Things I Made Up in My Fics
Stuff that's in the Moon Momma canon that isn't in the official one.

Nephrite: Fashion Victim
My own take on the "Nephrite Fashion Disasters" poll.

In Praise of Zoisite
An essay praising Zoisite on a Nephrite+Naru shrine? Well, yes.

Enough of the P-Word Already!
Nephrite may have been a predator, but he was not a pedophile.

Orthodoxy vs. Exploration
Or, what is fanfiction about, anyway?

10 Things I Like About the DiC Version
So sue me. (Well, actually, don't ^.^;;)

The Yaoi Kingdom? Or, Why I'm Doing This Site
There's more to the Dark Kingdom than a bunch of good-looking guys getting it on with each other.

Did Nephrite Really Love Naru?
Three good pieces of evidence that he did.

Guest Viewpoints

Nephrite/Naru storyline:Reasons for Tragic Ending by Nephlite's Girl
Weaknesses in the logic of the storyline leading to Nephtie's Death, an possible reasons why it was written that way.

The Cliched Nephrite Weekly Calendar by Soylent Green
To read some fics, you'd think this is all he ever does....

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