Turning the Tables
By Lady1Venus

Chapter 10 - Molly Learns the Big Secret

* * * * * * * *

A couple days went by and Zoycite was starting to move around the flux. She had met Amara and Michelle and had a hard time believing there were three more Sailors. Being around Sailor Scouts was quite strange for her. Before, she always wanted to kill the scouts but now she was siding with them. It took a lot of control to keep from attacking them and Neflite.

When Zoycite was strong enough, Trista showed her how to use the mirror to the outside world. Zoycite then spent most of her time alone, watching Malachite. She knew he missed her badly, just as much as she missed him. Now she understood Neflite and Molly's relationship. At one point when she and Trista were alone, Trista told her about Crystal Tokyo and who the king and queen would be.

Zoycite was sitting on a sofa that she made when she heard a sound. She looked up from staring at the floor to see Trista.

"Hello, Zoycite," Trista said, walking towards her.

"Hello," Zoycite said. "So, do the scouts on Earth know that I'm still alive?"

"Yes, and so does Molly. When Neflite comes up, he'll be taking you down to Earth. You still have a lot of bitterness towards the scouts and I can understand that. But it is now time for you to leave the flux. "

"How will you get Malachite?"

"Before we can get Malachite, the scouts have to wear him down."

"Meaning what exactly?" Zoycite said in frustration.

"Meaning, he has to almost die like you did." Trista sat down beside Zoycite. "Listen, I know it's not easy being around the scouts and Neflite. I know it was hard for me to talk to Darien when I met him on the street and not refer to him as 'your majesty'. It was the first and only time I've met him. Serena, on the other hand, has never even met me. But she will, her future self wants the Outer Sailor Scouts to reveal themselves."

"When I was dying, at what point did you use your powers to keep me alive?" Zoycite asked, bringing up a new topic.

"When you said your final words to Malachite, I used the Garnet Orb to hold on to your last thread of life. I could only go that far without anyone from the Negaverse, noticing that you were still alive."

"Sorry to interrupt," Amara said, coming around a darkened corridor. The walls of the flux made it look like it was one big room. The doorways were concealed, and the flux was actually an invisible labyrinth. "But Neflite will be arriving shortly. He's just entered the park with Molly."

"Oh, just perfect," Zoycite said, a little irritated. "Just what I need, to see the girl I captured the other day."

"Don't be so hard on yourself," Amara said. "She understands. Being around Molly is just going to take some getting used to. Just as it's going to take time to get used to us."

"Amara is right," Trista said. "Now, there is something you must keep to yourself. So far only you and Neflite know about us. Molly has met me but she doesn't know who I am. You mustn't tell the other scouts about us. We will be revealing ourselves, but first we have to make them suspicious. You will also have to work with Neflite."

Zoycite nodded, not too sure if this was a good idea after all. But what could she do? A Sailor Scout and her rival saved her life. And there was no way back to the Negaverse, since they thought she was dead.

* * * * * * * *

Molly and Neflite were taking a walk in the park. Neflite had just picked her up from school and he was explaining why they were going to the park. Neflite was going to teleport to the time flux and bring Zoycite down to Earth. Molly had been angry when he told her that Zoycite was still alive and that Zoycite was going to be hanging around with her, but she understood why.

"Neflite, I have to tell you, I don't like this. She tried to kill you and she kidnapped me," Molly said, remembering when she was held captive.

"I know. I want so much to break every bone in her body, but Trista has been ordered to have Zoycite join our side and I have to help. I feel the same way you do. But there isn't anything we can do about it." Neflite stopped walking. "Stay here, I'll be back soon with Zoycite."

When Neflite disappeared, Molly walked over to the closest tree and sat down to wait. Even though she understood why Neflite was doing this, she didn't want to believe it was happening. Zoycite had threatened to ruin her life and happiness.

When Molly was being held captive, there was only person she feared more than Zoycite, and that was Zoycite's lover. She didn't know much about him. But she knew that Neflite would protect her.


