by E. Liddell

The Wars of Light and Shadow (novel)*complete*

The four Dark Kingdom Generals find themselves mysteriously brought back to life, and turn to the Sailor Scouts for answers. The Scouts know as little as they do, but then a mysterious and powerful new enemy forces the Generals to recall a past and powers that they had forgotten. When Molly gets caught up in the fight, she is faced with a choice between the life she has always known and a magnificent, terrifying new destiny alongside Nephrite and the other Generals.

The Wars of Light and Shadow II: All Darkness Met (novel) *complete*

The Empyrean are defeated but not destroyed, and another old but more familiar enemy emerges as the members of Malachite's Weave struggle to adjust to their new identities and come to terms with their memories of the past.

Little Lies (short novel) *complete*

From orphanages to the courts of the Silver Millennium to the dungeons of the Negaverse, the tale of how five young boys became powerful Crystal Weavers and then fell to Beryl and the Dark Kingdom.

Those Left Behind (short story)

The friends and families of the boys taken by Onyx during the Silver Millennium try to find out what happened to them.

The Wars of Light and Shadow III: An Ill Fate Marshalling (novel) *complete*

The Crystal Weavers' new lives are quiet... A little too quiet. And then the war against the Dark Moon Family spills over from the 30th century, bringing betrayal and capture, forcing the Crystal Weavers to travel through space and time to defeat the enemy behind the Dark Moon Family.

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