Turning the Tables
By Lady1Venus

Chapter 6 - Surprises

* * * * * * * *

Molly waited for Neflite, as usual, by the gate of Cross Roads Junior High. As she waited, Serena came out of the school, proud that she didn't get a detention. This was the third day in a row. Lita and Amy were behind Serena, chuckling at Serena's display of happiness. Serena was jumping around like a kangaroo, shouting. When she settled down, she realized Amy and Lita were walking over to Molly. With a squeal, Serena quickly caught up with them.

"Waiting for Maxfield again, Molly?" Lita asked as she got to the gate.

"Yes," Molly said. "He said that he was going to take me somewhere today and that it's a surprise."

Lita heard some noise coming from up the street. She looked to see a red Ferrari starting to slow down as it came closer to the school. "Is that him pulling up now?" Lita asked.

"You bet," Molly said excitedly. Her favorite thing, besides Neflite kissing her, was riding in his car.

"Molly, I don't want to be a burden, but can Maxfield give me a ride home?" Serena asked.

"I can't see why not," Molly said. "But why would you want a ride home?"

"Well, I've been trying to avoid that conceited jerk and I don't want to run into him," Serena said.

"Are you sure that is the only reason? I bet you just want to know how it feels to ride in a fancy car," Molly chuckled. Lita laughed as well.

"I do not," Serena said, mouth dropping. Molly knows me too well. I do want to ride in the car because of that reason but also to stay away from that jerk.

Neflite stopped the car and walked up to the girls. "Hello, ladies," he said.

"Hello, N--Maxfield," Lita said.

"Hello," said Serena and Amy.

"Maxfield, Serena would like a ride home," Molly said.

"Sure," he said. "Would any of you girls would like to have a ride home?"

"No, thanks," Amy said. "I have to go to computer class in a half hour. I'd better head on over now."

"Amy, I can give you a ride to your class," Neflite said.

"No, that's ok. It's only a couple blocks and I like the walk." Amy turned and with a wave good-bye, she left.

"I'd love to have a ride," Lita said.

Without a word, Neflite opened the passenger door and moved the seat back to help Serena in. When she was in, Neflite then helped Molly into the car and shut her door. He went over on his side of the car and helped Lita in.

Over on the other side of the schoolyard, three older teens watched Serena and Lita get into Neflite's car. They had been watching for the past week, as Molly would leave with Neflite. They couldn't believe that Molly had such an attractive boyfriend. They so wished that they were the ones getting a ride home in his car.

"Listen you guys, we have to do something. We're more popular than she is. She doesn't deserve such a good-looking guy," one of the girls said. She was clearly the leader of the three. She was a little taller than Lita, with short green hair. Her two friends stood beside her. The second was about the same height as Lita and had long blue hair in a braid. The third was the smallest, with long purple hair.

"Not to mention," the second girl said in a dreamy tone, "he's got a really nice car. I've always wanted to ride in a Ferrari."

"Yeah, me too, but what can we do about it?" the third girl asked. "Molly always waits for him by the gate every day."

"The way we do it is by convincing Miss Baker that he'll pick her up somewhere else then we go for a ride in his car saying we'll show him where Molly is," the first girl said.

"You will do no such thing," someone said from behind.

The girls turned to see two young women. One was tall with short blond hair and the other was shorter with long bluish-green hair. The women looked less than pleased at the girls' idea. The taller one, who spoke the first time, spoke again, "You do anything to harm Molly, and I'll personally rearrange..."

"Amara, they are only teens. Not too much younger than we are," her companion said.

"Being young is no excuse for trying to steal other people's boyfriends, Michelle."

"H--how do you know Molly?" the first girl asked. She was starting to get a little nervous when Michelle spoke Amara's name. The name sounded very familiar.

"That is none of your concern," Amara said.

"Hey, aren't you that high school girl from Mugen High School, Amara? And you must be her cousin Michelle," the second girl said.

Amara and Michelle both nodded as first girl gasped in surprise. Now she knew where she heard the name.

"We're awfully sorry," the second girl said quickly. "Please forgive us. I'm Janice and these are my friends, Corrine and Kelly." Corrine was the tallest and Kelly was the shortest.

