on Naru.
FenrisFang *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Genuine Smile A sweet moment together
Hathostet *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru and Nephrite Dancing.
Naru and Nephrite 2 A romantic portrait.
Je t'aime Naru: "Je t'aime, mon amour. Do you love me too?" Neph: "I'll always love you... till my dying day"
hezaa *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Love Magic Lots of love energy in the air!
iliowahine *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru and Nephrite Nice to see him carrying her when he *isn't* about to die!
Inunokanojo *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Hot 'n' Spicy Nephrite Like it says. If you like this, go check out her series of Final Fantasy guys!
Role Reversal Opposite from how you'd usually see them - I love this pose. The artist comments that she's been drawing mainly guys for a long time, so Naru came out a little masculine-looking. You see so many feminine Nephrites, that I think it's only fair to turn the tables a bit! :D
J *visit the Artist's website Artist's deviantArt page*
Are you the one I hoped for... Beautiful. I can imagine so many stories behind this...
JATGProductions *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru and Nephrite, Persona 4 style "In this alternate retelling of Persona 4, the first two possible victims are Masato, and his bodyguard charge, Naru." A very cool variation on Nephrite and Naru.
Nephrite and Naru, Persona 4 style color with background Variation of above picture with color and background. Be sure to read the mini-story that goes with this picture!
Jen and Kris (aka Kris and Jen) *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Black Crystal That scene in Naru's room could have gone a lot differently...
Barrier Someone's coming for Naru-chan.
Kiss Very romantic.
Julia Illing *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
What If Very pretty. I wonder what the matching crystals mean.
Justine Darkchylde *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Osaka Naru Lovely portrait of Naru as the Queen of Cards.
Kanaikia *visit the Artist's deviantArt page Artist's website*
Osaka Naru Beautiful line drawing of Naru and Nephrite.
Kimmuryiel *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Good Morning A nice way to start the day. ^^
Kinikim (formerly xoBulmaxo) *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Don't Leave Me Sad and sweet.
I Can't Stop Loving You Sad and cute ^^
Beautiful Disaster A little bit of romance in the park.
Beautiful Disaster (digital) Like the original (above) but with stars.
Oh, Nephrite! "I've got a surprise for you!"
Naru 'n' Nephrite Poor Naru... ;_;
Naru 'n' Nephrite (sketch) Black and white sketch of "Naru 'n' Nephrite."
This Is Our Night Time for some romance!
I Don't Understand Math Nephrite helping Naru with some homework - or maybe the other way around?
Naru and Nephrite Christmas A cute Christmas picture!
Stay With Me Very sad :( but I love her cute little socks!
Naru x Nephrite - I Love You Another sweet and sad picture of Naru and Nephrite.
Merry Christmas 2015 (Naru x Nephrite) A little Christmas romance *_*
If I could stay with you like this forever
Beside You
Our Last Kiss *sniff* ;_;

