Turning the Tables
By Lady1Venus

Chapter 7 - Entrance of Venus

* * * * * * * *

Zoycite re-appeared in a tree above the bush that Kelly hid behind. She waited to reveal herself until Janice and Corrine had Molly behind the bush. When they were all behind the bush, she noticed that Molly was unconscious. This was going to be even better for her. She was quite pleased at her plan. This was definitely going to bring out the scouts and Tuxedo Mask. Zoycite knew Sailor Moon was close to Molly and would risk her life to save Molly's.

Zoycite jumped out of the tree, scaring the girls. When she landed, she gave the girls an evil, disapproving look, to scare them even more.

"H--here is Molly," Janice said nervously.

"Good," Zoycite said. "However, why is she knocked out?"

"Sh--she was struggling too much." Corrine trembled. "If I hadn't knocked her out, she would have escaped. She is strong."

"Excellent. I love it when people don't know what's going on around them until it's too late." Zoycite smiled in satisfaction.

Corrine looked at Zoycite in shock. She jumps out of a tree looking like we did something wrong while she actually was just scaring us even more. Corrine looked at her friends, and they were just as afraid as she was.

"Zoycite," Kelly said, trembling. "Do you need us for anything more?"

"You will take Molly to an abandoned warehouse not too far from the park. There you will wait for me." Zoycite turned around and walked away from the group. She walked behind a tree to teleport back to the Negaverse. She wanted to teleport back in front of the girls, but decided against it. It would be better if she teleported after she had Molly in her grasp.

"I wish I never got involved in getting rid of Molly," Corrine said. "All I wanted to do is have a ride in her boyfriend's car. Then this woman comes along, doesn't tell us anything about her involvement with Molly, and then gets us to kidnap her."

"Corrine, will you just shut up!" Kelly said. "We already know you're regretting ever getting us involved, but it's something we have to deal with and we all agreed to this. So it's just as much your fault as it is ours."

"I just hope Michelle and Amara don't find out," Janice said.

"Janice, let's not think about that right now. We have to get Molly to that warehouse before we're caught. I just wonder what exactly this Zoycite is going to do with Molly? She has said that she is going to make her life a living hell, but how?" Kelly said nervously.

"Ok," Corrine said. "But first let's wait until Molly's boyfriend leaves," Janice said. "It will be easier that way to get Molly out of here."

* * * * * * * *

Neflite stared in horror at where he last saw Molly before the smoke bomb hit the ground. He could see Trista kneeling on the ground to pick up her Garnet Orb and the object that created the smoke. At the moment he was too horrified to speak or even really pay attention to the object. His hands clenched in fists as it dawned on him who took Molly. "Zoycite!" he growled.

"What?" Trista said getting up off the ground. She knew that this wasn't really a good place to talk about the Negaverse but there was no way that she was going try to convince him to move to better grounds in state of mind.

"Zoycite did this! She has Molly!" he growled.

"I do believe you, that Zoycite may have Molly, but I have to disagree that it was Zoycite who threw the smoke bomb," Trista said. Neflite looked straight at her.

"What do you mean?" he hissed.

I mean, look at this." She held out what was left of the bomb. "This is a smoke bomb, used mostly by Ninjas. Zoycite or anyone else in the Negaverse would know what they are but not what they do. Zoycite probably got someone else to capture Molly for her."

"That means she'd know I'm alive," he growled.

"Not necessarily," Amara said coming out from behind a tree, Michelle beside her. "If she knew you were alive, she would have jumped out and killed you in front of Molly."

"The three teens that we saw earlier are probably Zoycite's assistants," Michelle said. Neflite was a little confused. Michelle continued looking straight at Neflite, "Earlier, we interrupted their conversation about them wanting to get of Molly, so they could get a ride home in your car."

"Why would they want to do that?" Trista asked.

"From what Serena has told me, all the girls at Cross Roads envy Molly for having such a good-looking boyfriend," Neflite said angrily.

"That would be their motive," Trista said. "But what's Zoycite motive in wanting Molly?"

"That's what I'm going to find out," Neflite hissed. He started to walk away but Trista stopped him.

