The Shi-Tennou Return
by SanjouinDaCapo

Chapter 8

* * * * * * * *

Author's Note: I didn't mean to make this chapter so long and such, but well, it just came to me late at night and the more I wrote, the more the two characters just kept on making me write it. It's like Jadeite and Mimete were here at the keyboard. It didn't even come out quite as I intended, but you know how fanfics sometimes get. The writing style is quite different, with few quotation marks and not-so-perfect grammar. The reason is because it takes place in the void, where Jadeite is imprisoned. I had this idea for a long time… what if he and Mimete could somehow reach each other? Besides, despite what Mimete did to Eudial, I don't think she deserved her fate. Death maybe, but not a fate worse than death. I also have quite a lot of sympathy for Jadeite because he tried his hardest to please Queen Beryl, and was the total butt-monkey of the Dark Kingdom. The others got far more leeway than he did.

Sorry for the long wait… had lots of stuff to do, and it took some time to get my muse back.

So anyway, on to the story.

* * * * * * * *

Darkness and nothingness, an endless void. Nothing but darkness. Jadeite had no idea how long it had been since he had seen the light – even the dim light of the Dark Kingdom he had once served. Now it was simple blackness. He couldn't scream or cry, as the crystal that imprisoned him also immobilized his body. Jadeite was sure that he was hungry, and certainly thirsty, but all of that was nothing compared to the black, soundless void. Nothingness… did he even exist anymore? Did the Dark Kingdom prevail, or had Queen Beryl screwed herself by freezing him, just as he was about to reveal the secret identity of Sailor Moon?

So useless, he thought, so very useless.

That deep, heavy feeling hung over the fallen King like a mountain. He could barely think about anything else except his uselessness and failure. Did Nephrite win? Did Zoisite find the Silver Crystal? Did it even matter anymore, since he, an expendable creature, was now worse than dead?

Anybody… is anybody here?

Jadeite was so lonely, desolate without someone to talk with. After this eternity, his soul ached for someone… anyone… even if he couldn't answer. Why did he long for this contact? He was of the Dark Kingdom, and had no need for friends – unlike Zoisite and Kunzite, those two lovers who were always together. No. He needed nobody… yet he wanted someone to… touch… to hear… to speak to.

* * * * * * * *

A scream…

Jadeite was sure he had heard a scream in the distance. The silence had been so deafening, that the scream was loud as an orchestra.

Who are you? He thought.


Someone in pain… someone… was it his mind playing tricks?

I'm here!

Another scream, panicked, despaired…


It was a woman… was it Usagi?

A face flashed in his mind, blond wavy hair, eyes wider than her round glasses. Not Usagi.

I'M HERE! Follow my voice! He called in his mind, mentally scolding himself for forgetting the crystal prison.

More screams, terrified, helpless, tortured screams. Were they his own?


* * * * * * * *

For how long, he couldn't remember, this went on. Days could not be measured in that cursed prison. As time went by, the screams died down, and he began to hear weeping and moaning.

I'M HERE! He called again, forgetting about everything else, desperate for any companionship.

Who are you? The voice called, Are you Dr. Tomoe?

Who is Dr. Tomoe? Jadeite asked.

Am I dreaming?

If this was a dream, certainly it was a nightmare. Had Queen Beryl consigned more of her slaves to this abominable fate?

Hello? Jadeite shouted in his mind to whoever had been screaming.

Who is it?



Follow my voice!

It's coming from everywhere! The woman replied, I can't find you!

Come over to me then!

I can't! I don't know how to move in this place!

Move? Queen Beryl didn't send you here in a crystal? Where's Dr. Tomoe? Is he here too?

No he isn't… he's probably in bed with that bitch Tellu! She sent me here!

Tellu? A new enemy?

Yes! Who is Queen Beryl?

Whoever this person was, she had no knowledge of Queen Beryl. Perhaps the Dark Kingdom had fallen… maybe to a new enemy. Whatever it was, the reply alarmed Jadeite greatly.

Who are you fighting against?

Those Sailor bitches! The voice spat, They ruined everything and now I'm stuck in this empty frikkin' void… all because of them!

Jadeite would have cracked a smile if he could move.

I too am here because of the Sailor Senshi. So, you have no knowledge of Queen Beryl?

No. Who is she?

My mistress.

Oh… my… you were… married to her? OH I'M SO USELESS! I'M JUST A USELESS CHRISTMAS CAKE! NOW I'LL NEVER GET MARRIED AND IT'S ALL THE SENSHIS' FAULT! The woman wailed with sudden hysteria. She sounded young enough to still be in school, though her voice sounded like that of a young adult.

Who are you? Jadeite asked the woman.