Le-ARi *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite and Naru
Lord--Opal *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Kiss Old school style.
loreley25 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru y Nephrite "I love you not only as you are, but as I am when I'm with you"
Chocolate Parfait
maaru-chan *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Molly and Nephrite Sad and sweet and romantic.
MakorraLove12 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
You Touched My Heart Montage of favorite Nephrite/Naru moments.
In the Stars A sad moment with Naru.
Mary2J *visit the Artist's Tumblr*
Baby Makes Three
Family Outing
All dressed up for a night on the town
Mewmew34 *visit the Artists's deviantArt page
Sketch of Nephrite and Naru on their wedding day
Nephrite and Naru on their wedding day, in color The gems on Naru's necklace and hair clip are nephrite stones ^_^
Migio90 *visit the Artists's deviantArt page
My Angel Nephrite I have to say, that's one hot angel ^^
Miss Liss
Charleston Swing Kickin' their heels up ^_^
Osakaite Naru in a Shitennou-style uniform
WIP Head Models Head model sheet designs including Naru and Nephrite
Naru and Nephrite figurines
In the Ferrari Out for a spin in Nephrite's car ^^
MollyDarling *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru and angel Nephrite
Cute Naru
Naru and Nephrite Kissing
Moonlit Ball There's a story behind this, but MollyDarling wants to know what your ideas are! Let her know at her deviantArt page. Personally, I think it could be a scene from Lyra's Children.
The Stars Know Everything (color)
The Stars Know Everything (sketch)
Like a Secret Dream Cute portrait.
Lonely Meadow Poor Naru...
Your Heart Hasn't Deceived Me Beautiful take on the famous scene from the anime.
If Only
MoonLepus *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite and Naru Just gorgeous.
Let Me Hold You
Butterfly 'I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain' ~John Keats
Butterfly 2
Moon Momma
Nephrite and His "Greatest Weakness" It was supposed to be Sailor Nephrite, but I just couldn't bring myself to draw him in a dress.
Cute Little Red-Haired Girl My humble tribute to Charles M. Schulz.
All I Can Do... CG illustration for All I Can Do
Molly Waiting As far as I know, this is the only picture on this subject in existence.
Record Company Executives My first (and, so far, only) attempt at drawing Usagi and Mamoru. Illustration for Hearts of Sword.
MoonPrincess93 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite and Naru Stargazing
Naru looking at the stars
Nephrite's family Based on the planned Crystal Tokyo arc of Naru-chan's multi-arc fic.
Nephrite and Naru in February From a Dark Kingdom calendar Naru-chan is working on.
neverjohn *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Because of You Beautiful, romantic portrait of Nephrite and Naru.
Ngaladel *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Neph Very handsome portrait.
Nephrite Another nice portrait.
Okydraft *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite and Naru Nephrite showing Naru the stars.
Lord of Stars Nephrite - Shining Star Algol
Owlteria *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Reunion Together again.
Paloma Nevada *visit the Artist's Tumblr*
Naru and Nephrite Crying Aw ;_;
Park Bench in Autumn Wonderful colors and expressions.
Pellury *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Sailor Moon Candy Beautiful line drawing of the cast of characters.
PingPong1 *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Naru and Nephrite A very cool and sweet casual portrait.
Here, mousie, mousie... A wolf in wolf's clothing *rrrowl*
Pu's summary of Nephrite's death scene Okay, I get the biggest kick out of this. And maybe this time Naru *does* get those thorns out!
Nephrite with a pair of beautiful wings
Nephrite with his symbol on his forehead A very pretty portrait.
Rei G. Ino See more of the artist's work here
These fanarts were done as illustrations for the fanfic "The Temple of Golden Dragon," by Tihe, found at the same website as the artist's work. It's in Russian, though.
Flying This is awfully cute. I wonder if it's Naru's daydream, or Nephrite's, or if it's really happening?
Bedside watch I really wish I could read the fanfic this goes with, "The Temple of Golden Dragon." The picture reminds me a lot of the first scene in Lyra's Children.
Embrace Beautiful and flat-out sexy. I wish I could read the fic this goes with! (Anyone know Russian?)
Rikayu-chan *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Closer Romantic and sexy.
RoadZero *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Nephrite and Naru Beautiful manga-style picture.
RurouniGemini83 *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Here We Go Again A new take on a familiar scene, from the artist's fic-in-progress. "This is after a battle, and both Sailor Virgo (Naru), and Nephrite are listening with some chagrin, to an argument between Tuxedo Kamen and Tsukikage no Knight."
Sailor Harmony *visit the Artist's Website*
Sketch of Nephrite in a tuxedo This only took the artist three minutes to draw!
