Music Box
by happyhappysunshine

Chapter 15 - 3:00 a.m.

* * * * * * * *

"Hold on just one second!" Usagi yelled when she saw Nephrite rush into the room. What was going on?!

The rest of the Sailor Scouts were equally confused. They had followed Jadeite to the mansion and followed him quietly watching from outside the window. They followed his movements from the kitchen where they watched him place the food onto the counter. However, the were very taken aback when just a couple moments later, Naru excitedly rushed into the room.

Usagi immediately assumed she was being held captive. That's why she's been acting so weird at school lately. She must be under some kind of spell!

Without another moment's notice, the Sailor Scouts crashed in through the windows. Shock from the sudden crashing of the windows and appearance of the scouts caused Naru to faint once again. Mars and Jupiter went to take Naru to their side while the other Scouts seized Jadeite. They were just about to question him and force him to tell them what he was up to when he began yelling for Nephrite and seconds later, Nephrite was there at the door.

Now they were all there, the Sailor Scouts and the two Shitennou, in stunned and confused silence, no one knowing what to do.

Finally, it was Nephrite who broke the silence, addressing the senshi. "I think there's been a misunderstanding. We mean you no harm."

Still stunned, Sailor Moon spoke, "B-b-but Nephrite? How is this possible? We saw you die. And why is Jadeite back too?"

"Perhaps we can both drop our defenses and all can be cleared out. In fact, it appears it is my good fortunate that you have come to me. I was about to seek you out to see if you might help me," explained Nephrite.

"And why should we trust or help you?" spat Sailor Mars defensively.

Nephrite did no speak but they could see that his concerned gaze was cast towards a fainted Naru beside them.

"The Negaverse is over, Mars. I think we can trust him," said Mercury.

"It's not him I don't trust," said Sailor Mars and then gesturing to Jadeite, "It's that one."

Nephrite nodded understandingly. "I assure you he will not go after you as long as I am here. Jadeite, please take Naru into the other room. It's best I speak with the Senshi alone."

As the scouts released him, Jadeite looked as if he was about to protest babysitting the girl and was going to insist he be able to stay for the discussion but then decided against it. He realized his presence was neither wanted nor important to what Nephrite needed so he held his tongue and decided to wait. He defiantly walked across the room to Naru and swung her body over his shoulder as if she were a sack of potatoes and walked out the door.

"Now if you would please," Nephrite started and indicated for them to take a seat, "I do not have much time. This is a very important matter...

* * * * * * * *

Naru woke with a start. She felt hazy and warm and realized she had fainted again and had been placed on the couch by the fireplace in the grand parlor. Slowly, her memory caught up with her. She sat up abruptly and scanned the room but only Jadeite was there at the desk, reading A Midsummer Night's Dream in the candlelight. He looked so different when he was reading - as if he was at peace. It's still dark outside and the stars are still shining - but where is Nephrite?

Then, as though he could read her thoughts Jadeite said as if he was lecturing a child, "He's still in the kitchen with the Senshi. Don't rush in, they're having an important discussion."

Naru noticed the clock on his desk read 3:00 am. She panicked. Sunrise would be in just over two hours. They did not have much time left and she had barely spent any time with Nephrite. Answering her thoughts again and hiding his own impatience, Jadeite mumbled , "I expect he'll be back soon though. They have been in there for a while."

"How did Sailor Moon even know to come here in the first place?" Naru asked. The thought only occured to her now.

"They must have noticed me and followed me from downtown." Jadeite shrugged, as if it was of little importance now that they no longer posed a threat.

"Why did Nephrite send you downtown for anyways?"

"It was imperative I go to this ice cream parlour and bring back chocolate parfaits. They must be completely melted now though. What a waste." Jadeite finally looked up. "Now stop with your insufferable questions and just wait."

It did not matter to Naru that the ice cream was ruined, her heart was warm and a huge smile was spread across her face. He remembered.

* * * * * * * *

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