By Moon Momma

* * * * * * * *

That I thought were his.
Lips, tongue, breath, body
That I thought were his.
I cried his name,
The name of my love,
But it was not

The one I was with grew angry.
"Forget about him! He's dead!
I'm not dead, I'm alive
And you're with me now.
He's dead, he's gone, he's a ghost
And you can't love a ghost!"
But I do.

Of the lights, so beautiful,
So many sparkling colors
Drifting in a cloud to the sky,
To his beloved stars.
I try to keep him in my arms,
But he is gone.

Nephrite, no, don't leave me,
Don't go, I don't want you to go,
We'll get a doctor,
Everything will be all right,
Nephrite, you promised,
Please don't leave me, don't go,
Don't go, please....

A room.
White walls, white sheets,
Bars on the window.
What is this place?

He sits beside me on the bed,
Gray uniform,
Hair a flame of auburn,
Eyes of sapphire,
The only colors in the room.

He touches my face.
His hand is warm and solid.
"I thought you were dead," I say.
He smiles. "I am."
But I can touch him. "Am I dead too?"
He unbuttons his jacket.
"No, my love, only insane."
He takes off his bloodstained shirt,
Leans over me, kisses me.
"And now we can be together."

That are his.
Lips, tongue, breath, body
That are his.
His touch, his voice, his love,
All mine now.
If I am insane, then why do I finally feel

* * * * * * * *

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