by Kurozuisho

Chapter 9 - Light and Dark

* * * * * * * *

Malachite bowed in front of Beryl. Beside him stood Tuxedo Mask, who was held by Zoycite.

"Queen Beryl," he said. "I'm pleased to tell you that we've got Tuxedo Mask now. He survived the destruction of the Starlight Tower."

Beryl smiled. "Very good."

Malachite raised his head. "My Queen," he said. "May we ask what you need Tuxedo Mask for?"

Beryl walked from her throne. "It isn't good for you to be so curious, Malachite."

"Why?" Zoycite asked, shivering. "What would you do? Kill him like Jadeite?"

The bad look in Beryl's eyes showed Zoycite that she had just said a bit too much.

"You seem eager to be dead, Zoycite," Beryl said. She swung her arm.

"Stop!" a trusted female voice shouted.

"What?" Beryl looked around, confused.

At the other end of the hall stood Sailor Moon, the other Scouts and Nephrite with Molly. "It is very unjust to kill someone because of little things!" Sailor Moon shouted.

"I thought you were dead!" Beryl shouted. She looked to Malachite. "Or did you betray me, Malachite?" In her hand grew a shining ball.

"No! Don't kill him!" Zoycite shouted. She let Darien free and went to Malachite.

Beryl was about to throw the ball, when suddenly a ray of light flew to her hand and she shouted in pain.

Darien, Malachite, Zoycite and the Sailor Scouts looked up. In a corner stood another Sailor Scout. Her clothes were orange and she wore large red glasses.

"Sailor V!" Sailor Moon said, amazed. "Folks, that's Sailor V!"

"Now you also have to fight against me!" the girl said and took off her glasses. "I am Sailor Venus!"

"Come on!" Sailor Mars said to Sailor Moon. "She's diverted."

Sailor Moon took her sceptre. "Power of moon! Turn her back!" Light shone from her sceptre and streaked to Beryl.

The Queen was shouting. She held her head. In front of her mental eye she saw a film of the past: Sailor Moon, the princess of the moon, also called Serenity, who was together with Tuxedo Mask, prince Darien. It hurt her, to remember how jealous she was and how she attacked the moon because of that. Everything was destroyed. Including her love, Darien. Beryl sunk on the floor and a little tear fell down her face.

Sailor Moon stopped sending the power of the moon to her. "Is she healed?" Sailor Mars asked, carefully.

Suddenly the room was rumbling. "What's that?" Sailor Mercury shouted.

"It has to be the Negaforce!" Nephrite shouted. "The one who was leading Beryl."

Out of the throne grew a big, red shining monster.

Malachite, Darien and Zoycite were running to the others. "Attack this thing!" Zoycite shouted to Sailor Moon. "Before it destroys everything!"

Sailor Moon concentrated. "Okay."

Sailor Venus jumped to them, holding Beryl in her arm. "May I help you?" she asked. "Together we for sure will get a better result."

Sailor Moon blushed. "Sailor V wants to help me? Sailor V wants to fight on my side? Is that great!"

"Stop raving!" Sailor Mars shouted. "We've got a job to do!"

The four Sailor Scouts, Molly and the three generals were all holding the sceptre that Sailor Moon had in her hands. "Please, help us, Silver Imperium Crystal," Sailor Moon whispered.

A big warm light went out of the ceptre. It filled all of the surrounding darkness, until there was nothing more of the Negaverse to see.

* * * * * * * *

The sun was shining. All around were stones and ruins, but not far away could be seen flowers and trees.

"You don't know how glad I am that it's all over now," Zoycite said to Sailor Moon, smiling. "Beryl was a cruel Queen."

"Just because you were so lazy," Beryl said.

Sailor Moon was laughing.

"That's not true!" Zoycite scolded.

"Sounds somehow familiar to me," Sailor Mars said, smiling.

"What do you mean by that?" Sailor Moon wanted to know.

"What will you do now?" Sailor Mercury asked.

Beryl shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. It's been a long time since the last time I was on earth."

"If you like, I may help you to find a job," Sailor Mercury said.

"You can trust her," Sailor Moon said. "She's very smart."

"You could also be smart, if you would learn a little more," Sailor Mars said.

"You're so mean, Sailor Mars!" Sailor Moon scolded.

Malachite went to Nephrite. "And I thought you and Zoycite would argue. I hope they won't kill each other one day."

"Don't worry," Nephrite said. "Actually they love each other."

"I love Sailor Moon?" Sailor Mars asked. "Rubbish! She absolutely doesn't matter to me."

"Now you're lying," Sailor Jupiter said. "You're always depressed when she's in danger."

"Keep out of this!" Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars said together.

Nephrite laughed and went to Zoycite. "Your ring has disappeared."

"What?" Zoycite looked at her arm, confused. "It must have broken when the Negaverse exploded," she said.