Mimete, she replied, after the over-the-top crying subsided, Who are you?

Jadeite, he replied, First of the Heavenly Kings.

Why are you here?

Failure, he replied, And you… I guess you're only good for crying. Or what good are you for?

YOUUUU! YOU LITTLE… UGH! The voice growled, sounding a little closer.

Not that you can do much to me now, powerful or weak as you are, Jadeite muttered, if one could do that with his mind-voice, I'm in a solid crystal. I cannot move or speak, except with my mind.

Well I can see why YOU were put here! I for one couldn't STAND working with a jerk like you! The woman snapped, If I could go somewhere else… I'd leave you here to ROT!

Not going to happen either, the fallen king replied, As far as I know, I cannot rot here.

Hmph! Well serves you right! I'll have you know that I am one of the Witches 5! … well… Witches 4 to be exact… I kinda caused a little… 'accident' shall we say… with my superior Eudial. At least I'm good for that, aren't I?

Jadeite paused, laughing to himself.

AREN'T I? the woman bellowed through the void.

Typical hysterical woman, Jadeite teased, You think your squawking could even hurt me now. I've known far worse torture than that.


* * * * * * * *

For what seemed an eternity, the two were silent. Now Jadeite had forgotten the torture, the loneliness, hunger and thirst, all of his pain. He would rather be alone than deal with this impossible person. Soon he began to hear Mimete talking to herself, then to some people he was sure did not exist in this world. For a while, he tolerated it, the noise being a welcoming break from eternal silence. Then it became annoying. Finally, when he could stand the racket no longer, Jadeite shouted in his mind,


Incensed at having her off-key singing session interrupted, Mimete screamed back at him,


Then there was silence for a few minutes, followed by crying.

I'm useless… and stupid… Tellu was right. I can't even destroy Sailor Moon!

Well well well… the crying little girl finally understands.

Go ahead, Mimete whimpered, Just go ahead and insult me. You must be much better than me.

No, Jadeite thought, I'm useless as well. Just as useless as you.

Why do you think all girls are so useless?

Because they are. All they do is cry when everything goes to hell.

I wish Eudial were here… no no no no… I wish I hadn't killed her… we used to be such dear friends until…

Mimete trailed off and began to sob.

Just as I thought… only good for crying.

Well what good are YOU for, Mr. Popsicle? Mimete shot back.

Silence. Jadeite couldn't answer.

Seems I hit a nerve now, didn't I?

We're probably going to be here forever, so maybe we should stop fighting. It's annoying.

You can say that again! You just interrupted my song!

And it's way off key. I wish I could demonstrate how to do it properly, but as you know I'm not quite able to do so.

And I can't see how I look. I bet I'm a mess now!

As am I. So will we just keep talking, or find a way out?

Way out? Are you stupid? When I warped myself into this damn computer with that Witches Warp device, I didn't consider the one fatal flaw – unplug it, and BOOM! Trapped in it FOREVER! Isn't that just great? I'm trapped in here and the only person I have around to talk to is some pompous girl-hating jerk!


Well you think we're useless, right? Maybe you're gay!

GAY? Where did you come up with an unbelievably stupid idea like that?

Well… well I… I DON'T KNOW!

Perfect. This is what I have as a companion for eternity.

Oh this is useless. Can we talk about something else?

Sure. Try me.

Well… are you cute? What colour is your hair? How about your eyes? Where did you come from, Mr. Jadeite?

My hair is blond. Why do you want to know? It's about your colour, I think, judging from what I saw in my mind.

Oooh. How 'bout your eyes. Are they pretty? I bet they are! Mimete giggled.

If Jadeite could groan, he would have. This was going to be a long eternity.

* * * * * * * *

Jadeite's hell was getting to be a little more tolerable. Mimete was quite annoying, rattling off all her woes and talking about useless manga and TV dramas. Why did these humans obsess over such crap?

However, he just could not imagine life without her, as annoying as she could be.

So, why'd you and Queen Beryl decide to fight Sailor Moon?

To get the Silver Crystal, and to obtain enough energy to awaken Queen Metallia, Jadeite replied.

Ooooh… sorta like Mistress 9?

Whoever that is.

As if it even matters now, Mimete sighed, We're screwed.

At least I destroyed Queen Beryl, Jadeite laughed, I took revenge on her and I didn't even have to do a thing!

Well good for you.

Is it painful? Jadeite asked, wondering why he suddenly cared.

No. Just boring.

I've forgotten how pain feels now. I've forgotten everything, really.

Even love?

)Heh. Love. I don't need it.

I do. Everyone needs some love, Mimete replied. Or are you some kinda alien who doesn't need love 'cause he's just a big fuddy-duddy?