"Janice!" Corrine, the leader, snapped.

"If I were you girls," Michelle said, "I'd start heading for home before Amara does get angry."

"Yes, yes. Of course," Janice said. Janice grabbed both of her friends' arms and started walking towards the gate of the school. When the girls were gone, Amara continued.

"Do you think they'll listen?" Amara asked.

"Wouldn't doubt it. Even though you don't have a bad reputation, the people here at Cross Roads believe you do. With that, they should listen," Michelle chuckled.

"Yeah you're right. Let's head back," Amara said. Both girls walked behind the school to the back entrance.

* * * * * * * *

When the three girls got down the street, Corrine snapped her arm away from Janice. Corrine was furious that Janice grabbed her arm. Corrine felt it should have been her place to back away. She looked over at Kelly and saw that Kelly waited until Janice released her arm.

"Why did you do that?" Corrine asked angrily. "I am the leader of this little group."

"Corrine, Amara and Michelle are those girls from Mugen School that we've heard about. You know, the really tough ones." Janice said.

"Yeah, I know that. But that doesn't mean you get to decide what we do."

"Corrine," Kelly said. "Amara has a reputation like Lita for hurting people but Amara punches them."

"Excuse me, girls," someone said. The girls turned, thinking it was Amara and Michelle again. But to their surprise it was a woman dressed in some sort of gray uniform. Her long copper-blond hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. Some strands of loose hair flowed freely around her face. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation at your school about getting rid of Molly Baker."

"How could you hear us?" Kelly asked.

"Oh, I have my ways," the woman said. "If you're interested, I have a plan to get rid of Molly."

"How so?" Kelly asked.

"Before I say, I have to know first, will you help?"

"Count us in," Corrine said.

"Good. We'll be in touch." The woman started to leave.

"Hey, wait," Janice said. "Who are you?"

"The name is Zoycite," the woman said as she walked down the street and into an alley. Now I have a plan to ruin that brat's life with help of mere humans. I do wonder, why do they want to get rid of the girl so much? But soon that isn't going to matter, when Beryl gets the Silver Crystal. Zoycite laughed to herself.

"Zoycite, what are you doing?" Zoycite turned and saw Malachite.

"Finding a way to ruin Neflite's brat," Zoycite said.

"Zoycite, remember our training, never attack in vengeance. That is what kept the Negaverse from being able to destroy Queen Serenity's power. Queen Serenity was able to trap us but couldn't completely destroy us. Beryl was thinking too much about revenge and didn't plan carefully enough. If Beryl had attacked the Moon Kingdom in a different way, the Sailor Scouts wouldn't exist."

"What do those damn Sailor brats have to do with the Moon?"

"They are reincarnations from the Moon Kingdom."

"Malachite, my plans for Miss Baker do not have anything to do with vengeance. For some reason, she is happy and I'm going to destroy her happiness. Those girls will help me ruin Molly's life for good," Zoycite chuckled. "Not even those Sailor brats can do anything for Molly."

"You better be right. Now we better get back to the Negaverse. Queen Beryl has assembled another meeting." Malachite flung his hands towards a wall and a warp hole appeared. Both Negaverse generals walked through the rift just as someone looked down the alley. But by the time the person got to the location of the warp hole, it was gone.

"Trista." The person turned to see Amara and Michelle.

"There you are. What are you doing down here?" Michelle asked.

"I just felt a dangerous vibe coming from this alley. I feel Molly is in danger," Trista said. She continued searching the alley.

"Well, it can't be from the girls that we encountered at the school," Michelle said.

"No, that isn't it. This feeling is more dangerous, like the Negaverse. Even my Garnet Orb is warning me that Molly could be in danger."

"Why would the Negaverse want her?" Amara asked.

"I don't know. I just don't know," Trista said.

"If you would like, we can watch her more closely," Michelle suggested.

"I don't know if that will be enough. We better get going," Trista said. "I'll take you two back to Mugen School and then I have a meeting to go to." She grabbed her Garnet Orb and twirled it around the three of them. Within moments the women were gone.

