Who is that Guy?
By Kurozuishou

3. Chapter - Pure Heart Crystal

* * * * * * * *

A light was shining. Just a little light, like a star in the black sky.

Neflite opened his eyes and was blinded, instantly. Hundred of little stars lay in front of him. Hundred of little lights, which reminded him of the stars he loved so much.

Suddenly, he saw someone's shoe. The blue leather ran through Neflite's stars and made them crackle.

Then a hand went down and grabbed into the glitter. It got a silver shining broken piece out of it.

*The mirror* Neflite gasped, mentally.

Kunzite bent down to the dazed Neflite and held the broken piece underneath his chin.

"I should you cut up with it!" he growled.

"Let it be, Kunzite," Zoisite said. "It wouldn't repair your mirror."

"Zoisite..." Neflite whispered, his voice crackling. "You... are helping me...?"

Zoisite walked some steps towards Neflite.

"Oh, no, Neflite!" she whispered. "I am not helping you!" She knelt down to him. "You are going to help me!"

Neflite coughed. When he did this, his whole body ached.

Zoisite went with her hand through the heap of broken pieces. "You are going to repair this mirror." she said, smiling. Neflite saw her green eyes. "And every little piece will be in the place it was before!"

"What's on your mind, Zoisite?" Kunzite asked.

Zoisite looked up to him and grinned.

"Before Neflite had the chance to look on earth, he promised me he would pay any price, if he could just see Naru again." Zoisite said. She smiled down to Neflite. "I am still waiting for my payment!"

She looked around. "Scar?" Zoisite shouted.

A creature appeared. "Scar!" a female voice sounded.

Neflite watched the figure. She had a mask on her face and a blue cloth around her body.

She reminded him a bit of Yasha, the youma he had attacked, as she rushed towards Naru, but she wasn't Yasha.

"That's none of our youma!" Neflite whispered. "Who is she?"

"May I introduce you?" Zoisite said, proudly. "This nice lady is Scar! She died in a fight with the Sailor Senshi." Zoisite sneered down to Neflite. "Her special field is Pure Heart Crystals!"

"Pure Heart Crystals?" Neflite asked, confused.

"Scar!" the creature shouted and threw down her mask and her cloth.

In front of Neflite now stood a slender woman with sharp ears, wearing a short tight red dress. Her eyes were deep blue and didn't even seem to have a pupil.

Zoisite stood up. "He belongs to you, Scar!"

"Scar!" the woman said once again, and red long scarves roped towards Neflite and held him tight.

Neflite gasped between the shackles.

Then the woman grabbed on her neckline and freed one of her breasts.

Neflite jerked and looked away, ashamed.

As he looked back again, he saw that the woman had instead of a nipple a big black star on her breast.

"Doesn't this turn you on, Neflite?" Zoisite sneered.

Neflite couldn't answer, because in this moment a cruel pain ran through his chest. He noted that the figure wanted to get something out of him, but it seemed to be very difficult to get.

So the only thing Neflite could do was yell out in pain and hope that the woman was finished with her work very soon.

When the pain was gone, Neflite, relieved and exhausted, gasped.

He could see a light. Then everything got dark.

"Very good!" Zoisite said, clapping her hands.

Neflite lay on the floor again, but in the air floated a star looking crystal, which was shining.

Zoisite went towards it and took the crystal into her hands. "Beautiful!" she said, amazed. Her face grew sad. "Almost too good to break it!" she said, melancholy.

"Break?" Kunzite asked, shocked.

Zoisite took her sword and swung it into the air.

"Wait a minute, Zoisite!" Kunzite said. "You can't just...!"

A rattle went through the hall and the crystal from Neflite's chest fell to pieces.

Neflite yelled in pain.

The little pieces of the crystal fell on the floor, down to the pieces of the broken mirror.

"Zoisite," Kunzite whispered.

A light went through the pieces, and slowly, in front of Kunzite's and Zoisite's eyes, the parts of the mirror went together again, until a complete, repaired mirror stood in front of them.

Kunzite struggled for words.

Zoisite looked around and smiled at her lover. "Well?" she said.

Kunzite went some steps forward and touched the mirror, carefully. "Amazing!" he said. Of the broken pieces there was nothing more to see. Not even a scratch.

Zoisite smiled and fell into Kunzite's arms.

A man started gasping. It was a desperate, painful gasping.

Zoisite and Kunzite turned around.

Neflite lay on the floor and writhed with pain.

"What's wrong with him?" Zoisite asked.

Kunzite went to Neflite. He took the gasping man's head into his hand.

"Zoisite! Have you ever done this experiment before?" he asked the blond woman.

"What?" Zoisite shook her head. "No! Never!"

Neflite kept on gasping and started to shiver.

"Neflite!" Kunzite said.

Neflite continued gasping.

"Neflite!" Kunzite repeated. "Can you hear me?"

Neflite yelled out in pain, swung his head back and finally lay motionless on the floor.

"Is he... dead?" Zoisite asked, nervously.

"Can he actually die once again?" Kunzite asked himself.

A cold wind ran through the hall.

Zoisite shivered.

When Zoisite looked at Kunzite again, her eyes grew big and her body trembled.

Kunzite looked up to her, worried. "Zoisite! What's wrong?" he wanted to know.

Zoisite almost couldn't talk. "Neflite... He's gone!"

* * * * * * * *

Naru sat on her bed, crying. Umino sat beside her, holding her in his arms. "Come on, Naru! Calm down," he whispered.

Naru kept on sobbing.

Umino looked down to her. "Naru, I know he was your first love, and I know he died in a cruel way, but you can't throw away your own life because of him!"

"He died in my arms!" Naru said, sobbing.

"There wasn't anything you could do!" Umino said. "And you said yourself that he took advantage of you all the time!"

"He wasn't a bad human!" Naru contradicted.

"He wasn't even a human!" Umino replied.

"But he had a pure soul!" Naru said.

Umino's face grew angry. "Now listen, Naru: I can understand that you're still depressed about what happened! But he is dead!" He watched her sad look and his voice softened. "You aren't dead, Naru! You're alive! And so am I!" He cracked a smile. "I am there for you now!"

Naru's face was full of tears.

Umino went into his bed, sadly. "I thought you would have forgotten this guy!" he said, disappointed. He lay down. "Good night, my love!"

Naru wiped away her tears, but still whimpered qietly.

She looked to the mirror, which had shown her the dead man for a short moment. "Neflite." she whispered and buried her face into her knees. "Neflite." She looked back to the mirror, having new hot tears rolling down her cheeks. "Neflite."

A man appeared in the mirror. A man in a uniform with long auburn curls and blue eyes.

Naru gasped for breath and shut her mouth with her hands.

The man in the mirror was smiling. "Naru!" he said.

"Neflite?" Naru whispered and stood up from the bed.

She walked towards the mirror and touched the glass, carefully. Suddenly she felt a hand grabbing her own. Naru yelled.

A flash ran through the mirror. Naru looked away, blinded.

When the light was gone, all she could feel was a tall masculine body beside her. Naru whimpered. Long arms held her tight. Tender hands ran through her hair. A warm mouth brushed over her lips.

"Everything's okay, Naru," a voice she had missed so much said, calming. "I am back."

* * * * * * * *

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