Trip to the Arcade
By Sanjouin-DaCapo

* * * * * * * *

Nephrite watched happily as Naru bathed him, and thought about where they were going in a short while. They were finally going to meet with Naru's friends, including Usagi, whom Nephrite had already met. He felt a bit anxious at meeting with the rest of the senshi, no doubt close friends of their leader. She had probably long forgiven him; Usagi had a forgiving nature, and had defended him and Naru against the Plant Sisters.

The former general sighed and smiled at his friend, then weakly reached out to stroke her face. He had done that in his last moments, caressing her, trying his best to comfort the only one who tried to be his true friend, and had not even asked for anything in return. Nephrite watched as Naru worked down his front, to his legs and nether regions, then heard her giggle, and looked up to realize his hand had slipped and was now resting on its back, on her chest.

"Nephrite!" Naru laughed, "I didn't know you wanted to have some that bad..."

"Uh, it was an accident..." Nephrite began, before he realized that Naru was joking.

Nephrite was getting better at understanding jokes, though he still once in awhile took things literally, which made them both laugh. He smiled up at Naru, and pulled her closer.

"Maybe later tonight, we can," he whispered, before kissing her on the lips.

Naru giggled.

"No reason why we can't right now... "

She pulled him into an embrace and nibbled on his ear, sending waves of pleasure through his body. It was almost as though he could even feel his legs, down to the toes, in that instant. He moaned softly at the touches, and felt Naru guiding his hands under her shirt, to where his hand had landed moments before. She nibbled down his neck, to his shoulders, and down his chest.

That was where the feeling had faded a bit, but still Nephrite enjoyed the subtle sensations and watching Naru nuzzling him. He wrapped his arms around her and tilted his head forward, and kissed her on the cheek.

"Can I... " he whispered, blushing a bit.

Naru lifted her head and smiled, then propped Nephrite against the wall. They caressed each other for awhile, before the touches set off a wonderful display of fireworks inside Nephrite.

As Naru dressed him later, after she again washed and dried him off, Nephrite blushed. It was a bit of an awkward moment, but something they both found amusing.

"I'll have to remember that later on tonight!" Naru giggled.

She buttoned Neprhite's shirt and helped him into a jacket, then started combing his rich chestnut hair. The former general sighed at the gentle touch, eliciting another giggle from Naru.

"Careful... if we keep on going like this I might start craving ice cream topped with pickles!"

Nephrite looked up, with a cute bewildered expression on his face.

"Wha-?" he asked, not knowing what she meant.

Naru laughed.

"Oh silly... when women are pregnant, they uh... eat weird things. Some women eat-"

Nephrite interrupted with a loud laugh, which Naru joined in. She unfastened his straps and took him in her arms, and spun around a bit, then carefully sat down on the bed, and lay down with a still-laughing Nephrite. When he stopped laughing, the former general kissed Naru on the cheek, and held her close. After a few minutes, Naru strapped Nephrite back into his wheelchair, and they got into his favourite sports car, and drove over to the arcade.

Once at the arcade, Nephrite wheeled himself in, while Naru rode on his lap. He looked around, then spotted Usagi with four other girls her age and a little girl which he thought to be her sister. He made his way over to where she was sitting, and Naru got up and sat down in an empty chair.

"Hey Usagi! How's it going?" she asked.

Usagi and the others greeted her, then looked over at Nephrite, who was smiling a bit bashfully at them from where he sat. She, Rei, and Ami collectively gasped, while the other two senshi and Chibiusa just exchanged puzzled looks.

"N-Nephrite?" Ami whispered, making sure nobody else heard.

"Who's Nephrite?" Chibiusa asked, rather loudly.

"Chibi!" Usagi growled, before remembering that Chibiusa didn't know about the whole situation... or even about Nephrite.

"Um... he's a very good friend of me, Rei, Ami... and Naru!" she stammered, "And he did something really really brave!"

Rei and Ami sighed. Running her mouth was typical of Usagi.

"So the rumours were true?" Ami finally asked.

"So you're the guy who-" Minako began.

"MINAKO!" Usagi, Rei, and Ami yelled, cutting her off.

"Er... sorry..." Minako apologized, "Anyway you're really cute, uh... Mr. Sanjouin!"

Nephrite blushed at the compliment.

"Thank you, Minako," he chuckled.

They talked for awhile, as the girls all giggled at Nephrite's sexy face and hair, and they had all ordered lunch. Chibiusa asked a few personal questions, which got Usagi a bit mad, but Nephrite seemed to be tolerant of Chibi's curiosity.

"I have to use this wheelchair because some nerves broke in my spinal cord three years ago," Nephrite tried to explain, only bringing on more questions, including one concerning how he used the bathroom. That one he was too embarrassed to answer, but it was funny just the same.

Usagi just stood there, red as a beet, and tried to keep her cool. She was going to murder that little pest when they got home...

Chibiusa climbed into Nephrite's lap and hugged him, then planted a kiss on his cheek. The sheer cuteness of Chibiusa and the blushing businessman cooled Usagi down while Mako got a camera out and took a few pictures.

"What a sweetie!" she cooed as she snapped the photos.

As Chibiusa was climbing on Nephrite, she accidentally stepped on the joystick of his wheelchair, sending both of them crashing into the table.


"Calm down, Usagi," Mako said, "It was just an accident"

"I'll cover the expenses," Nephrite called to Motoki, as he got out his pencil and the framework it was attached to, and slipped his hand into it.

The blonde owner of the arcade just laughed it off and said "It's okay, no need to sweat it!"

While Usagi's friends were trying to calm her down, Nephrite wheeled himself over to Naru, and lightly took her hands.

Maybe someday, they could have one of their own.

* * * * * * * *

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