The Crystal Weaver Saga: Little Lies
by E. Liddell

Author's Notes

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Quick reminder: Sailor Moon and its characters are the property of Takeuchi Naoko and a bunch of other people. They don't belong to me. I've just borrowed them for a not-for- profit story. Please don't sue, not that you'd get any money from me anyway. Being a student, I'm perpetually broke.

Another month, another Crystal Weaver story, right? ;)

Little Lies is a prequel to The Wars of Light and Shadow. However, it was meant to be read after Wars I and All Darkness Met--otherwise, it gives too much away. (Those of you who have been reading my stuff all along probably don't care--this is just for the information of people tackling my stories for the first time.)

As usual, I'm slapping a blanket PG-13 rating on this story in order to cover all the little bits of violence, bad language, and innuendo.

This story has four parts, plus a prologue and epilogue, all falling into widely seperated timeframes. I tried to indicate the time lapse between parts within the story, but I'm going to spell it out here:
-The prologue takes place a few days after the last battle of the Empyrean War, during the Silver Millennium
-Part 1 takes place about 20 years after the prologue
-Part 2 takes place seven years after Part 1
-Part 3 takes place roughly a century after Part 1, at the very end of the Silver Millennium
-Part 4 begins some 20 years before the series begins, and ends a few seconds before the beginning of the prologue to Wars I
-The epilogue overlaps the timeframe of The Other Chapter 7 from Wars I

Note that in the case of Part 4 and the epilogue, these timeframes are projections--I'm not quite finished writing the story yet. (I know, I swore I would never post an unfinished story. So sue me . . . er, unfortunate choice of words there . . .) Despite the relatively small number of internal divisions, this story is equally as long as its predecessors.

Parts 3 and 4 use dialogue quoted from the series at various points. All such dialogue is taken from the DIC dub, and probably does not (in fact, should not) conform to the dialogue present in any other version of Sailor Moon.

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