* * * * * * * *

Neflite was just dropping Serena off when her father came home from work. Since Serena was the last person to get dropped off, she sat behind Neflite so he could help her out without disturbing Molly. When she got out of the car, her father glared at her.

"Dad!" Serena squeaked. "It's not what you think."

"Oh yeah? What am I supposed to think? I see my daughter getting out of a car with a man's help," he said.

"Hi, Mr. Tsukino," Molly said. She had stepped out of the car to help to clear things up. "I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Maxfield Stanton."

"Maxfield Stanton!" he gasped. He was quite surprised to actually meet Maxfield.

"Hello, Mr. Tsukino. It's nice to meet you. The girls have told me a bit about you. Unfortunately, I have to rush off because I have some plans with Molly. So I'll see you later, Serena," Neflite said. He turned to help Molly back into the car.

"Ok, Maxfield," Serena said and started walking towards the house.

When Neflite was back in his car he asked, "Molly, why was Mr. Tsukino so quick to judge?"

"You get used to him after awhile. He's very protective of his daughter. Yeah, he knows that Serena is turning into a woman and there is nothing he can do about it. But he wants to keep his little girl as long as possible. It won't surprise me if he comes down hard on Serena's first boyfriend. If her boyfriend can get through her father's barriers, that is when Mr. Tsukino will let his guard of Serena down."

"He's just a father caring for his only daughter," Neflite said, summarizing Molly's explanation. "Well, we better get to the park." He shifted the car out of park and drove away.

"Neflite, why are we going to the park?" Molly said confused. "I thought you were taking me somewhere special."

"We are. To get there, we have to go the park," he said smiling.

"Oh," she said, allowing herself to relax as Neflite put on some soft classical music.

* * * * * * * *

Zoycite was watching her human helpers from her castle. She already had a plan in mind for the humans to carry out for her. She was about to go and meet up with them when Malachite came in the room.

"Queen Beryl has found out about your plans and she is expecting that this will be a trap for Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask to get the crystals," Malachite said.

"This will bring Sailor Moon and her Sailor friends into the action. When Sailor Moon finds out that Miss Baker has been kidnapped, she'll go and look for her. She will not expect the Negaverse until it's too late."

"This is where your human workers come in," Malachite smiled. When he trained Zoycite, he taught her never do things herself. Always get someone else to do your dirty work.

"They are the big part of my plans for Miss Baker," Zoycite laughed. Cherry blossoms surrounded Zoycite and she disappeared.

Before she was completely gone a single cherry blossom fell to the ground. It was always Zoycite's way of saying I love you to Malachite. When she reappeared, she was in front of a café where Corrine, Kelly and Janice hung out a lot after school. When she entered she noticed some people were looking at her because of her uniform. Zoycite looked at the people with a glare, which made them go back to what they were doing. In a matter of seconds, she found the girls and walked over to their table.

"I wonder who Zoycite is." Zoycite heard Corrine say.

"I'm someone you never cross or question," Zoycite said. The girls looked up from their chat.

"If you don't mind me asking, what do you mean by getting rid of Molly?" Corrine asked.

"Turning her world upside down, is all you need to know. Now, if you will come with me, it's time to put my plan into motion." Zoycite turned and headed back out with not even a second glance at the girls. She knew they would follow.

Once outside, Zoycite watched as Corrine paid the waitress, then the three girls headed outside. When they reached the café doors, Zoycite continued until she entered a nearby alley.

"Why are we in an alley?" Kelly asked.

"For privacy," Zoycite hissed. She was starting to get annoyed at all the questions. These impudent humans are driving me nuts. They are just as annoying as Cape-Boy. "You are to capture Miss Baker. I really don't care how you do it, just get her."

"What is your part in the plan?" Janice asked carefully. She could tell that Zoycite was getting tired of all the questions. She looked at Zoycite's eyes and saw them flicker at her question, and backed away a bit.

"Your part of the plan is to get her. My part...is to make her life a living hell," Zoycite laughed mechanically. The three girls backed away, suddenly afraid of Zoycite.

"What if we won't do it?" Corrine snapped, which stopped Zoycite's laughter but not her smile.

"Then I'll make your life a living hell," she hissed. "Now go and do your job."