When Neflite appeared in the flux, he saw Zoycite talking with Trista. He stood, silently, until Trista waved her hand, allowing him to know she knew of his presence. As he got closer, Zoycite glared at him.

"Trista must have told you by now that we will be working together," Neflite said. "I hate it just as much as you do, but she did save your life and we were once friends."

"Neflite," Trista said. "Zoycite hasn't regained all her strength. So you will have to help her teleport to the surface."

Neflite rolled his eyes, "Alright. Come, Molly is waiting for our return."

Zoycite hesitated before standing, then walked closer to Neflite.

As Neflite was about to teleport with Zoycite, Trista stopped him. "Neflite, before you leave," Trista said, "I need to tell you, the time flux will now be closed to you. It was only opened for you to keep away from Zoycite. Now that she is here with us, there's no need for it any more. I will find Zoycite a place to stay."

"Understood." Red swirls surrounded Neflite and Zoycite and they disappeared.

When they were gone, Trista turned to Amara and Michelle. "The same goes for us. I will not be staying here either. We'll go to Earth and stay."

* * * * * * * *

On Earth, Molly stood up when Neflite and Zoycite reappeared. When the swirls were gone, Molly took a step backwards. Before she could back up too far, Neflite went to her side. He placed an arm around her for reassurance.

"Molly, no matter how much Zoycite wants to hurt me, she won't," Neflite said. "We are allies now. Come, we'll take you home and then Zoycite and I will find the Sailor Scouts."

"All right," Molly said.

After they started walking towards the entrance to the park, he took one glance back so see that Zoycite was behind him.

"How are we getting there?" Zoycite asked. "Surely you're not going to teleport us to your girlfriend's home then to wherever the scouts are. Queen Beryl will know we are alive."

"That's right, Zoycite. That is why we aren't going to teleport. We are going by car." Neflite looked at Molly and smiled.

Molly was confused at why Neflite smiled. But then it hit her; Zoycite was amusing him.

"What? I've never driven in a car," Zoycite said.

"Well, get used to it," Neflite said. "There's the car. Come on," he said, opening the door for Molly and Zoycite.

* * * * * * * *

At the temple, the scouts were having a meeting, Serena was down in the dumps about Darien being kidnapped by the Negaverse and no one was going to say anything to her. They were afraid if they said something that it would hurt her more than she already was. Not even Raye felt like making any wisecracks or criticizing Serena. She had hardly eaten anything since she got back from the tower, and hadn't had anything to eat all day.

Though Serena looked like she was in another world, everyone knew she was listening. They were talking about ways to get Darien back. It was the only thing that Serena would listen to.

"Before we can get Darien back," Mina said, "we have to first find out what they want with him."

"We already know the answer," Neflite said as he came into the room.

The girls whipped around, and Serena looked up. She saw Zoycite standing behind Neflite, still a bit weakened. Serena glared at Zoycite.

Neflite saw the glare. "Serena, glaring isn't going to bring Darien back any faster."

"What do you mean you know the answer?" Raye asked.

"Queen Beryl found out that Tuxedo Mask is actually Prince Darien of Earth, so she asked Malachite and me to retrieve him," Zoycite said. "She wants him to fight on the side of the Negaverse. She always has. She's actually had an obsession with Prince Darien since the Silver Millennium."

"Darien would never agree to that," Serena said. It was the first time since she had spoken since the Starlight tower was destroyed.

"You're right, Tuxedo Mask would never agree to it," Zoycite said. "But Beryl will probably brainwash him into doing whatever she wants." She looked at the scouts in their normal forms. She couldn't believe that these girls, whom she had seen in the city on more than one occasion, were the Sailor Scouts.

"So what do we do now?" Mina, who was sitting next to Serena, asked.

"The only thing we can do," Neflite said. "Wait."

"I'm getting real tired of waiting!" Serena snapped. "Darien is in the Negaverse and he will never call me 'Meatball Head' again."

"Meatball Head?" Zoycite questioned. She held back a chuckle at the nickname.

Neflite looked at Mina for the first time, "Are you the new scout Sailor Venus?"

