by Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs

Episode One: Where Mankind Lives
Episode Two: Memories of a Childhood I
Episode Three: Memories of a Childhood II
Episode Four: Memories of a Childhood III
Episode Five: Child-Lord I
Episode Six: Child-Lord II
Episode Seven: It is the East
Episode Eight: Fly Me to the Moon
Episode Nine: Seed of Chaos
Episode Ten: Splinters of a Broken Heart
Episode Eleven: Beyond Good and Evil
Episode Twelve: Aftermath
Episode Thirteen: Lambs and Wolves
Episode Fourteen: Waves
Episode Fifteen: Moth in Flames
Episode Sixteen: Cinderella
Episode Seventeen: Substitutes
Episode Eighteen: Ashes to Ashes
Episode Nineteen: Love's (a) Bitch
Episode Twenty: Ye Brave New World

To be continued? Ask the author!

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