24 Hours to Life
by Moon Momma

8:00 pm, Tokyo

* * * * * * * *

"That was hard!" Sailor Moon exclaimed as the group reappeared in Usagi and Mamoru's apartment. The Senshi and Tuxedo Mask, with the assistance of the shitennou and Thetis, had finally defeated what seemed to be the last of the monsters generated by the bridging of the two different realities. Naru hadn't been able to join in the fight, not having the magical abilities of the others, but she had insisted on coming with. She couldn't have stood not knowing what was happening to Nephrite, and she had been pleased to discover that she could help in her own way, by soothing frightened people and encouraging those who were fighting to not give up.

Now, they all collapsed, exhausted, in Usagi and Mamoru's living room. "Thank you for your help," Mamoru said after he detransformed.

"Who wants to get some pizza?" Usagi asked.

Zoisite and Kunzite, not having anywhere else to go, said they did, but Thetis said that on her last trip to Tokyo with Claude she had found a lovely little restaurant she wanted to introduce Jadeite to.

"How about you, Naru-chan?" Usagi asked.

Naru looked up at Nephrite. She was glad that her and Usagi's friendship had been restored, but what she really wanted was time alone with Nephrite.

"Thank you for the invitation," Nephrite said. "But I've owed Naru-chan a chocolate parfait for three and a half years, and I think it's time to pay my debt."

"Another time, Usagi-chan," Naru said over her shoulder as she walked hand-in-hand from the apartment with Nephrite. She smiled; time was something they had plenty of now.

The End

* * * * * * * *

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