"Yes," Mina said. "And you must be Neflite. The scouts told me how you survived. I'm quite amazed that you would help the Sailor Scouts, after everything you've done to try and kill them."

"That is something I've been wondering," Zoycite said as she walked into the temple.

"The scouts and Molly pulled out the thorns," Neflite said. "They saved my life. I owe them. And I love Molly. Oh, and Serena, I do believe it's time for Molly to know the truth about you, that her best friend is a Sailor Scout. I know she is starting to get suspicious, especially after you hugged her the other night."

"How do I tell her?" Serena asked. "Go up to her and say 'Hey Mol, I'm a scout and now Darien is in the Negaverse'. I don't think that is appropriate."

"Serena, I've had enough of your negative thoughts," Raye said. She looked Serena straight in the eye. "Ok, so we now know that you and Darien are destined to be together. But until the fight in the tower you and Darien were always throwing insults at each other. We will get Darien back, but we need our leader to be strong."

Serena looked at Raye and knew she was right. She was the leader of the Sailor Scouts. Just as Neflite and Zoycite had to accept each other as allies, she had to accept what had happened to Darien and be strong to get him back. But she didn't think she could do it.

Zoycite was quite surprised at how the scouts acted when they were in normal form. 'Don't be so hard on yourself' Zoycite remembered what Amara had said to her about her comment to Molly. Zoycite walked further into the room and stood by Serena. She watched as Serena averted her eyes from Raye to Zoycite.

"Sail...Serena," Zoycite said. "I understand exactly how you feel. Malachite thinks I'm dead and yet I'm not. As much as I want to kill you, I'm not going to. I've agreed to be an ally and help defeat the Negaverse."

"Zoycite is right," Amy said. "Neflite is the one who saved her life. Probably the best way to tell Molly is to have a heart to heart talk with her. Neflite would be there for support."

"You're right, Amy," Serena said, standing. "Neflite, take me over to Molly's so I can tell her." Without even a second glance at her friends, she walked outside.

"What about Zoycite?" Lita asked. She was sitting over by Raye at her little table, keeping a cautious eye on Zoycite.

"She will stay here. Molly isn't quite comfortable around her. And I understand that none of you are either," Neflite said. He turned and followed Serena.

* * * * * * * *

On the ride over to Molly's, Serena sat quietly. She had to gather her thoughts about how she was going to tell Molly that she was Sailor Moon and a Princess of the Moon. She knew Neflite would help her, and would help Molly cope with it.

As they got closer to OSAP, Serena started to get nervous. She looked at Neflite with fear in her eyes. "Neflite, what if Molly gets so mad she doesn't want to be friends anymore?"

"Serena, she could get mad but I don't think it will end your friendship. You are too important to her. She already knows that you are keeping a secret, and I wouldn't be surprised if Molly suspects you of being Sailor Moon."

"I know, but what if she doesn't suspect?"

"Serena, don't make more out of this than is necessary. If you want, I can take you to the park, drop you off, and bring Molly there so you to can have a chat."

"Yeah, that is a good idea," Serena said. Neflite could still hear the sadness in her voice from losing Darien.

Serena watched as Neflite pulled into a parking lot then turned and headed in the other direction. She soon realized that they were going to the park where Neflite almost died.

"Neflite, do you two come here often?" Serena asked when Neflite parked and turned off the car.

"Oh yes. This is where we go all the time after school, if not to the tennis court or back to her home right away."

When they got out of the car, Neflite lead Serena to the tree where Neflite and Molly had their first real conversation. When they got to the tree, Neflite said, "Stay here, I'll be back soon."

He turned and left Serena at the tree. It didn't take him long to get back into his car and drive to Molly's. As he got to OSAP, he could see many people going in and out of the store. He chuckled to himself as he remembered reading in the papers that there was going to be a special sale for a few days. Maybe I'll buy a gift for Molly after Molly finds out about Serena.

As he got out of the car, he decided to take the back stairs to the apartment. Molly's apartment door was at the top of the stairs. He rang the doorbell and soon Molly answered. She gasped at seeing Neflite. This was an unexpected visit from him and he didn't usually use the door. She threw her arms around Neflite and hugged him.