"Yes," Nephrite said, smiling. "It must have." He turned around. Molly stood behind him and smiled.

"Any more wishes, Mr. Baker?" she asked.

"No," Nephrite said, taking her into his arms. "Just to be with you, Mrs. Baker."

"Hey!" they suddenly heard a male voice. Everybody turned to the direction the voice came from. A man with short blonde hair crawled out from under the stones. "Could anyone please help me?"

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Tuxedo Mask and Malachite ran to the person, to help him out of the pile of stones. When they raised him up, they saw that he wore a uniform with red decorations.

"Yes," Nephrite said. "I think now everything's perfect."

* * * * * * * *

Tokyo, 3:00 PM on a Wednesday.

Serena was sitting on a chair, watching herself in the mirror. Beryl worked her hands through Serena's hair.

"That's just wrong!" Serena said. "I just can't stand it having this long hair any more!"

"If I were you, I wouldn't cut it," Beryl said. "You look beautiful."

"It's too long!" Serena said.

"How about cutting the ends a bit?" Beryl asked. "But nothing more!"

"Come on, Serena! She's right!" Mina said.

Serena sighed. "Okay, Ms. Miller."

"You can call me Patricia!" Beryl said.

"I have to go now!" Molly said.

The girls looked at her.

"Don't you want to stay for a while?" Raye asked.

"No, I really have to go!" Molly said.

"What a pity!" Ami said.

"Can we count on you this evening, Molly?" Lita asked.

"Yeah! I'll be on time!" Molly answered. She walked to the door, turned around and waved. "Bye! Until tonight!"

She walked along the street until she came to a bus stop.

After a while the bus was arriving. Molly boarded the bus. When she looked at the bus driver, she saw that it was Jadeite.

"Hello, Jack!" Molly said.

"Hello Mrs. Baker!" Jadeite said. "How are you?"

"Couldn't be better, Mr. Roberts!" Molly replied. She paid and entered the bus. Everywhere were sitting people. Then she discovered Zoycite. Immediately she walked to her.

"Hi, Samantha!" she greeted her.

Zoycite looked around. "Hi, Molly!"

"Hi, Molly!" a female voice said.

Molly looked down and saw a child sitting on the other seat.

"Hi, Claire!" Molly said to the young girl.

Zoycite took the child in her arms and Molly sat beside her.

"Claire was in kindergarten today for the first time!" Zoycite said.

Molly looked at the young girl on Zoycite's lap. "She has the same white long hair like her dad." Molly said.

"Yeah!" Zoycite said, cuddling the child. "Just like Dan Johnson!"

When the bus arrived at another bus stop, Molly got off the bus and walked along the street.

After walking a while, she passed a building site.

"Hey you!" she suddenly heard male a voice, shouting.

Molly jerked and looked around.

She discovered Malachite, sitting on the scaffold. He smiled down at her. "Hello, Molly!"

Molly smiled. "Hello, Dan! How are you?"

"Wonderful!" Malachite shouted down to her. "It's an amazing view up here! Wanna come up?"

Molly giggled. "No! I'm sorry, but I've still got something to do!"

"How stupid!" Malachite said, acting innocent. "Me, too! Well, then don't let's waste our time!"

"We'll meet tonight anyway!" Molly said. "Remember?"

"I do!" Malachite said. "Will my former boss also be there?"

"Of course Patricia also will be there!" Molly replied.

"Great!" Malachite said. "It'll be a fantastic party!"

"I also think so!" Molly said. "But I really have to go now!"

Malachite smiled. "That's okay, Molly!"

Molly waved to Malachite. "Bye, Dan!"

"Bye, Molly!" Malachite said, waving back.

Molly walked on, until she arrived at the OSA.P. She went through the shop door. In the shop she saw Nephrite standing behind the counter.

"Hi, Max!" she greeted him.

"Hi, Molly!" he said. "What did the doctor say?"

Molly smiled. "Just let me first come in before I tell you!" she said and walked to Nephrite. She smiled at him. "How was your day?"

"Good," Nephrite answered. "But what did the doctor say?"

"Just good?" Molly asked.

"Molly," Nephrite said. "I want to know if you are okay! Why did you feel so bad the last few days? What did the doctor tell you?"

Molly smiled. "He said that I am not ill!"

Nephrite was happy. "That's great!"

"But he also said that I have to visit him again." Molly said.

Nephrite looked worried. "Again? But why?"

Molly took both of Nephrite's hands and laid them on her belly. She smiled at him.

Nephrite stared at her. "Molly! You mean you are...?"

"Yes!" Molly said, gladly. "We'll soon be three!"

"Molly!" Nephrite wraped his arms around her. He laid his head on her shoulder. "I love you, Molly Baker!" he said, softly.

Molly buried her face against Nephrite's chest. "I love you, too, Max Baker!" she whispered.

They kissed each other.

~ End of Chapter 9


* * * * * * * *

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