Sanctuary -- Notes
By Moon Momma


January 2012 - It's been, wow, eleven years since I first wrote this. I'm a much better writer now, I think, and I hope I've been able to bring the writing in Sanctuary up a level. Also, though I love this story dearly, it's very hard to tell in a way that makes me happy. I think the changes I've made in this revision come closer to what I really want it to be. I've corrected a few lingering dub/Japanese inconsistencies, moved Naru's birthday to the canon (Jan. 1), and tightened up the epilogue(s). I was always troubled by the sexual relationship and "playing house" aspect of the parts of the book that take place in the Dark Kingdom. I've changed these parts to more closely reflect the difficulties of the situation without making it cute or glamorous. Also, Nephrite's apparent age is much younger than before (not that there's really any difference between 1,028 years old and 1,023, it just seems less weird if he looks younger). I also looked up the age of consent in Japan. According to the fount of all wisdom, Wikipedia, it's 13 (though individual prefectures can make it higher if they want to; in Tokyo it's 13). The minimum marriage age, however, is 16. Which seems weird; to my way of thinking, if you're too young to get married, you're too young to have sex. But, oh well, I don't make the rules.

Otherwise, all the main story points are the same. I hope you enjoy this new version of Sanctuary!

New Notes

April 2003 - All Japanese names now. "Negaverse" is now "Dark Kingdom," "Malachite" is now "Kunzite" (though I still have trouble with the anachronism), and other character name changes as necessary. "Rosa" is "Hana," which means "flower" in Japanese (1/12 - removed).

* * * * * * * *

Old Notes, Disclaimer, and Warnings

1. I don't own any rights in Sailor Moon. This story is written for fun, not for profit.

2. This story is a "what if," replacing the second half of the first season of Sailor Moon. It explores the question, "What if Nephrite survived the attack by Zoisite's youma?" Some things happen very differently; as to whether the final result is the same, well, you'll have to read the story to find out.

To minimize confusion, here are some differences to look out for:

  1. Nephrite doesn't die. (Duh.)
  2. The Negaverse/Dark Kingdom wins the first six Rainbow Crystals (1/12 - it's mentioned that Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon almost got one crystal each, but for the purposes of the story Zoisite captured these two crystals at the last minute).
  3. Any episodes that are specifically mentioned in the story (for example, the one where the priest has a Rainbow Crystal, the Tuxedo Melvin episode, the fight in the Starlight Tower for the Rainbow Crystals, the Sailor Scouts going to the Moon and learning their history, and so on) happen as they are described in the story. So don't think, for example, "No, that's wrong, it was *Zoisite* who fought Tuxedo Mask for the crystals!" I know it was. In this story, however, things are different.
  4. Malachite doesn't have time to carry out all his schemes where he's trying to learn Sailor Moon's identity. So just pick your favorites and assume them as background. (None of these are mentioned specifically.)
  5. If an episode isn't mentioned specifically, you can assume that it happened the way it did in the TV show, except, again, the Negaverse wins the first six Rainbow Crystals and Malachite doesn't have time to carry out all his schemes.

3. As always, I use a mix of Japanese and NA dub influences, taking what I like best from each. Dark Kingdom and Negaverse are used interchangably. Dark Kingdom usually refers to the physical place and the organization; Negaverse refers to the magical aspects. In general (sorry, no pun intended), I use NA first names and Japanese last names. The names of the Generals are from the Japanese, except for Malachite, because I like that name better than Kunzite. Zoisite's a male here. (1/12 - all references to "Negaverse" removed)

[Zoisite: Hey, wait a minute! How come I'm always the one getting switched around? Why can't Malachite be the one to get his gender bent sometimes?
[Malachite (from offstage): I *heard* that!
[Me: Because you make a prettier girl than Malachite would. Anyway, quit complaining, you're a guy in this one, like you're supposed to be, and anyway the story isn't about you. Now get back on the set.
[Zoisite: No way. My part's over, remember? I'm outta here. I've got a hair appointment in half an hour.]

Note -- I don't know if they have hospital chaplains in Japan. For the purposes of this story, they do.