"I'm glad to see you too," he said, pulling Molly's arms away from around him. "I wish, though, it was to take you out or something. But Serena is waiting in the park for us. She has something to tell you. Something important."

"I wonder what it is," she said.

"You'll see." Neflite grasped Molly's hand and led her to the car. When they got to the park, Serena was still where Neflite had left her.

"Hey, Serena," Molly said coming up to her friend.

Serena turned to see her friend. "Hi, Mol."

"I'll leave you two alone for a few minutes," Neflite said and walked away in the opposite direction. He stood a distance away so he wouldn't hear them, but could still see them.

"Molly, I have something important to tell you," Serena started when Neflite was far enough away from them.

"Yeah, Neflite said it was important," Molly said.

"Well...for starters..." Serena's thoughts started to jumble.

Molly noticed that Serena was nervous. When Serena was nervous, she would end up talking too fast. "Serena," Molly said. "Take a minute to calm down so you don't say what you are going to say too fast."

"Ok." Serena and Molly were quiet for a few minutes. "Ok, Molly, this is going to be hard for you to understand and accept and I should have told you a long time ago."

"What is it?"

"There's no other way to say this, is there?" Serena took a deep breath, closed her eyes and said, slowly, "I'm...I'm Sailor Moon."

Molly gasped and Serena opened her eyes. When she looked at Molly, Molly had her hand over her mouth.

"You...you are Sailor Moon," Molly said stunned, slowly removing her hand away from her mouth.

"Yes," Serena said. "I'm sorry for not telling you..."

"It's ok, Serena," Molly rushed on as the news sank in. "I understand." Molly was still stunned but she knew it was true. That is why Sailor Moon hugged me the other night and why Neflite would always talk to Serena and why I was to go Serena with anything that dealt with Sailor Moon. And she always thought there was something familiar with the hair.

"Y--you do?" Serena was now baffled.

"Well, Sailor Moon, I mean you hugged me the other night, and Neflite always told me to go to you whenever I needed to contact Sailor Moon." Molly smiled. Serena was at a total loss.

"I...I thought you would be mad at me for not telling the truth sooner," Serena said.

"What's to be mad about? You are Sailor Moon. All this time you were protecting me from the Negaverse."

"Oh, Molly," Serena smiled in happiness. She wrapped her arms around her friend in a big hug. "But there is something more I need to say."

"What is it?"

"This will be easier to say. See, not only am I Sailor Moon but I'm also a legendary princess. I'm...I'm the princess of the Moon."

Molly looked at Serena in shock. "Y--y--you are...a...princess."

"Yes," Serena smiled. She hugged her friend again.

Neflite saw Serena hug Molly and knew that they were done talking. He went back over to the girls. When he got closer to the girls, he could see that Molly smiled even more. Now all the secrets are out.

"I told you everything will be fine," Neflite said to Serena.

"Thanks, Neflite. You have become a true friend to the scouts and Molly," Serena said. "Let's get back to the temple. Zoycite is still there, and it's time to put the past behind us..."

Serena's smiled faded. This didn't go unnoticed by Molly. "Serena, what's wrong?"

"Darien is actually Tuxedo Mask, as well as a prince, and he was captured by the Negaverse," Neflite answered for Serena.

"Oh Serena, I'm sorry," Molly said, thinking of how much Serena/Sailor Moon loved Tuxedo Mask She took her friend back into her arms. Serena started to weep.

Over behind the bushes were the Outer Sailor Scouts. They had watched as Serena told Molly that she was Sailor Moon and a princess. Now they saw the princess cry in her friend's arms. They were quite surprised that Molly didn't react angrily about Serena being Sailor Moon.

Trista, Amara and Michelle watched for a few minutes longer, until Neflite and Molly helped Serena back to Neflite's car and they drove away to the temple. In silent agreement, the Outer Sailor Scouts followed Neflite's car. They had to reveal themselves soon to the Inner Sailor Scouts.

* * * * * * * *

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