Chibi Nephrite and a pet
Sailor Phantom *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Let's Start Catching Up Nephrite's got better things to do than eat that parfait!
We've Got Some Catching Up to Do Black and white sketch of Catching Up.
Sanjouin-daCapo *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Asleep and Alone
Sleeping Nephrite A pair of pictures that serve as a prologue to Sanjouin da Capo's story cycle, The Stars Can Wait.
Sara Beth *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Tender Gaze Very sweet
Sarah-neko *visit the Artist's Website*
Anime-style Nephrite and Naru
If only... they hadn't been so rudely interrupted...
Manga-style Nephrite and Naru
Seeraholic (formerly Molkoholic) *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru A lovely portrait
Naru and Nephrite So romantic...
Nephrite and Naru Beautiful. (for some reason it makes me think of August Moon by dalles)
Don't Leave Makes you wonder what's coming next.
In Naru's Room Um, no explanation needed.
Nephrite Sitting in the Dark Alone and thoughtful.
Naru Beautiful and unusual portrait
Nephrite Industrial Very cool new look for Nephrite.
SemiMage *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Chibi Nephrite and Naru Like it says. Cute!
Serenity Winner *visit the Artist's LiveJournal Community*
Naru and Nephrite Okay, this is just so beautiful *sigh*
Kiss me, you fool
Chibi Naru On her way to meet Chibi Nephrite?
Nephrite 3 Another beautiful portrait in pencil.
Nephrite and Naru A lovely full-color poster-size portrait. The original is so big I had to scan it in four sections and paste it together in PhotoDeluxe. Any flaws are due to my lame attempts to do this, and not to any fault on Sherrie's part.
Nephrite in bed Dreaming of Naru...
I Want To Be Normal No, not Neph and Naru, but cool nonetheless.
Chibi Nephrite Waiting for his date...
Nephrite at the window Gorgeous!
Nephrite at the Window II Differently accessorized. (Still no shirt, though!)
Nephrite and Pyrite Pyrite was Sherrie’s identity in an RPG. She was Nephrite’s student, and had a crush on him. One night she went to Nephrite’s mansion looking for him, and asked the stars to show her where he was. The stars showed her a vision of Nephrite as he died in Naru’s arms *sniff, sob*
Nephrite in jeans
Nephrite 2 A portrait in pencil
Nephrite 1 A gorgeous portrait in charcoal
Angel No, not Astrael from Wildflowers. Way cooler.
Slr Steel Fox77 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite and Naru Cool renditions of a couple of famous scenes.
SMeadows *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Chocolate Parfait Better late than never... Very sweet.
Soylent Green
Ghost Is he or isn't he? I love this picture; it's so evocative.
StarrDustCrusader *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite and Naru in the moonlight Cute in a pouty kind of way.
Nephrite Tenshi A most un-angelic angel. ~.^
Tanzanite *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Neflite and Molly Unusual white-on-color portrait. Very pretty.
Seduction A beautiful pen-and-ink drawing of Naru taking the lead.
Nephrite and Family Handsome Nephrite, hot mama Naru, and adorable Junior.
Art for Sub-Culture:
Dream Attack Cover image with the four generals.
Nephrite and Molly Cover image with Nephrite and Molly (slightly R-rated)
Malachite and Zoycite Cover image with Malachite and Zoycite. (also slightly R-rated)
Malachite and Zoycite Not the least bit R-rated
The Underwear (or, if you prefer, swimsuit ^_^) Series:
Danburite from the Sailor V storyline, also appears in "Sub-Culture"
Malachite Who knew he had a tattoo?
Neflyte I'm too sexy for my car...
The picture of Zoycite was beyond my site guidelines O_o; if you're old enough to see it, you can figure out for yourself where to find it.
Tata *visit the Artist's website Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite, the King of Stars Gorgeous realistic portrait.
Dark Lady Naru "At the dark end of this bar, What a beautiful wreck you are"
Tree Sad and beautiful. This was done as a gift for Tihe, the owner of darkkingdom.ru and I'm very happy to also be allowed to post it here.
Starshine Master of stars.
TechnoRanma *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Let Me Show You the Stars That last night, things could have gone in a very different direction.
Tina V *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*)
The Handmaiden's Curtsey in the Garden Naru in the Silver Millennium. Illustration for Lyra's Children
Naru and Tetsiya at the bus stop Illustration for Starfire.
Toeto x3 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Gone Beautiful and sad
TwinklePowderySnow *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru Looking good in her favorite outfit.
UnconventionalSenshi *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Sweet Revenge Zoisite better watch out...
Osaka Naru A beautiful portrait
Call Me Masato Mr. Smooth ^.^
She called him Masato... And see what happened...
An Alternate Fate I think we all would have liked to see it go like this.
Various artists posted at Every kind of nerdery imaginable

