Nephrite's Holiday
By Kurozuishou

* * * * * * * *

Yasha knelt on the ground. Her hands lay over her face. "Damn you, Nephrite!" she scolded. "How can you fight for a human?" Yes, how could he? Nephrite watched his hand, confused. How could he fight for a human? The question hammered in his head.

Nephrite opened his eyes and found himself laying in bed. The knock on the door sounded through the room.

Sleepy, he stood up, put on his dressing gown and walked towards his bedroom door.

Outside was a man with long blonde hair, which was bound together. "Zoisite!" Nephrite said, tiredly. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"5:49 AM," Zoisite answered. "I am going to be on time for Beryl!"

"Fine for you," Nephrite said, bored.

"At least I am not laying lazy in bed like you!" Zoisite said.

"Zoisite, it's my holiday!" Nephrite replied. "What do you want?"

"Justice!" Zoisite answered. "It wasn't your right to steal my job to look for the Silver Crystal! I warn you: Just keep out of it!"

"Yeah. Sure," Nephrite said, dazed. "Anything more?"

"Yeah!" Zoisite said. "Go to bed earlier! You look terrible!"

He walked away. "Goodbye, Nephrite!"

Nephrite closed the door.

Slowly, he walked towards the bed and let himself fall on it. It was much too early to stand up!

* * * * * * * *

The first rays of the sun were shining over Tokyo.

Naru was walking to school. She held her schoolbag with both of her hands. She was looking down to the grey ground of the street.

"Naru!" she heard Usagi's voice.

The girl with the two long blonde plaits rushed to her friend.

"Good morning, Naru!" she said, happily.

"Good morning," Naru said, quietly.

"Naru, what's wrong?" Usagi asked, worried.

Naru stopped. She looked into her friend's face and her eyes got wet. "He's a bad human!" she said, and broke into tears. "Masato Sanjoin is a bad human!" Naru sobbed. "You were so right!"

"Naru," Usagi said, sadly. She let her friend cry on her shoulder.

Naru looked up and wiped her eyes, sniffling. "We have to go!" Naru said, cracking a smile. "We are going to be late to school!"

She went along.

Usagi looked at her.

"We should keep an eye on her," she heard Luna's voice. The black cat had come up beside her. "Nephrite could take advantage of her once again!"

"Maybe he even loves her?" Usagi said. "He saved her!"

"But we have to be prepared for everything!" Luna said.

* * * * * * * *

In a big room some youma stood around talking. In a corner of the room, Nephrite sat at a table, holding a cup of coffee in his hand.

Not many youma were free on this day, so it was rather quiet in the room. Just what Nephrite needed! Some quiet time.

"Good morning, Nephrite!" he heard a male voice, and then someone was knocking on the table.

Nephrite looked up.

Kunzite stood in front of him. He also had a cup in his hand. "May I sit with you?" Kunzite asked, friendly.

"Sure," Nephrite said quietly.

Kunzite sat beside him.

"Feels good, such a free day!" Kunzite said. He looked at Nephrite. "And you look as if you really could use it! What's wrong?"

"I forgot to switch off my alarm clock," Nephrite lied.

"You just stress yourself too much!" Kunzite said. "Maybe you should go slower with your search for the Silver Crystal!" Kunzite smiled. "By the way: Have you got an idea where Yasha could be?"

Nephrite froze.

Kunzite explained: "I can't find her anywhere!"

"No idea!" Nephrite replied, briefly.

"What a pity!" Kunzite said.

"Nephrite!" they heard a female voice.

Nephrite turned around. "Lily," he said.

Without asking, the youma sat beside him.

"Where are Balsam and Grape?" Nephrite asked.

"They went out with Zoisite to look for the Silver Crystal!" Lily said. "They won't need me for their search." She wrapped her arms around Nephrite. "We've got time for us, finally!"

Nephrite sweated. "I am very sorry, Lily, but today I need some time for myself."

"Maybe Yasha was killed by the Sailor Senshi?" Kunzite thought out loud. "But I can't remember having her sent into a fight against Sailor Moon!"

Nephrite jerked. "Lily, sweet baby!" he said, instantly. "Of course I will take my time to go out with you!"

"You're so cute, Nephrite!" Lily said and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

* * * * * * * *

Nephrite and Lily sat in the red Ferrari Nephrite owned. They drove through Tokyo.

"And remember!" Nephrite warned. "Here on earth my name is Masato Sanjouin!"

"But I thought your name is Nephrite!" Lily said.

"Masato Sanjouin is only my psyeudonym!" Nephrite explained.

"What do you need a pseudonym for?" Lily asked.