"Neflite, it isn't safe for you to look for Molly. If Zoycite doesn't know you are alive, she will surely find out that you are, if you go after her. It's better for the Sailor Scouts to handle this."

"Trista is right," Michelle said. "The Sailor Scouts will be able to get Molly back. You have to stay low."

"How the hell can I stay down low when the woman I love has been kidnapped by my rival! I can't believe I ever thought of trying to convince her to switch sides," Neflite said angrily.

"Neflite, you could still change her. It's just going to take time and effort," Trista said. "Remember, you were once best friends."

"Let's worry about that later. Right now we have to tell the scouts," Amara said. "And I have an idea. Neflite, you are the only one who can approach the scouts. You must tell them what happened without mentioning us. When they know, you will have to stay in the time flux until Molly's back."

Neflite stood clenching and unclenching his fists. He knew Amara was right. He had to stay low. The scouts had no idea that there were three more Sailor Scouts, and they couldn't go and tell the news to the Sailor Scouts. It would have to be him. Still clenching his fists, he looked straight at Trista with Amara and Michelle beside her. "All right."

"Neflite," Trista said. "You will be able to find Molly without even really looking."

"Yes! That's right," Neflite said, remembering the window in the time flux. He backed away from the three women. When he was a little distance away, Trista held out her Garnet Orb towards Neflite as reddish-pink swirls surrounded him. In matter of seconds he was gone. The Garnet Orb protected his teleportation from being detected. She figured Zoycite was nearby, and she was shielding Neflite from Zoycite.

* * * * * * * *

Janice, Corrine and Kelly waited behind the bushes for Neflite to leave. After Zoycite left, they looked around the bushes and saw Amara and Michelle show up. This frightened the girls. A few minutes later, they looked and Neflite was gone. They could see Amara and Michelle leaving the park with the woman who had been with Neflite.

Corrine let out a sigh of relief when Amara was leaving. Now the girls could get Molly out of the park with no problems. Once Amara and Michelle were gone, the girls carefully carried Molly out of the park. A few times they had to hide in the bushes, when they saw passersby. It took the girls a half hour to get Molly to the entrance to the park. At the entrance, there was a path that led away from the street. It was probably the same path that led to the abandoned warehouse.

Heading to the warehouse on the path was a little easier. They didn't have to dodge anyone. The hard part was getting through the overgrowth across the path. They could tell that the path hadn't been used in years. Every few minutes, the girls traded the job of carrying Molly.

When they finally got to the warehouse, they were quite relieved. Before entering, they looked at the building. There were boards covering up the windows and doors, but one door and one window looked liked it had broken into.

"Zoycite wanted us to bring her here. Why?" Corrine asked.

"Corrine, don't you ever watch action movies? Warehouses are always the best place to do any exchange of any kind. No one would try and look for her here," Janice said.

"Do you know, I don't think Zoycite knows she has a boyfriend. I'm getting the distinct feeling that he could get involved in this," Kelly said.

"Of course he's going to get involved. His girlfriend has just been kidnapped!" Corrine snapped.

"That's not what I mean!" Kelly snapped back. "Yes, we are going to get blamed for kidnapping, Amara showed up after we kidnapped Molly, and she might have seen us. But what I mean is that I think something is going to happen between Molly's boyfriend and Zoycite."

"Let's just get her inside before it gets too late and Zoycite gets angry," Corrine said.

"I just thought of something," Janice said. "What if Zoycite is like a witch or something?" Janice looked at her friends like she was crazy. "I mean, listen to what we've heard about Sailor Moon. She has enemies that are powerful. What if Zoycite is her enemy?"

"Get real," Corrine said. "Sailor Moon's enemies are able to disappear at will and shoot some sort of power out of their hands."

"Corrine. Janice does have a point," Kelly said. "I've noticed a few times that Zoycite doesn't seem like your average human who's out for revenge. We all have seen her eyes glow at point or another. And I don't think it was the sun shining off her eyes."

"So now we could be in a whole lot of trouble," Janice said to herself.

Corrine and Janice picked up Molly once again and carried her inside. Kelly dragged Molly over to a corner as Janice and Corrine looked around the warehouse. When Kelly had Molly in the corner she looked around too. The warehouse was dim, and kind of eerie.

