Notes to "Secret Romance"

Thank You to Sherrie, who undertook the big job of translating this story as a personal favor to me. I appreciate it deeply, and it was certainly worth letting her keep the book for so long! ^___^ Please respect her hard work by not stealing her translations.

* "Secret Romance" is copyrighted by whatever doujinshi artist or group put it together. I am posting these images without their permission; they in turn are using the Sailor Moon characters, story, settings, etc. without permission from the owners of Sailor Moon (Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, etc.) Due to the extreme difficulty of obtaining this book, I'm pleased to make the part of it that is of primary interest to Nephrite/Naru fans available on the Nephrite and Naru Treasury. Please show respect for the creators of this work, and my intentions, by not posting these materials to other websites or otherwise distributing it. If you want to feature this on your website, personally I think it would be much easier to link to it here, at the Nephrite and Naru Treasury, than to steal it and then have to go through all the files and erase the evidence of your theft.

*In the text, translation and edtiorial comments are in [square brackets].

*Read the doujinshi pages right to left, top to bottom.

*In general, each dialogue bubble is given its own line of text, and/or seperated by...ellipses...

*"Omake" means "extra." These are little bonus stories found at the back of the book.

*This scan and translation does not include the whole book, just the main story and the two omake. The book also contains other drawings (I've posted the other Nephrite/Naru drawings on the doujinshi page), extensive text which is not translated here, and what I would guess are previews of other doujinshi by the same group.

*For those who don't know, "doujinshi" are unofficial, unauthorized, self-published fan comics. (My previous information on this was incorrect; doujinshi are unauthorized.) In North America, your best chances for finding doujinshi are at anime conventions and on eBay.

Moon Momma's Note: If you haven't watched any subtitled anime, the tone of the dialogue, word choice, phrasing, etc. might seem strange. It's very different from the North American dub of Sailor Moon. But to me it seems very Japanese, very much in character with the subtitling I've seen of the Japanese versions of anime, including Sailor Moon. If you find it intriguing, I encourage you to check out some subtitled anime (for example, through in the U.S., NetFlix, or downloads) and enjoy the difference!

Translator's Notes

1. The page numbers are the actual pages in the book, not the story. For example, the first page of the story begins on page 7 as listed in the book, hence it is under page 7, not page 1.

2. Even though I've been studying for 4 years now I'm still far from fluent, and there might be parts that aren't translated perfectly. It also doesn't help that Japanese is such a bare bones language, and as such is really open to interpretation. You could have 5 different people translate this doujinshi and you'd get 5 different scripts from each of them. :P

And now, please enjoy Secret Romance!

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