"To... oh, forget it!" Nephrite answered. "Just call me Masato Sanjouin!"

* * * * * * * *

Nephrite and Lily walked through the streets of Tokyo. Lily had to go into every shop and pulled Nephrite around.

"Are you actually going out with me to be together with me or to spend my money?" Nephrite asked after a while.

"Look at this! A jeweler's store!" Lily said, ignoring his question.

Nephrite looked at the nameplate. The jeweler's store's name was "OSA*P". Naru Osaka lived here.

Nephrite remembered the day before: He had made Naru bring him a crystal of her mother's, but it hadn't been the Silver Crystal he was looking for.

Lily pulled Nephrite into the jeweler's store.

A crowd of people stood in the shop.

"Look at all these jewels!" Lily said, amazed.

Nephrite looked around. Maybe the Silver Crystal was somewhere among all this jewelry!

He took his Black Crystal out of his pocket. It didn't react.

Nephrite walked around, let his crystal pass the jewels, but it didn't react.

Suddenly the Black Crystal flashed.

Nephrite looked up.

In front of him stood Naru Osaka.

"Naru!" he said, quietly.

"Mr. Sanjouin," she said, smiling.

"Nephrite!" Lily shouted and walked towards him.

"Nephrite?" Naru asked.

"I don't know a Nephrite!" Nephrite said, stubborn.

Lily pulled him away. "Nephrite! Look at this!"

"Very nice!" Nephrite answered, without looking. "Lily, I have to go!"

"Go?" Lily said, confused. "Where?"

"I've almost forgotten I have to do some very important business as Masato Sanjouin here in Tokyo!" Nephrite answered.

"But it's your holiday!" Lily said.

"Time is money!" Nephrite replied. "Don't wait for me! Bye!" He waved his hand and went away.

* * * * * * * *

Nephrite and Naru walked through the city.

"Is the young woman who was with you... your girlfriend?" Naru asked, insecure.

"No, she isn't," Nephrite replied. "She is my workmate. Today it's our holiday, so we went a bit through the city."

"It's your holiday?" Naru asked.

Nephrite nodded. "Yes, it is."

Naru blushed. "Then... would you... would you like to eat a Chocolate Parfait with me?"

"A Chocolate Parfait?" Nephrite said.

"Yes," Naru answered. "There's a very good one in the café of the new shopping center!" She looked at the man with the long auburn curls. "Would you like to go there with me?"

Nephrite shrugged his shoulders. "Yes, why not?"

* * * * * * * *

Nephrite and Naru sat in the café.

The waitress brought them the Chocolate Parfait and two spoons.

Naru took her spoon and ate from the Chocolate Parfait.

Nephrite carefully skimmed over the ice cream with his spoon and ate a bit. He didn't like to admit it, but it tasted good!

Naru watched him. She looked sad.

Nephrite noted it. "What's wrong with you, Naru?" he asked.

"Nothing," Naru answered. She wiped her eyes. "It's just that it was my dream to eat a Chocolate Parfait with you!"

Nephrite smiled and looked at his Black Crystal. It flashed again. The Black Crystal had to be reacting to Naru!

"By the way, thank you!" Naru said.

Nephrite looked up. "Thank you?" he asked, confused. "What for?"

Naru blushed. "Thank you... for saving me yesterday!"

Nephrite felt his cheeks burning. "Not at all!" he said, briefly.

The sparkling eyes of the red haired girl watched him.

"Excuse me!" Nephrite said, rising up from his chair. He walked through the room to go to the café's toilets. Halfway there he already felt his legs soften. As he opened the door of the men's toilets, his heart beat wildly. He leaned against the wall, sweating.

His body shivered! He had to be ill! Nephrite felt a warmth welling up inside of him. He tried to convince himself that it all was only normal! He had to be overtired because of this stressful morning! Nephrite couldn't almost stand on his legs.

Naru! Nephrite had to think of what she now would think about him. In his mind he saw the red haired girl still watching him with her sparkling eyes.

Nephrite looked at his Black Crystal. It flashed! He looked around. The toilets were empty. It couldn't flash! Neither Naru, nor any other human was inside of this room! Who was the Black Crystal reacting to?

Nephrite shuddered, as a thought ran through his head.

He slowly raised his head and watched the man with the long auburn curls in the mirror.

* * * * * * * *

Nephrite and Naru walked through a park in Tokyo.

Nephrite looked at the park. The sun was shining through the trees, the clear water of the river rippled beside them, flowers bloomed in the fresh green grass.

Nephrite was still shivering, but he got used to it. Now he only enjoyed the warmth Naru caused inside him.