* * * * * * * *

The Sailor Scouts in human form were at the temple having a scout meeting when Neflite teleported in the room. When Raye sensed another presence, she turned on her heels, ready to slap the intruder with her broom. Neflite caught her swinging hand easily.

"Hold on, Raye," Neflite said angrily.

"Neflite," Raye snapped, "don't sneak into the room unannounced."

"Neflite, what's wrong?" Serena asked, noticing that the tone of his voice wasn't meant for Raye

"Molly's been kidnapped," he said flatly.

Everyone gasped.

"Zoycite has some humans to do her dirty work now." With even looking at the scouts, he released Raye's hand and continued. "Molly and I were in the park when a smoke bomb came at us from nowhere. When the smoke finally cleared Molly was gone. I have reason to believe that Zoycite or anyone else from the Negaverse doesn't know how smoke bombs work, so that means that humans did it. Probably those three popular girls from your school, Serena."

"I knew those girls were up to no good," Lita hissed. "I kept saying to myself that those girls were going to do something to Molly."

"Neflite," Serena said softly. "What are you going to do now?"

"I want to go and tear Zoycite apart," Neflite said.

Before he could continue Amy joined the conversation. "Neflite, that would not be advisable. Zoycite doesn't know you are alive."

"I already know that, Amy. I'm going to stay in the time flux, while you scouts find Molly. But I must advise you to be very cautious; Zoycite is very manipulative and sneaky. She has two advantages in this situation. I figure she wants Molly because of her love for me and wants you four dead at the same time."

"Neflite, we'll be cautious. Before you leave, why don't you take us to where Molly was kidnapped. From there Amy could do a scan of the place to see if there's any traces of the Negaverse around," Serena suggested.

Neflite looked at Serena as well as the others. They couldn't believe that Serena actually said something that made sense.

"Wow Serena. You better watch it. Your brain might explode," Raye said sarcastically.

"Oh, Raye, why don't you keep you big mouth shut! My best friend is missing and I do have a brain, I just don't like to use it!" Serena snapped.

Serena's comment gave Neflite a short chuckle. Raye and the others were surprised at Serena's outburst.

"Serena, there's always something new about you that amazes me," Neflite said.

"Thanks," she said. "Now, what are we waiting for? Let's get to the park and get Molly back before the Negaverse has a chance to do anything to her."

"Let's turn the Negaverse into dust!" Lita said.

"Right!" Raye and Amy said. Amy picked up Luna and placed Luna on her shoulder.

We'll teleport, it'll be faster," Neflite said. He gathered the girls around him and all five, along with Luna, disappeared in red swirls. When they reappeared, they were not too far from where Neflite had disappeared from the park.

"Well, here we are. I have to get back now. Hope you find something, and soon. Over there by that tree is where it happened." He pointed. Neflite backed away from the girls before teleporting back to the time flux, without the girls noticing. When he was gone the girls ran over to where he had pointed.

Amy was the first person to reach the tree. She pulled out her pocket computer and her fingers started dancing over the keys. Lita and Raye started scouring the area while Serena stood beside Amy.

"Hey guys," Amy said. "I think I have something."

"What is it, Amy?" Serena said before allowing Raye to have the chance to say it. Raye and Lita ran over to Amy and Serena.

"There's residue on the grass about five feet away," Amy said. "It must be where Neflite and Molly were standing when the smoke bomb came at them."

"So now we have to figure out where the bomb came from," Lita said. "And probably from there we'll find a clue as to where they took Molly."

"That's precisely what I had in mind," Amy agreed. Amy looked at Serena and saw that she was totally lost. "If we find where the bomb came from, we might find out where Molly got carried off to." Amy summarized what she and Lita said to Serena, but made it sound like she was talking to everyone. Serena understood that time.

Amy walked over to where the residue was and her fingers to dance on the computer again. Within minutes the computer pinpointed where the bomb came from. "Guys, the bomb came from that bush over there." Amy pointed to the bush that Kelly had thrown the bomb from. The girls ran over and started to investigate.