Let's not get into that. I just… for as long as I remembered. I never…

Mommy didn't give you enough hugs?

I don't… know my mother. I never… had one. From what I remember.

Jadeite wondered why he was saying this… to a girl of all people.

You know… I wish I could give you one, Mimete sighed, Even if you are a jerk.

I don't even know how love feels.

Those butterflies in your stomach, the oh-so-dreamy high you get when you see someone so pretty?

I only felt a rush… when I succeeded.

Unlucky? Just like Moi!

I wonder if they even think about us now. I wonder if they are even alive. We could be trapped here for all eternity, with the others dead.

Dead? How do you know?

You told me, Jadeite snarked.

What do you mean? I don't even know about any 'others'? Were they this 'Nephrite', Zoisite and who else…?

Kunzite. Maybe you don't know. Hmm… Is there anything you DO know?

Screw you, jerk!

They're obviously dead because those damned Senshi are still around! They probably killed the others… not that it matters anymore. Maybe this is… freedom. Ironic. Freedom despite being imprisoned in this damn cage.

I'll bet they killed of Tellu. Or maybe Villuy did it for them. Serves her right for trapping me here! I could be out there right now catching the latest manga. I'm missing all my shows now! I bet my friends on 2Chan miss me so much. I wonder what happened to my manga collection… bet Tellu and the others ruined it! And my anime collection! Ugh! Stupid prison!

Am I entertaining enough? You sure are.


Whatever. We could spend this eternity hurling insults at each other, or we can find a way out.

Won't happen. Stuck here forever, remember? I bet this is our punishment… being stuck together in this void.

Oh cheer up, Mimete. It could be worse, Jadeite observed, annoyed but strangely feeling better than he had since being imprisoned.

I bet it was nice, serving as one of Queen Beryl's top-men.

No. Just constant fighting over who would get the glory. That's all I remember. That was all my life. I envy Kunzite and Zoisite for what they had.

Eudial and the others used to be my best friends. Then Dr. Tomoe hired us, and we started getting jealous of each other.

Boo-hoo. Nobody cared if I was hurting. Nobody cared at all. I learned not to care.

So that's why you're such a jerky sourpuss. Why do you hate girls?


Then why do you claim that they're only good for crying?

I don't know. Get it through your thick, whiny skull! I DON'T KNOW!

This is going nowhere!

Like we are going somewhere? Anywhere?

Well it's all we CAN do, Mr. Smarty-Pants! You just don't need to be a total jerk when I'm in distress!

Mimete, you know nothing about distress. You know nothing about torture. I did everything I could and those Senshi still defeated every monster I sent after them! I wonder what they had that we didn't! Maybe it is this 'love' humans are so obsessed with. It's so funny. They worked together and probably defeated the entire Dark Kingdom. Isn't that a cosmic joke?

They worked together to defeat my daemons – that's for sure!

Maybe that's why we failed. Everyone was after himself.

Or herself in my case! Mimete interrupted.

Yes, yes. Maybe this is the humans' strength.

Well I am a human. What do you look like? Do you look like a human, or are you some big, green alien? Mimete asked, making an annoying WooEEEoooo sound.

I look just like a human, Jadeite replied, put off by the noise.

So you are cute, aren't you?

Maybe I am. What does it matter now?

I dunno. Just wondering. It's not like we're ever gonna get out, so we should at least make some kind of conversation that doesn't involve goin' at each others' throats or trying to escape. Besides… I do kinda like you. Just wanted to know what you looked like so I could imagine it. I bet the ladies all swooned for ya in that Dark Kingdom.

Maybe they did. I didn't care. I only cared about one thing – serving Queen Beryl.

The only girl who wasn't useless? Were you in love with her?


Then why did you serve her? I mean… she was a girl, wasn't she? Or was she a guy once? Do they have sex-change operations in that Dark Kingdom of yours? Was Beryl a tranny?


Never mind.

Is there anything else… anything less-annoying we could talk about? You can really get on someone's nerves!

Yeah… maybe that's why Tomoe gave my job to Tellu, Mimete lamented.

We could talk about something else. Anything?

Well what is there to talk about? Know any jokes? Any good shows in that Dark Kingdom? Any manga? Or did you peep on Zoisite in bed with his lover-boy?

That image. Please. It's just…

Oh I bet it's so dreamy watching them kiss. I've read so many naughty manga with men in love. Awww the kissing and hugging and… SQUEEEEE!


Aww c'mon, Jadeite… don't be so grouchy.

You're not imprisoned in a crystal.

You're not a woman.

You're one for the obvious.

