by Tanzanite
Cover illustration by Tanzanite

Author's Notes
Chapter 1 - As it is when it was
Chapter 2 - Doubts even here
Chapter 3 - Liar
Chapter 4 - Truth
Chapter 5
to be continued...

Art for Subculture
(Warning: slightly R-rated)
Nephrite and Molly
Malachite and Zoycite
Malachite and Zoycite Not the least bit R-rated
The Underwear (or, if you prefer, swimsuit ^_^) Series:
Danburite from the Sailor V storyline, also appears in "Sub-Culture"
Malachite Who knew he had a tattoo?
Neflyte I'm too sexy for my car...
The picture of Zoycite was beyond my site guidelines O_o; if you're old enough to see it, you can figure out for yourself where to find it.

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