For an hour they tried to find where Molly was taken but they couldn't find anything. Many times they passed the path that Corrine and her friends took with Molly, but it had disappeared. There were no traces of where the path was. They were about to give up when Serena found a shoe. She knew it was Molly's school shoe.

"Guys, I just found Molly's shoe," Serena said. "But the shoe is in the bush. There is no way anyone could have taken her in the woods, there's no path."

"Hold on, Serena," Amy said. Amy's computer started making the noise it made to indicate the presence of magic. "My computer's telling me this was once a path and there's a magic residue all over the leaves. Much like..."

"The Negaverse," Raye finished. "There's no way to get through there before night fall."

"There's nothing we can do here. Surely Zoycite would not keep Molly at whereever the path leads to. I'd suggest heading back to the temple and figuring out a plan. Zoycite would have a plan for us," Lita said.

Serena still looking at the shoe in her hand as Luna said, "Let's split up. Being together might not help. If we split up, we might find Molly or come up with a plan. Besides we can't do anything more here."

The four girls agreed and with Luna on Amy's shoulder, Raye and Amy headed off in one direction, Lita and Serena headed off in another.

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, behind a huge tree were Amara and Michelle. When Trista had left the park Amara and Michelle had stayed behind, knowing the scouts would be along looking for clues as to where Molly was.

When Amara and Michelle noticed that the scouts were splitting up to head in different directions, they silently agreed to follow them. Amara followed Serena and Lita and Michelle followed Raye and Amy.

* * * * * * * *

In their castle, Zoycite and Malachite watched the girls. They had watched how the girls got to the warehouse. It amazed Zoycite how the humans were able to hide from the people in the park.

"These humans are smarter than I gave them credit for," Malachite said. He was amazed how the girls found the path Zoycite created so easily.

"Yes, they are. It wouldn't surprise me, when the Negaverse takes control of this world, if Queen Beryl keeps the smart humans alive for her convenience," Zoycite said.

"Now, Zoycite, that is assuming a lot about the queen," Malachite said. "Let's get to that warehouse before those girls catch on to us. They are already questioning you, since one of them is starting to tie you to the scouts."

"Nothing can spoil my success in getting Molly," Zoycite smirked. Usually she would have been angry with humans who found out who she was but this time it wasn't going to matter. With a hug, Malachite and Zoycite teleported to the warehouse.

* * * * * * * *

In the time flux, Neflite watched in anger as Zoycite and Malachite chatted. Though he could not hear what was being said, he knew it was about Molly. As he watched Zoycite, he became frightened for Molly. He had no idea what they were planning for her.

Then he noticed Zoycite was looking in a mirror of the outside world. From what Zoycite was looking at, he was able to find where Molly was. But he had to wait to find out what the little weasel was up to. He knew now, he had to find those girls he had seen in Zoycite's mirror and question them. Suddenly he saw Malachite and Zoycite disappear and knew they were going to that warehouse.

* * * * * * * *

As the girls waited, they were starting to wonder just how long it would be before Zoycite would show up. They didn't know how long they been in the abandoned building when they heard noises coming from outside. They assumed it was Zoycite.

To their surprise, when Zoycite entered the building she wasn't alone. There was a man beside her. He was dressed much the same as Zoycite. The only difference was he wore a cape.

"Nice place," the man said.

"Perfect place for exchanges," Zoycite said, looking at the girls. She saw Molly was still unconscious beside the girls. "I think it's time to wake up our prisoner."

Zoycite stretched out her hand. At the tips of her gloved fingers, a black energy ball started to form. The girls didn't know what to do. They watched in terror as the black ball surrounded Molly. When the ball was gone, Molly was regaining consciousness.

"Who are you?" Corrine asked, trembling. "You're from the Negaverse, aren't you?"

"How very perceptive," the man said. He watched Molly wake. "This is the teenager that Neflite fell in love with?"

As Molly regained consciousness, she heard Neflite's name mentioned in a voice that was unfamiliar to her. She opened her eyes and found herself lying on the floor in some building. She remembered the smoke bomb and someone grabbing her, and then her mind was a complete blank. When her eyes were focused on the person who said Neflite's name, she realized that he was from the Negaverse. Oh no, the Negaverse. Do they know that Neflite is alive? If they did then I wouldn't be here.

