by Moon Momma

Notes and Disclaimers

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1. I don't own any rights in Sailor Moon. I'm writing this just for fun.

2. No evil overlords or schemes for world domination here, just a nice little romance about my favorite star-crossed lovers (oh, yeah, and those other star-crossed lovers, and Jadeite's in here too, somewhere). Warning -- it does get a bit mushy.

3. Any resemblance between Dr. Natsuki and any grad school advisors I may or may not have had is purely intentional. *ahem*

4. I am purely ignorant about ranks in the Russian navy. I just made up something that sounds appropriate. If anyone out there knows better than I do, please forgive my ignorance.

5. I use a mix of Japanese and NA dub influences, taking what I like best from each. I prefer the "Nephrite Dies" scene from the dub, so that's the one I refer to. Update: I've converted this to Japanese names, though I've kept "Molly Baker" for reasons that will become evident in the story. Also, I find "Tuxedo Mask" and "Rini" easier to use than "Tuxedo Kamen" and "Chibi-Usa."

6. Re-revised Jan. 2012, to a more PG level (rather than PG-13).

7. Questions, comments, want to talk about Naru and Nephrite, Sailor Moon, or life in general? Send me an e-mail! I love to hear from my readers.

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