This Tumblog features tons of amazing fanart (from Sailor Moon and more), a lot of it from Japanese sites that I never knew about ^.^ I've posted a few of my favorites here, with links to the original sources. Be sure to visit Every kind of nerdery imaginable and the original sites for lots more!
Nephrite and Naru out for a walk (original source)
A romantic moment at Nephrite's place (original source)
At the Diamond Ball (original source)
Nephrite and Naru, out for another walk by Nobu (original source)
Crying Naru (original source)
Going for a car ride :D Just waaaay too cute ^.^ by T.soup (original source - part of a stack)
Nephrite's hair skweeee! ^.^ (original source)
"Which one do you like better?" So cute, one of those everyday moments they should have been allowed to have. by tsuki-kioku (original source - in the Countget section, click the top right link, it's under 444444)

Animation Cels from Silver Dragoness's (Rynn's) collection.
Nephrite animation cel (Note: image is from site where Rynn purchased the cel. The cel is beginning to deteriorate slightly, and she didn't want to make it worse by subjecting it to another scanning.)
Naru cel
Nephrite cel
Nephrite cel
Nephrite cel
Doujinshi Scans and Other Images
My hero dalles found this gorgeous scan at the Sailor Moon Image Archive. It was spread over two magazine pages, so dalles removed the background and airbrushed the seam between pages.
Original "My Hero" With the magazine page background.
My only love A Moonfight doujinshi scan I colored myself using PhotoDeluxe.
My Only Love The black-and-white original. Scan courtesy of Emrys at Troublemakers and All Things Naughty.
Truly Madly Deeply They’re... um... wearing swimsuits ^_^;;; Another Moonfight doujinshi scan (from another site) colored by me.
Truly Madly Deeply Original black-and-white.
Naru as a bride Manga scan colorized by Moon Momma. Illustration for Lyra's Children.

Scans from "Secret Romance"
The story here seems to be pretty simple. One night, Naru is remembering Nephrite's death, when he appears to her.... (Translations in "quote marks" by Rouen81)
Secret Romance Spiffy cover image.
If the thorns came out... Nothing to do with the story, just a really cool picture.
Are you okay?
By the tree
Again by the tree
A way cool picture of Nephrite appearing in Naru's window
Nephrite appears to Naru
Joining hands
Nephrite is saying, "Don't be sad"
He's saying, "I'm sorry."
Loving touch
Moving in...
"Me too"
Nephrite says, "This is our first kiss"
Nephrite is saying, "The sweet taste of your tears... When we meet again, please sweetly kiss me"
Someone to watch over me...
Busted! A mini-comic from the back of the book. What if Naru woke up while Nephrite was taking that little peek through her jammies? Not romantic, but very funny. (Reminder -- reads right to left)
Help! Naru goes for what she wants... Another mini-comic from the back of the book.
Parfait Not part of the story, but a really nice picture. I think this is my favorite "chocolate parfait" picture so far. Naru was split up over two pages, so I had to stitch her together. Came out okay, I think.

***Be sure to read Secret Romance in its entirety, in the Extras section!

Scans sent in by Wise Minerva
Comic Naru Looking like the adorable cartoon character she is
Umino must have done *something*...
The world's prettiest paratrooper
Lovey Dovey Aww...
Go Naru!
Even when she's making a face, she's cute

Sent in by Dark Amethyst (source unknown)
The Bandage Scene

These three scans courtesy of KatC's Sailor Moon Goodies, sent in by Cygnus-hime.
Naru I wonder whose hand that is, wiping away her tears? ^.^
Naru again
Nephrite Looking very dapper on the tennis court.

These scans courtesy of LadyWren's Sailormoon. Sent in by Wise Minerva, except for "Too GQ."
Too GQ! Ev'ry girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man...
Kiss Think they're happy to see each other?
Reunited Ditto
Best Friends Usagi gives Naru a shoulder to cry on.
Sad Naru I just love Naru, she's so cute. Actually, this looks like a manga scan. Can anyone tell me for sure? Update: CP reports that this is indeed a manga picture. Molly is saying, "Bunny is different from me... It's like she lives in a world that I can't begin to imagine... But I want to be there for her..." Thanks, CP!

The following three scans courtesy of Sherrie, who printed them out from a now-defunct site.
Hug Yet another happy reunion.
Parfait -- silhouette Cuuute!
Parfait -- Death by chocolate... Yum.

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