"Well, hello, Molly," Zoycite grinned. "You are the perfect trap for the Sailor Scouts."

Malachite went towards Molly but before Molly could escape, Malachite had a hold of her with his powers. "It's no use to run away from the Negaverse."

"What are you going to do with her?" Kelly asked, shaking.

"That is none of your concern." Zoycite walked over to Malachite and in flashing swirls, Malachite, Zoycite and Molly were gone.

The girls looked at each other, frightened at what they just saw. They just couldn't believe that they just had helped the Negaverse. Over in another corner, there was a noise. They turned just in time to see Neflite materialize.

The girls screamed.

Neflite looked over. Looking at the girls, he knew that Molly was no longer here. He clenched his fists. "Damn you, Zoycite!" he yelled in the air.

He walked over to the girls and noticed the girls were too scared to move. "I'm not going to hurt you. Just tell me what I want to know," he said. "Where is Molly?"

Kelly looked at Neflite and recognized his face. "You're her boyfriend." Kelly's friends turned to her in shock.

"That's right, I am. And if you don't tell me where Molly is, she may never come home." I wouldn't put it past Zoycite to never release her.

"Zoycite took her," Janice said quickly.

Neflite turned to her. "Where? Where did she take her?"

"I don't know. A man was beside her and they both disappeared, taking Molly with them," Janice continued quickly.

"Damn!" he yelled. Without even thinking of the girls, he teleported back to the time flux. The girls were now in total shock. The man they were trying to get their claws in had magic. This was a man, they realized, not to mess with.

* * * * * * * *

Later that day, Serena and Lita were taking a walk in the city, trying to find a way to get Molly back. They had heard from Neflite that he found the girls who captured Molly and that Molly was in the hands of the Negaverse.

The two scouts were walking by a building when they heard male screams coming from above them. Looking up, they saw a man dangling from a broken rope. Suddenly the rope broke and the man started to fall. But before he had the chance to hit the ground, Sailor Moon swung out of nowhere on a rope, caught the man, and landed on a tarp over an entrance of a restaurant. Serena and Lita both watched in shock. When Sailor Moon had the man on the tarp, she stood and shouted, "You're safe as long as I'm around." Sailor Moon then leaped into the air to the top of the building and then ran off.

Serena crumpled to the ground, "She can't be Sailor Moon. That's my job. She can't, she can't, she can't!" she wailed.

"Serena, will you please quit your wailing!" Lita said. "You have got your communicator, haven't you? We have to call the others now." Lita heard Serena whimper a yes.

Not too far from Serena and Lita, a young teenage girl watched Serena whimper about something. From all the commotion, she couldn't hear what Lita and Serena were saying. She knew, however, that it had something to do with seeing Sailor Moon, and she also knew that the Sailor Moon who saved the man wasn't the real Sailor Moon.

* * * * * * * *

Malachite was standing on top of a roof of a building. In the distant he could see Sailor Moon, the imposter, jumping from one rooftop to another. He smiled, as he knew this plan would work. Not too far from him was Molly. She was sitting of the floor of the roof, tied up.

"You'll never get away with this!" Molly yelled.

Malachite turned to Molly. He gave her an evil glare, which made her be quiet. "If you don't keep your mouth shut, I'll make you wish you never met Neflite. Too bad he's dead. It would have been a real treat to see the look on his face after what is going to happen to you," he laughed.

Molly gasped in horror. She had no idea what the Negaverse was capable of. She didn't believe that he'd rape her but she was afraid of what they could do. She had heard a bit about torture in the Negaverse and it frightened her to the bone.

"Soon the universe will be no more. Only the Negaverse will prevail," Malachite said, turning back to the city. "Come on, Tuxedo Mask, show up like you always do, to save your precious Sailors, and then finally we'll have the last two crystals. Queen Beryl will be ecstatic."

* * * * * * * *

The four Sailor Scouts were walking near the pier, chatting, when suddenly they heard screams. They went running to the source and found the imposter Sailor Moon tied up and being raised by a crane. A man stood on top of a roof nearby. They recognized him from the Negaverse.