As the girls backed out of the alley slowly, Zoycite continued, "Don't think about crossing me, I'll be watching you."

The girls turned and ran the rest of the way out of the alley. When they got to the street, they turned to see that Zoycite was gone. The girls now feared for their lives. And there was no way out of the deal.

* * * * * * * *

When Neflite had arrived at the park, he took Molly over to where they had admitted their feelings the day after Zoicite tried to kill him. They were there for a while when suddenly the wind stopped and the chirping birds fell silent. Molly started to tense up.

"Molly, everything is ok," Neflite said as he felt her tension.

She looked up and saw some pink clouds forming not too far away. "Neflite," Molly trembled, pressing herself close against him.

A hole formed in the middle of the pink cloud, and a woman came out of it. She stood tall while her Garnet Orb floated above her to close the cloud.

When the cloud was closed, the woman spoke. "Hello, Molly. My name is Trista, Gate Keeper of Time. I am the one who allows Neflite to live in the time flux."

Molly gasped in surprise. This was what Neflite wanted to show her. He wanted her to meet Trista. She looked up at him to see him smiling at her. She couldn't help but smile back. She looked back at Trista.

"It's nice to meet you, Trista," Molly said. "Thanks for helping Neflite."

"I wish that the timing was better but I have some disturbing news," Trista said as she looked at Neflite. She walked up to Neflite and Molly. "I have a bad feeling that Molly is serious danger, possibly from the Negaverse."

"What?!" Neflite hissed. Molly gasped in horror.

Trista continued, "What would be the possible reason why the Negaverse would want Molly?"

Neflite thought for a moment. "Probably because of me."

* * * * * * * *

Over in a nearby bush, Corrine, Kelly and Janice sat watching. They had just arrived when Trista had closed the time gate closed. They couldn't hear what was being said, except for Neflite when he hissed.

"I've had these in my laboratory for a few weeks and always wanted to try them out," Kelly said, showing her friends a couple of white balls. Kelly was a science nut. She especially loved inventing weapons.

"What are they?" Corrine asked.

"They are smoke bombs," Kelly said. "A lot of Ninjas use these. You throw them on the ground and it explodes into smoke."

"Well, we better get this over with," Janice said.

Kelly got herself into a position to throw one of the smoke bombs directly at the feet of Molly's group. As soon as she threw the bomb, she heard Molly, her boyfriend, and the other woman start coughing. When Janice and Corrine heard coughing, they ran over as fast as they could and grabbed Molly. Janice had to grab one arm and cover her mouth and Corrine grabbed the other arm. When the smoke cleared and Trista and Neflite stopped coughing, Neflite gasped in terror. Molly was gone.

* * * * * * * *

When the smoke bombs came flying over the bushes, Trista looked up just in time to see them. When the bomb hit the ground, right in the middle of the group, it exploded into smoke. Everyone started coughing.

Neflite tried to yell out Molly's name but the smoke was making him cough too much. When he realized it was no use to yell her name he tried looking for her. It was hard for him to look when he was still coughing and with the smoke in his eyes.

Trista tried to get rid of the smoke but when she started coughing, she dropped her Garnet Orb. With Garnet Orb on the ground, she couldn't get rid of the smoke until the smoke disappeared on its own.

In the confusion, Molly tried to find Neflite but something grabbed hold of her arms and someone gagged her with their hand. She tried to struggle, but something hit her head and she lost consciousness.

* * * * * * * *

Zoycite and Malachite watched from in their castle and was quite amazed at how the humans were able to get Molly so easily. Malachite was quite pleased with Zoycite about choosing humans who could do the job. He never knew humans could be good at kidnapping. He now realized how he had underestimated the fighting abilities of humans.

Zoycite was quite pleased with herself. She had known what humans could do it but it surprised her when Kelly had thrown the smoke bomb. So that is how those balls are used. Too bad we didn't have them. We could have snagged those crystals, using those smoke bombs on the scouts. When Molly was quite a ways away from Trista, Zoycite turned to Malachite. He nodded in agreement that it was safe to teleport to the park. She floated up towards the ceiling and teleported in cherry blossoms.

* * * * * * * *

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