Nephrite breathed, deeply.

"It was a wonderful day!" he said.

"I think so, too!" Naru said. She looked at Nephrite. "Can we meet tomorrow again, Mr. Sanjouin?" she asked.

Nephrite stopped. Tomorrow. He had to think of the Dark Kingdom, he had to go back. He shuddered when he thought of that place. He for sure could meet the red haired girl tomorrow again, but if someone from the Dark Kingdom found out... Nephrite squeezed his eyes shut.

He looked at the girl with the red hair. "Naru, I... don't call me Mr. Sanjouin!"

"Why not?" Naru asked, confused.

"Because it's only a pseudonym!" Nephrite answered. "My real name is Nephrite!"

"Nephrite?" Naru said.

"I am a member of an evil society!" Nephrite said. "We had better not meet again!"

"It doesn't matter to me if you're the member of an evil society or not!" Naru answered.

Nephrite smiled sadly. He laid his hands on her shoulder. "That's nice of you, Naru, but... It's better this way!" Her eyes melted him whenever he looked at them. "You have to understand me! I don't want... something happen to you!" Did he really say that?

Naru's eyes grew big. "Nephrite! Behind you!" she shouted.

Nephrite looked around.

Grape's razor-sharp arm rushed towards him.

Nephrite took Naru and let himself fall with her to the ground.

The youma's arm crashed into a tree.

Nephrite looked up. In front of them stood Balsam, Lily and Grape!

"So that's your very important business as Masato Sanjoin!" Lily said.

"Lily! What are you doing here?" Nephrite said, shocked.

Lily grinned. "Aren't you happy to see me?" She looked at Naru. "Is the little redhead your secret crush?"

Nephrite felt his cheeks burning once again. In this moment he heard Naru screaming. "Naru!" he shouted, turning around. Grape held Naru in her strong arms.

"Is that a 'yes', Nephrite?" Lily asked, smiling.

It was none of her business! "What do you want?" Nephrite said, helplessly.

"Your Black Crystal!" he heard another voice.

Zoisite had appeared.

"Zoisite! You bastard!" Nephrite scolded.

"No insults!" Zoisite replied.

Flashes burst out of Naru's body when Grape squeezed her tighter. Naru screamed out in pain.

"If you don't want Grape to suck her energy until she dies, give me your Black Crystal!" Zoisite ordered.

Nephrite felt cold sweatdrops run down his forehead. "Okay!" he said.

Zoisite smiled.

Nephrite took the Black Crystal out of his pocket and let it float towards Zoisite.

Zoisite caught it. "Thank you very much, Nephrite!" he said. He looked at the three youma. "And now kill them!" he ordered and disappeared in a cloud of cherry blossoms.

"Zoisite! You fraud!" Nephrite scolded.

Desperately, he ran towards Grape. "Let her free!" he shouted and grabbed Grape's arm.

"Get away!" Grape scolded, and surrounded by flashes, she pushed Nephrite away.

"Fire Soul!" suddenly a female voice sounded.

Grape looked around.

A fireball flew towards her and Naru. When the fireball hit the youma, Grape let Naru free, screaming out loud.

Naru lay on the ground, gasping.

Nephrite ran to Naru and took her in his arms.

"Shavon Spray!" another female voice sounded.

Suddenly there was haze around the three youma, so they couldn't see Nephrite and Naru anymore.

"We are the Sailor Senshi and fight for love and justice!" a female voice shouted.

The three youma looked around. Between the haze stood Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars.

"We won't permit you to destroy a young love relationship!" Sailor Moon shouted. "In the name of the moon we are going to punish you!"

Sailor Mars shouted: "Fire Soul!"

A fireball rushed towards the three youma.

Sailor Moon created a shining disc. "Moon Tiara Action!" she shouted.

The fireball of Sailor Mars and the shining disc of Sailor Moon mixed and hit the three youma, who vanished into thin air.

The Sailor Senshi watched Nephrite, who held Naru in his arms.

"It was good to follow them!" Sailor Moon heard Luna's voice.

"He loves her!" Sailor Moon said, gladly.

"Come on, let's go!" Sailor Mars said.

The three Sailor Senshi and the black cat went away.

Nephrite looked down at the girl with the red hair.

Naru opened her eyes, slowly.

"Are you okay, Naru?" Nephrite asked, worried.

"Yes, I am," Naru answered. "How are you?"

"I am well," Nephrite said. He looked up. "Naru?"

"Hmm?" Naru replied.

Nephrite smiled down at her. "We can meet again tomorrow!"

* * *The End* * *

* * * * * * * *

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