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Art for All I Can Do
All I Can Do... (by Moon Momma) CG
Thulite (by dalles *visit the Artist's Website*A strong family resemblance, no?
Topaz (by dalles *visit the Artist's Website*)Ooh, evil...

Art for Hearts of Sword (formerly "The Life that Awaits")
Record Company Executives My first (and, so far, only) attempt at drawing Usagi and Mamoru. (by Moon Momma)
Embrace (by Moon Momma)
Molly Waiting As far as I know, this is the only picture on this subject in existence. (by Moon Momma)

Art for Lyra's Children
The Handmaiden's Curtsey in the Garden (by Tina V) Naru when she first meets Nephrite, in the Silver Millennium.
First kiss*
A happy reunion*
Another happy reunion*
Naru as a bride Manga scan colorized by Moon Momma
In the mountain clearing, under the stars...*

Art for Sanctuary
My Hero*

Art for Shadows of Hope
Children of the Shitennou (by Cygnus-hime) From left to right, Sanjouin Mitsu, Jasmine, Sanjouin Meiko, Aino Toshiro

Art for Starfire
Naru and Tetsiya at the bus stop (by Tina V a.k.a. LingTina *visit the Artist's Website*)

Art for Sub-Culture by Tanzanite *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Dream Attack Cover image with the four generals.
Nephrite and Molly Cover image with Nephrite and Molly (slightly R-rated)
Malachite and Zoycite Cover image with Malachite and Zoycite. (also slightly R-rated)
Malachite and Zoycite Not the least bit R-rated
The Underwear (or, if you prefer, swimsuit ^_^) Series:
Danburite from the Sailor V storyline, also appears in "Sub-Culture"
Malachite Who knew he had a tattoo?
Neflyte I'm too sexy for my car...
The picture of Zoycite was beyond my site guidelines O_o; if you're old enough to see it, you can figure out for yourself where to find it.

* -- denotes art not originally created for the story it's with, and found elsewhere on this site.

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