Who is that Guy?
By Kurozuishou

1. Chapter - Time Gate

* * * * * * * *

The dark mud was all over. On every hill, stone and tree. The whole landscape was surrounded by roots, which wriggled around every thing in this place.

Neflite watched this flora from his balcony. This gloomy nature reminded him so much of the Dark Kingdom.

But it wasn't the Dark Kingdom. It was a place beside the Dark Kingdom. Something like a mirror you look into. A place you could call Fantasy. A dimension beyond the one Neflite died in. The place he came to after he died in Naru's arms.

Neflite took the bottle which stood on the table, sat on the chair beside the table and poured the brown drink into the glass.

"Hello Neflite!" he heard a female voice.

Neflite almost spilled the liquid. Zoisite was walking on the balcony and stopped in front of him, watching his reaction, amused.

"Oh, sorry! Did I interrupt you at something important?" she asked, sneering.

Neflite sighed. Some things never changed. "What do you want here, Zoisite?" he asked.

Zoisite watched the landscape. "What should I want?" she said, friendly. "Walking through nature, watching its wonders." She looked at Neflite. "And seeing what my beloved enemy does."

Neflite took the glass. "Piss off!"

Zoisite's eyes grew big. "What?"

"Piss off!" Neflite repeated.

Zoisite pressed her hands into her hipps. "You throw me out?"

Neflite nodded, smiling. "Correct!"

Zoisite giggled. "Oh, Neflite, you're so secure!"

"Didn't you listen?" Neflite said. "Get away!"

Zoisite walked to the rim of the balcony. "Good, I'll go," she said. "But then you'll never be told what happened to Naru!"

"Naru?" Neflite gasped.

Zoisite smiled, watching him. "Yes, Naru! The little redhead you died for!"

Neflite stood up and walked to Zoisite. "What do you know about Naru?"

Zoisite grinned. "Why should I tell ya? You just wanted to throw me out. Remember?"

"Stop the silly jokes, Zoisite!" Neflite said. "Now, what happened to Naru?"

Zoisite looked serious. "My youma killed her..."

"What!" Neflite yelled.

"...except this boy saved her," Zoisite continued. She watched Neflite, smiling.

Neflite watched Zoisite.

"A good guy," Zoisite said. "Very nice! Could never do anybody any harm."

Neflite looked sceptical. "Why are you telling me this?"

Zoisite giggled.

Neflite grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "Why are you telling me this?"

"She has a boyfriend!" Zoisite said, laughing. "A cute little boyfriend!"

Neflite pushed her away, walked to the table and sat on the chair again.

Zoisite went to him. "This doesn't have to mean that she doesn't love you anymore!" she said with sneering voice.

"Shut up!" Neflite shouted.

Zoisite pressed her hands on the table. "She was just a little human girl, Neflite. One of those poor little human girls, who can't stay alone!"

Neflite pushed on the table. "Piss off!"

Zoisite rose up. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Out of my house!" Neflite shouted.

"Maybe we can talk about this anytime!" Zoisite said.

"Leave!" Neflite just replied.

"Okay," Zoisite said, turned around and disappeared.

Neflite breathed deeply. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and pressed his eyes into his hands.

* * * * * * * *

"What do you mean, I am too flat?" Zoisite shouted.

"It means you have a very small chest," Thetis explained.

Neflite walked through the desert field. In the distance he could already see Zoisite, arguing with the youma Thetis.

"I am going to tell Beryl about your insolence!" Zoisite scolded.

Thetis smiled. "Do you really think she would help you, after you wanted to kill the man she loved?"

Zoisite grabbed Thetis by her collar. "You damn bitch!"

"Zoisite?" Neflite lay his hand on Zoisite's shoulder.

"Wait until I tell Kunzite about this!" Zoisite threatened Thetis.

"Visitor for you," Thetis said, looking at Neflite.

"Zoisite?" Neflite shook Zoisite's shoulder.

"What?" Zoisite jerked and turned around, watching Neflite. She looked angry. "Oh, it's you."

"Zoisite, I need you," Neflite said.

Thetis giggled. "Such things I don't hear every day!"

"Don't you have something to do?" Zoisite asked.

Thetis walked away, smiling. "We'll meet in front of Beryl again!" she said.

"I warn you!" Zoisite shouted after the youma. "If you tell her something stupid...!"

"Zoisite, I have to talk with you!" Neflite said.

Zoisite turned around. "What?"

"It's about Naru," Neflite said.

Zoisite looked confused. "What about Naru?"

Neflite sighed. "I need your help, Zoisite!"

"Are you drunk?" Zoisite giggled.

Neflite just started explaining: "You told me about what happened to Naru. So you must have found a way to watch what happens on earth. Now I want to know how you could do this. How was it possible for you to see what Naru does on earth?"

Zoisite watched Neflite. "You wouldn't want to know it."

"Please, Zoisite!" Neflite begged. "It's important to me!"

"What do you give me for it?" Zoisite asked.

Neflite sighed and looked down to himself. "I don't know what I could give you." He looked into her eyes. "But I would pay every price you tell me!"

Zoisite watched him a while and then started laughing out loud. "That's too good!" she said, giggling. She sat down and sniggered.

"Now, are you going to help me?" Neflite said seriously, looking down to her.

"Of course, Neflite!" Zoisite said while she laughed. "Of course!"

* * * * * * * *

Neflite and Zoisite walked through the wood.

"The thing is, that she can't see you anymore with her eyes," Zoisite explained. "But she can feel you!"

"Feel me?" Neflite asked.

"You're not going to blush, are you?" Zoisite said, looking at him. "Anyway, every time she is sleeping, the door to our world is open."

"You mean, when she's dreaming?" Neflite wanted to know.

"Hey, you're smart!" Zoisite said, grinning.

"But how can you watch what she does on earth?" Neflite asked.

Zoisite stopped and Neflite also didn't walk along anymore.

"I told you before," she said. "What do you give me for it?"

"I don't have anything I could give you!" Neflite scolded. "Don't you understand this?"

"No, I don't understand this!" Zoisite said, walking along.

"Come on!" Neflite said, running after her. "You already have... Pardon!" He grinned "I wanted to say had my Black Crystal!"

Zoisite looked at him, angrily. "I know about it!"

"What do you still want from me?" Neflite asked.

"I don't know," Zoisite said. "But anyway I won't let you see how you can go into Naru's subconscious!"

Neflite watched the street. "You're mean! Do you know that?"

"What do you think?" Zoisite answered.

* * * * * * * *

The place was unusually clean. It was a little cave between the big dark trees, but the walls were shining like silver.

Zoisite walked into the black unknown of the hole. She looked around, then carefully climbed down. A cold wind went through the room.

Behind a rock, Neflite was looking into the hole. "So that's your secret, Zoisite!"

He quietly followed Zoisite into the cave.

* * * * * * * *

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