by Pieda the Mokona

* * * * * * * *

She wanted to get to know Masato Sanjouin a little bit more... and her curiosity landed herself in a place she could never comprehend in a million years.

He wasn't a hundred percent bad.

Sure, he did a few things that crossed the line, though he was never on the edge of having nothing in him that was redeeming.

And Naru saw that in him.

To Naru, he was nothing but wonderful.

The moment she saw the real 'Masato Sanjouin', she just about had tears in her eyes. Everyone else would have seen a ruthless, cruel tyrant. She saw a battered heart.

A fragile heart that didn't hear a kind word. A heart that was misplaced for so long. A heart that was scarred at such a young age.

It made her so sad.

Hope began to die in him... and she wanted to keep it alive before it withered out. If it died... he'd drown.

When he first introduced himself as the billionaire CEO, he had charm, wit, and features that would make any girl fall head over heals. Beneath the bravado and charisma, Naru thought she saw something nobody else could see... that he was hurt. That he was suffering.

And she was always going to be there to help mend his heart, no matter what.

"I'm not from this world, Naru... I'm not even Masato Sanjouin. My name's Nephrite of the Dark Kingdom... I'm a youma. Not a human..."

She reached for both of his hands. For limbs that conducted so much harm, they surprisingly felt warm. They were so soft...

"But... you look like everyone else, Nephrite. And even if you are from a different planet... you'd still be the same to me."

* * * * * * * *

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