24 Hours to Life
by Moon Momma

2:30 pm, Tokyo
Jadeite, Kunzite, Zoisite

* * * * * * * *

The next battle was more difficult. Although the three Guardians and the Senshi had worked out a strategy for disabling and destroying the monsters as efficiently as possible, they were getting tired and the monsters were increasing in number. Jadeite took consolation in the fact that this probably meant that Nephrite's plan to bridge the gap between the two realities was working. Now if only the connection could be maintained long enough for them to do what they had to do to earn their second chance. Jadeite hadn't looked at his, or rather, Nephrite's watch in quite a while, but he thought it must be getting close to time for their ad to air.

Tuxedo Mask had just destroyed the fifth of nine monsters in this group when the humming of a giant sound system came through the air from the direction of the Tokyo Tower. While hijacking the tower would have been illegal, Jadeite had taken the liberty of placing a magical amplification on it so that the ad could be heard directly from the tower as well as from every radio and TV set that was on.

Sailor Moon launched her ultimate attack and destroyed the last four monsters in one go. Everything went silent, and everyone stared up at the red tower in the distance.

"Greetings, people of Tokyo and the surrounding areas," Jadeite's voice sounded over the city. He had a good voice for that sort of work, he thought, if he did say so himself. "Many of you may recall a number of incidents which took place three to four years ago which cost many of you a great deal of emotional and physical distress, as well as monetary and other losses. The four of us were behind those incidents. You might have known some of us by various names, including Sanjouin Masato and J. Dite, announcer of the radio show Midnight Zero. At that time we were under the influence of evil and selfish ambitions. We have since come to realize that the things we did were wrong, and we are sincerely sorry for the things we did. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for those things, and would also like to make reparations for the damage we did. If you were involved in any of the incidents which we will name after this, please come to the harbor walk this afternoon between the hours of three and six o'clock to receive a personal apology as well as a token initial payment on damages and refunds owed to you, and information on how to receive the balance of your restitution when funds become available. These incidents are: a giant discount sale at the OSA*P jewelry store; the House of Fortune fortune-telling house; the Midnight Zero radio program..."

Jadeite, then Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite took turns listing the schemes they had carried out during their work for the Dark Kingdom, along with approximate dates. Zoisite also announced the names of the people he had targeted while searching for the Rainbow Crystals.

"Again," Jadeite heard his amplified voice say in conclusion, "if you were negatively affected by any of those incidents, please come to the harbor walk this afternoon between three and six o'clock to receive your personal apology and information on receiving refunds and payments for any damages you may have suffered. Thank you."

Jadeite looked at Zoisite and Kunzite, and the three of them nodded to each other. So far, so good. Now they just had to hope that people would show up and there would be enough time and money. And that, somehow, a miracle would occur and Thetis would come around and decide to forgive Jadeite. "Let's go," Jadeite said, and they teleported to the appointed place to meet with their former victims.

* * * * * * * *

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