The scouts transformed and appeared in front of Malachite. Malachite was quite pleased that they showed up. Now he could put his plan into motion.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you all for the first and, let me assure you, very last time." Malachite held out his hands at arms' length. A black power came out of them and created a black dome around the scouts. The scouts tried to destroy the dome but nothing would work.

Before Malachite jumped down from the roof, he turned and teleported Molly to one of the storage buildings. When she was in a storage building, Malachite jumped down and started to make the dome become smaller.

In the meantime, as Malachite had the scouts captured, Tuxedo Mask found the imposter Sailor Moon tied up on a crane. He had no idea that she was an imposter, so he rescued her. When they landed on the ground, Sailor Moon created an ice crystal in her hand and stabbed Tuxedo Mask in the right shoulder. He asked why she was doing this and she revealed herself as Zoycite. Zoycite created another ice crystal as Tuxedo Mask ran and hid behind some boxes. He soon was drawn out of hiding.

When she saw him run out from behind the boxes, she attacked him with her cherry blossoms and made his mask come off. Suddenly a beam of light came out of nowhere and hit Zoycite's hand, causing her to drop her weapon. Zoycite looked up to where the beam had come from. When Zoycite turned back to Tuxedo Mask, he was gone.

A few minutes later, Zoycite approached Malachite and started to speak with him. As she talked to her love, she looked at Sailor Moon and knew Sailor Moon saw her. What Zoycite said, disappointed Malachite. She was also disappointed with herself. She lost Tuxedo Mask because of another scout. A few minutes later, Zoycite spoke loud enough for Sailor Moon to hear.

"Tuxedo Mask, where are you hiding? Don't you care about your little fan club? Come out right now, or they'll be history. Do you hear me?" Zoycite hollered.

Sailor Moon could not hear anything more. She was in too much pain and too busy trying to fight the power that was going to crush her and her friends.

Tuxedo Mask, holding his wounded shoulder, was hiding behind some crates when he noticed Sailor Moon was down on the ground in pain. He came out from behind the crates. "I'll give you the crystals."

Malachite and Zoycite turned at the sound of Tuxedo Mask's voice.

"Ha, ha. I knew you'd finally see it our way. Now hand over the crystals before it's too late," Zoycite said.

"He's not handing you anything, Nega-creeps," a female voice said.

Everyone looked up to try and find the voice. Malachite looked up further when he heard the same voice say, "I'm up here." Everyone watched as the girl, dressed as a Sailor, jumped from the building.

"I'm Sailor Venus," the girl said. "And if you're looking to make any trouble here it comes right back at you. VENUS CRESCENT BEAN SMASH!" Venus's beam hit Malachite's hands and destroyed the dome. Minutes later, the scouts could see an image of Queen Beryl demanding that Malachite and Zoycite return to the Negaverse. They left, saying that the scouts were lucky.

"Thanks for saving us, Sailor Venus," Sailor Moon said. All the scouts forgot about Molly.

"Yes," Sailor Mercury said. "Now we're finally a full fledged team." Suddenly, reddish swirls started to form with a man in the middle of it. Sailor Venus and her guardian cat, Artemis, were about to attack.

"Wait, Sailor Venus!" Sailor Moon cried. "He's not an enemy. He was, but not anymore."

"What?" Venus said.

"That is right," Neflite said. "I hate to break up these pleasantries, but we have to find Molly."

"Oh damn," Sailor Moon cried.

Sailor Mercury got out her pocket computer again and started calculating with it. "Hey guys, I found something. There's a body inside the third storage building."

Neflite and Sailor Moon wasted no time; they went running to the third building with the other scouts behind them. They all entered the building about the same time. Neflite a quick sweep of the room and found Molly. She was tied and gagged. Her hair and clothes were a mess. Neflite ran over to her, undid the ropes and embraced her. She started crying.

Sailor Moon decided to leave the couple alone when she noticed they were passionately kissing. She pushed the others out of the building shutting the door, as the passionate kiss became a deep kiss full of love.

* * * * * * * *

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