Idol/The Age of a Soul
by Moon Momma

* * * * * * * *


You loved me
Even when my lies were revealed.
You stood by me
Even when you saw I was evil.
You saved my life
With no fear for your own.

So much courage
In such a gentle soul...
I don't understand
How your goodness and my evil
Can exist on the same plane.

Teach me what you know --
Teach me to love,
To have courage,
To be faithful.
Heal my corruption,
And make me worthy of you.

* * * * * * * *

The Age of a Soul

Some people would say
I'm far too young for you.
But they only know
What they see at this moment.

The sunlight we see
Is only eight minutes old,
But the sun goes back
Millennia without counting
And will go on for countless more.

What we call history
Is only a small part
Of all the lives that have been lived
And that will be lived.
Because we don't know about the rest,
Does that mean they aren't real?

Are the stars not in the sky
Before we are born to see them?
Do they go out like candle-flames
When we die?
What we see of the stars
In our lifetimes
Is less than the smallest fraction
Of their existence.

You and I are like that.
What people see now
Is only a tiny portion of the truth --
You and I go back together
To the beginning of time
And we will go on together

* * * * * * * *

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