Lonely Villa
by Kurozuishou

* * * * * * * *

Golden points on the ceiling of the night
When I see you, my heart gets bright
Like a trusting cover over the endless dark
Yesterday I have met this girl again in the park

I am standing on the balcony and look into the misty wood
How beautiful you are, mother nature, everythingís so good
So in harmony; neither right, nor wrong
Thatís the place, where I want to belong

Empty rooms, no signs of life
A castle of a house with no other soul than me
Am I here, where I want to be?
Is this the place, which makes me lucky, when I arrive?

Red haired girl, my heartís inside and out
When I look at my present life, I start, getting doubt
My thoughts are no more at Dark Kingdom, but do I have to go to you?
I find myself between two fronts, and donít know, what to do

I look at my Crystal and feel inside my heart a new light
It is warm and lucky, you make me feel allright
But now I have to go, Iíve got a job to do
And my first stage will be you

* * * * * * * *

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