A long silence followed again. It wasn't so bad now, but Jadeite began to tolerate this woman more. As annoying as she was, something about talking with her made everything more bearable.



I'm sorry.

Really? Sorry for being a pain in the butt?

Yes… I'm sorry for being a 'pain in the butt'. I don't understand humans, and I sure as hell don't understand you, but truthfully, you have made this punishment far less painful despite your frequent whining spells. I really don't understand women, for that matter. Why do you women get so caught up in love? Why do you cry so much?

I don't know. Guess it's a woman-thing. I don't understand men. I don't understand why Tomoe would just boot me from that assignment like I was nothing!

I don't understand why you kept on trying to please him.

Like you tried to please Beryl. Couldn't you just escape?

Think about it, Jadeite replied, We could have escaped. Maybe we could have avoided this hell.

And never met each other?

Maybe it would have been far more pleasant for the both of us.

Am I that bad? Mimete whined.

Look, Mimete, we should both at least try to not annoy each other.

Not much else to do.

Maybe at least practice your singing so it sounds better?

Without an audience?

You have one.

Yeah… just one, Mimete grumbled.

Even if we are the last two people in existence, maybe we can make each other happy. Maybe we can bring some light to this damnable darkness.

Heh. Maybe.

Besides, what if I am 'cute' as you would say?


We can't change anything we have done, Mimete. It's time to stop this pointless moping. The Dark Kingdom is dead. Everyone I knew is dead. Maybe it's the same for you now. We have to move on.

Yeah. At least we're not alone now, are we? Oh, I wish I could see you right now. You're probably a total hottie!

Never really cared.

I doubt you'd be attracted to a girl with glasses.

Never was attracted to a girl.

Except for Queen Beryl…

Shut up.

Aww c'mon… was she a blond? Or was she a redhead? And were her boobs bigger than mine?

I don't know. How big are yours?


Well you asked… why are you worried about your figure?

Guys like 'em big!

I couldn't care less.

Would you care that I'm starting to think… that I'm in love with you?

When you can't even see me? How can you be in love?

I don't know… just have this weird feeling. My heart starts to race whenever you speak to me. Do you ever feel that.

I don't… know…

Never been in love? Never been kissed? Hmm? Mimete asked, much to Jadeite's annoyance.

Look, Mimete, as aggravating as you can be sometimes, I do feel some fondness toward you. I don't know why, Jadeite explained, I don't know if I even like you. I just know that we are the only ones here, and we're here because we never took the opportunity to leave. You've made me forget about the torture, about everything. I don't care about the Dark Kingdom anymore. I don't care about the disgrace of losing to the Senshi…

A bunch of whiny girls?

Yes..., Jadeite sighed, I don't care. I care that you're here. I don't want you to leave.

I don't want you to leave either. I'd be all alone… with no cute guy to listen to me sing or whine… as you say it.

I could listen to you whine for all eternity, if need be.

Just 'cause there's nothing else to do? Mimete asked.

Maybe. As I have said, I don't know.

Anything nice and happy to talk about?

Ask someone who didn't work for the Dark Kingdom.

Well at least we're free. You said it, Jadeite… we're free. Dunno what we can do here, but at least we're not alone anymore. And we don't hafta deal with those Sailor chicks.

True. I just… wish I could see you. Maybe you are pretty.

Maybe you are cute.

Does that matter? I don't know why… but… somehow I have this feeling. I don't know what it is.

Well I care about you… it must be horrible in that prison!

Not so much anymore.

* * * * * * * *

"Jadeite… Jadeite…"

Who is there?

WHO WHAT? Mimete shouted, startled at the new voice.

It sounds familiar… I think I remember that voice.

First new voice here in… forever?

A soft light began to shine, growing brighter, almost blinding Jadeite. He could make out what looked like a woman, and her odango hairstyle…



"Jadeite… it's almost time… they have come to set you free."

The Senshi?

"No, Jadeite… the others… the other three Kings of the Heavens."

Impossible. They're dead.

"No, they're not. They have been sent back, each paying a toll to do so. Wait for them."


Hey Sailor Moon! If you're still around, um… could you have those guys you know… rescue me too? I don't WANNA BE HERE ALONE!

"You will both be released. Just have patience."

Jadeite could now make out another female figure, one in a rather skimpy yellow and black dress. She almost looked like a parody of a senshi. She blinked her eyes, adjusted the round glasses on her nose, then smiled. It was the most beautiful thing Jadeite had ever seen.

Mimete… is that you?

Jadeite… wow… you do look cute. Well… you'd look cuter if you weren't… you know – frozen in a scream like that? Still, scared guys do look kinda hot.

Shut up.

* * * * * * * *

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