4. The original inspiration for this story came when I originally recorded the "Nephrite Dies" episode on the tape I usually use for taping "Paramedics" and "Trauma: Life in the E.R." (Real-life medical shows, for those who are unfamiliar with them.) Somehow the shows blended together in my mind. I'm not a doctor, I don't even play one on TV ^.^, so forgive me if anything medically ridiculous happens in the first few chapters (besides Nephrite having green blood, that is). However, the various medical procedures and problems are mostly based on events depicted on those two shows. And this story answers the question that always comes to my mind while watching Nephrite's *sob* death scene -- DON'T THEY HAVE ANY AMBULANCES IN TOKYO? SOMEONE CALL THE @#$*% PARAMEDICS!

5. WARNING -- Rated PG-13 for sex and violence, and a little bit of language. Once again, it's there, but nothing explicit or overly graphic.

6. WARNING -- Part of this story deals with a consensual sexual relationship between a fifteen-year-old girl (1/12 - Naru stays fourteen; her canon birthday is Jan. 1) and a much (*much*) older man. I tried rewriting the story without that element, but it just didn't work. I've tried to handle this difficult material in a sensitive, tasteful, and honest manner, and I apologize in advance if I offend any readers.

7. That said, I am not condoning non-marital sex (regardless of the ages, willingness, and/or genders of the participants). I also don't approve of motorcycles, exceeding the speed limit, and lying to your mother. If Molly were my daughter (and I *am* old enough to be her mother), she'd be grounded for a *very* long time. ("I don't care if you were helping to save the world, young lady! You go right to your room and don't come out till you're sixty!")

8. I want to acknowledge Soylent Green's magnificent picture, "Invincible and Fearless Warriors," which can be viewed on her website. This provided the inspiration for Nephrite's armor in the last few chapters.

9. Speaking of fan art, I would be forever grateful if someone would draw Biker Nephrite for me, and Nephrite in his armor (preferably kissing Molly goodbye). Thanks!

10. Yes, there are two epilogues. You don't have to read them, but I recommend it. These came about because I wanted to explore how Nephrite and Molly would handle the joys, heartbreaks, and challenges of real life.
Special thanks ^.^ to dalles, for helping me appreciate the value of the hopeful (versus happy) ending, which is what these epilogues are about. Life is like that sometimes.

10. Once again, if you want to discuss Molly and Nephrite, Sailor Moon, or life in general, please e-mail me! I love to hear from readers. Enjoy the story!

* * * * * * * *

And now, a special presentation.... Mutiny on the Fanfic Set!

* * * * * * * *

Me: Nephrite? Nephrite! That's your cue!

Neph (looking up from where he's making out with Molly): Get lost. I'm busy here.

Me: All right, that does it. It's the sailor fuku for you, buddy. [Thanks to Delilah for this suggestion on handling Nephy when he gets difficult.]

Neph (sarcastically): Do I hafta shave my legs too?

(Zoisite appears, hovering in mid-air, brandishing a Lady Gillette Twin Blade with Moisturizing Aloe Strip and grinning evilly): I'll show you how.

Neph: Hah! Do you think I'm stupid enough to let you near me with a sharp object?

Molly: Yeah, and besides, if anyone's gonna shave Nephy's legs it's gonna be me!

Zoisite: And what about the chest hair? Those sailor fukus do have rather low necklines. (Grins evilly again) I know, waxing should take care of the problem nicely.

Neph: What?!!

Molly (thoughtfully): No, waxing hurts too much. Maybe electrolysis...

Neph: This is stupid. I'm outta here. (Teleports to a bar in some desolate town in Arctic Russia. Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- he knows how to say, "More vodka, please" in twenty different languages.)

Me (arriving in the bar after a great deal of trouble): Oh Nephy!

Neph: (grunt)

Me: Remember I promised you a Harley-Davidson to replace the Ferrari?

Neph (eyes lighting up, as this gets his attention): Yeah?

Me: Well, if you don't get your butt right back on the set this instant, buster, you're gonna be driving a Yugo!

Neph: Oh, all right. (Teleports back to the Dark Kingdom, leaving me to make my own way back via ice-breaker boat and dogsled. *sigh*)

*****The End*****

* * * * * * * *

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