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Omake 1: Go Go Naru-chan!
Omake 2: Go Go Naru-chan #2!

NOTE: All images belong to the doujinshi artist(s) who drew them - I don't know who they are because I can't read Japanese. I am using their images without their permission, because this is a book that Nephrite-Naru fans are eager to see, and copies are very rare and difficult to come by. If you enjoy this book and a copy becomes available, please support the artist by buying a copy. Though, to tell the truth, your money will just go to the e-Bayer selling it and not to the artist. "Sailor Moon," of course, does not belong to me or to the doujinshi artist(s); it belongs to Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, etc.
Usage rules: You may not post the translations, with or without pictures, to any other website without permission from the translator.
If you want to use any of the scans on your own website, please get permission from The Nephrite and Naru Treasury, and please give proper credit, acknowledging that the images belong to the doujinshi artist(s).
If you direct link to any of these images, I will find out and you will regret the day you got your first e-mail address. Don't believe me? Go ahead and try. *evil glare*

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