By Lady1Venus
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Book 1: Return of the Negaverse *Revised*

A year after Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, some old enemies are back, under the command of Queen Beryl.... But other enemies are now friends. Can they and the Sailor Scouts work together to defeat this new threat? Romance flourishes, and old secrets are revealed. This is based on Generals+Senshi, with one *notable* exception. ^.^ PG-13 (4/01; revised 2008)

Book 2: New Beginnings

The sequel to "Return of the Negaverse." Neflite, Molly, the Scouts, and their friends meet up with more old friends and enemies as Queen Beryl seeks revenge for her previous defeats. PG-13 (completed 10/06)

Book 3: Royal Rivalry *Still To Come*

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