Who is that Guy?
By Kurozuishou

2. Chapter - The Boy

* * * * * * * *

A click made the dark turn bright. Naru stood in the door. She wore orange pyjamas and had a yellow ribbon in her hair. She looked around.

In the room there was a big mirror, and beside the mirror stood a double bed. In the bed lay a boy with unkempt hair, his eyes closed.

Beside the bed Naru discovered thick glasses on a bedside table. Naru smiled.

She went into the room and knelt on the bed. Affectionately, she brushed her hand over the boy's cheek.

"Naru?" the boy asked with closed eyes.

Naru lay into the bed.

The boy opened his eyes and rised up. He looked down to the red haired girl.

"Umino!" Naru whispered.

* * * * * * * *

The deeper Neflite went into the cave, the bigger the room got. He looked around, not to lose sight of Zoisite. The blond woman unerringly went through the rooms.

Suddenly she stopped and turned around.

Neflite as fast as he could hid behind a rock.

Zoisite looked sceptical.

Neflite barely dared to breathe.

Zoisite turned around again and walked along.

Neflite went out of his hiding place and followed the woman.

* * * * * * * *

Umino was bending over Naru. He moved his hand through her hair.

"I've been waiting for you!" he whispered, looking deep into her eyes.

Naru smiled.

Carefully she lay her hand behind Umino's head.

Umino let her pull him down to her.

* * * * * * * *

The floor was even now. Of the cave there was nothing more to see.

When Neflite looked around, he noted he was in a big hall. Everything was shining silver. He stopped and, amazed, looked at the room for a while.

The room had the form of a big rectangle. The ceiling was made of glass, so you could see the bright blue sky. The walls were covered by a balcony, which was carried by columns.

Neflite looked around and was shocked that he couldn't see Zoisite anymore.

He sneaked through the hall, seeking for the blond woman.

"Hey you!" he heard a male voice behind him.

Neflite turned around.

In front of him stood a man with white long hair in an uniform with cape.

"Kunzite!" Neflite gasped.

"What are you doing here, Neflite?" the man wanted to know. "Spying around?"

Neflite watched Kunzite.

"I wasn't spying." he said, insecure. "I was..." He looked into the man's eyes. "What are you actually doing here?"

"What?" Kunzite wanted to know.

Neflite's face grew angry. "What are you doing here in Naru's subconscious?"

"Naru's sub what?" Kunzite asked, confused. He watched the auburn haired man, smiled and then started giggling. "Neflite, you've got so much fantasy!" he said, laughing out loud.

"Hey! What's going on here?" Neflite could hear Zoisite's voice. He looked to where the voice came from and saw her walking on the balcony of the hall.

"Imagine!" Kunzite shouted up to Zoisite. "This star gazer just asked me, what I am doing here in Naru's subconscious!"

Zoisite watched Neflite, then started to giggle.

Neflite looked on the floor, hearing them two laughing about him.

Then he looked up to Zoisite.

"What have you been telling me about Naru's subconscious, witch?" he shouted up to her.

Zoisite stopped laughing.

"Naru's subconscious?" she asked innocently. "I've been telling you something about it?"

"You told me about Naru having a boyfriend!" Neflite explained. "Where did you know this from?"

Kunzite grinned. "So that's the reason you're spying around in my home! Our Neflite is jealous!"

Neflite turned around to him. "I am not jealous!" His eyes grew big. "Your home?"

Kunzite nodded, proudly. "Right!" He lay his arm around Neflite. "Welcome to my home!"

* * * * * * * *

Umino closed his eyes and brushed with his lips over Naru's mouth.

Naru wrapped her arms around him. "Hold me!" she begged.

Umino took her into her arms.

Naru smiled and looked down Umino's back.

She turned her head and saw themselves in the mirror.

* * * * * * * *

"A mirror?" Neflite asked, confused.

"Exactly!" Kunzite said and lay one hand on the mirror beside him.

"Are you kidding?" Neflite wanted to know.

"No, I am not!" Kunzite replied. "This mirror is our window to earth."

"That's a joke again!" Neflite said, turning away.

Zoisite held him on his upper arm. "No, that's no joke!" she said, calming. "In the mirror you can see what happens on earth!"

"Fine!" Neflite snorted. "What is this? A magic mirror?"

Kunzite made a serious face. "You'll stop laughing if you see what the mirror shows you!" he said.

"Okay!" Neflite said, still laughing. "I am serious!"

Kunzite took Neflite's upper arm. "And now have fun!"

Neflite watched the mirror. He saw the reflections.

"Is that all?" he asked, looking to Kunzite.

"Don't be so impatient!" Kunzite said.

When Neflite looked at the mirror again, he saw bed in it. Two humans lay in it and kissed each other.

Neflite's heart tore apart as he saw who the girl was. It was a red haired girl with a hair ribbon, which was just untied by a dark haired boy.

"Naru!" Neflite gasped.

Depressed, he watched how the hands of the boy ran down to her pyjamas.

"No!" Neflite yelled. "Don't!" He looked to Kunzite. "That's just an illusion! You're just joking with me!"

Kunzite shook his head.

"That's Naru's boyfriend Umino," Zoisite explained.

"Shut up!" Neflite shouted at her.

He lay his head on the mirror. "That's not true!" he whispered. He beat the mirror with his hand. "That's not true!"

"It is true," Kunzite said.

Neflite turned around to Zoisite. "That's all your fault!" he scolded.

Zoisite looked confused. "My fault? What about your little human bitch?"

"Don't call her that!" Neflite said, grabbing Zoisite by her collar.

"Hey, you two! Stop it!" Kunzite said.

Neflite looked at him. "I'm sorry, Kunzite, but I have to punish your darling for what she did to me, for everything she's done to me!"

"Kunzite!" Zoisite yelled.

"Let her free!" Kunzite shouted.

"No!" Neflite shouted back. "It's time to settle up!"

"Don't do her any harm!" Kunzite yelled and grabbed Neflite on his shoulder.

"Piss off!" Neflite hissed at Kunzite and pushed him away.

"Kunzite! Help me!" Zoisite wailed.

"Still begging for your Kunzite, you little coward?" Neflite said, looking angry at Zoisite. "You didn't even have the courage to kill me yourself! You had to send youma to do it for you!"

Suddenly Neflite felt a pain on his back and he fell forward. Roughly, he and Zoisite landed on the floor.

Zoisite gasped. Relieved, she crouched and lay her hand on her freed neck.

Neflite turned around and saw Kunzite.

Kunzite looked down to him. "If you kill her, I will kill you!"

"Why do I only hear about killing?" Neflite asked and ran towards Kunzite. Mercilessly, he rammed his stomach.

Kunzite gasped.

"Die!" Zoisite yelled.

Neflite turned around and saw a sword coming towards him. Confused, he jumped aside and lost his balance. His body suddenly filled with pain.

* * * * * * * *

Naru jerked and sat up.

"Naru, what's wrong?" Umino asked.

Naru looked around.

"I don't know!" she said. "I just felt as if I would fall!"

She stood up from the bed and looked around.

Everything was quiet.

She shook her head and looked into the mirror.

A yell went through the room.

Umino jumped up and ran to Naru.

"Naru, what's wrong?" he asked, worried.

"Neflite!" Naru whimpered and buried her face into Umino's chest. "I've just seen Neflite in the mirror!"

* * * * * * * *

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