Notes: Written as a "sequel" to Time In Your Heart by Moon Momma. ^__^

From Nephrite to Naru on their Wedding Day
By Love Princess

* * * * * * * *

As I stand here at the altar
Gazing at you down the aisle,
I want to reflect back on our time together
And think of you all the while.

You were such an innocent girl,
Childish and naive,
And I in my dangerous ways
Was drawn to you reflectedly.

I am an undeserving man,
Past full of wrongs and crimes,
And yet you saw through my guise
Loving blindly through your eyes.

And I, with my heart full of lies
Was unknowing of this thing called "love,"
Yet you stole my heart away all the same
Away from evil like a freed dove.

Today I see you walking toward me,
A future full of truth and chocolate parfaits.
And I feel nothing but love for you
For this my heart will go on singing praise.

* * * * * * * *

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