Well the truth is out and there’s nowhere to hide. How will Molly take what she has learned about her love (and how will Neflyte take what her learned about her)? Do read and find out, dear readers.

Sailor Moon is copyright © 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation. English Language Adaptation © 1995 DiC Entertainment

... And Death Shall Have No Dominion
by Bonnie S

Chapter Four - Rings, Chocolate Parfaits, and Birthday Cake

* * * * * * * *

Back in real time, Neflyte hit the shower wall hard and Molly completely collapsed into his arms. Obviously Queen Serenity’s spell had at last come full circle. Now they had to face the reality that it had created.

Seeing that she was cold and feeling chilled himself, Neflyte used his powers to slowly raise the water’s temperature - bringing it up to a heat they both could stand. Soon Molly had stopped shivering from cold and her lips returned to their normal rose color.

Molly struggled to speak as they both grasped the horrible truth. “Neflyte? How come I was able to feel and remember all of your memories too?”

“I think that it was part of the spell Queen Serenity used on us. We both saw our pasts so that all of the secrets are known, and we can face it together. I understand if you want me to leave you alone now. Especially with our enemies knowing how I feel for you.” Neflyte hated this moment, because now he was sure that he’d lose his wife forever.

Molly finally got to where she could stand on her own, and then turned to look up into his beautiful blue eyes. She knew it was losing her that had changed him all those centuries before, and inside she too would have chosen the path he had taken if he had been the one killed that night a thousand years before. She finally understood his struggle since their first meeting up to that moment. Molly knew that this was a good man she had, and wasn’t ready to give him up or give up on him.

“If anyone should worry about the other leaving, I should be scared of you not wanting me. After what happened with my father …” Molly hid her face against his chest as tears flooded her eyes again.

Neflyte kissed her head as he hugged her. “You did not bring all of that onto yourself, my love. I was the one who killed and have helped to try and destroy this world. I won’t stay and knowingly put you, mom, and the Scouts in danger. I don’t deserve a woman like you.”

“After waiting for a thousand years, you’re ready to walk away from our marriage? You are here to protect and cherish us, Neflyte - just like you vowed to me so long ago. Don’t leave me, please. After all we haven’t found our daughter yet, have we? Besides, we’re suppose to be getting that chocolate parfait tomorrow … or have you forgotten that my dearest and only love?” Molly smiled as she held her body closer to his - as close as she could physically get.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as Neflyte reclaimed his wife’s lips with them both fully knowing who the other was. Their kisses became hotter and filled with more longing as they tried to slowly erase the heartache and yearning he had suffered as a Negaverse warrior. Soon he had her back against the wall, and she was enjoying it.

But when she slid her hand onto his aching sex, Neflyte grabbed both of her hands and held them on ether side of her head as he forced himself to calm down. “I waited for our wedding night before, my love … I can wait again. I won’t have anyone question your virtue this life!”

“But, I don’t want to wait. In my heart we’re still married. Can’t that be enough now?” Molly needed to be his again in all ways, and needed to feel him healing with her every soft touch as he did on their last wedding night.

A knock on the door made Molly giggle, which lit up Neflyte’s face. How he had missed this girl … no, this woman.

Jessica opened the door a little ways and smiled. “Kids listen. I’m heading off to bed. Oh and let’s not let the customers know what is going on in your marital bed tomorrow, all right? Goodnight.”

Molly let the tears flow again as Neflyte kissed them away. Jessica had just given them her view of their relationship - and her blessings for what they both knew they wanted - with how she had emphasized the word marital.

“All right, momma. We’re going out for the day tomorrow anyway.”

Neflyte stopped long enough to call out over his shoulder. “Thank you for accepting me back as Molly’s husband, Queen Jessica. I won’t fail either of you again.”

It was a promise he gave to both ladies. He wasn’t going to risk ever losing his wife … his family … ever again.

“I know you won’t, son. You kids have lots of fun tonight. Oh and Neflyte, these days it’s custom to call me mom and not by my old Royal title.” Jessica chuckled.

“But you will always be a Queen to me, just as my Molly is.”

Jessica swallowed as she fought off her tears of joy and Molly sighed giddily. He had turned completely back around! Things would change back to the peaceful times they had all once known - Jessica was certain of that now! “Thank you, son. Goodnight, my children.”

Neflyte and Molly both called a hasty goodnight back as they once again took to memorizing one another’s body. As he once did, he carefully washed his wife all over. Then she returned the favor. After a time they shut off the shower and ran for Molly’s bed, where she gave him her virginity a second time and both found the missing part of their soul.

He took his time with her, and did what he could to ease her pain as he first sheathed himself within her body. She moaned deep and passionately each time her buried himself within her. They both cried out the other’s name as they finally found their release at the same time.

Neflyte carefully rolled off of his beloved and tucked her safely into his arms before they both gave into the exhaustion that burned in their bodies.

Jessica could barely find sleep that night, but she didn’t mind it. Her children were together again, and before long she would at last hold her lost baby granddaughter for the first time ever.

* * * * * * * *

When Molly finally woke up the next morning she found her husband was smiling down on her. “Good morning, my love. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m a little sore, but happy and complete for the first time in so long. And I remember that today is your birthday. Happy birthday, my beloved husband.” Molly gently kissed his lips as he sighed. Only then had he remembered what day it was - March 10th … his true birthday. “Thank you, my only wife. Is yours still January 1st?”

Molly nodded with a sneaky grin on her face. It was a smirk Neflyte all too easily remembered from the millennium before. “No parties, no presents, and no candles! At my age I think that it would be a serious fire hazard.”

Molly giggled, “That’s only if we go by actual age. We didn’t get to celebrate your birthday the year we got married, so we’re going to say that you are twenty-eight. And yes we are going to celebrate this!”

“Well, the two of you finally woke up! I’ve already called Serena and told her it’s your birthday, son, so fully expect a party this afternoon at the meeting.” Jessica chuckled as she slipped two boxes in the room without looking in. “Happy birthday, and a little gift for my baby who is now her own Lady.” In the boxes were identical gold origami crane pendants - the Japanese symbol for long life, happiness, and peace. Both knew that they hoped the rest of their lives would be just that. Each hooked the chain around their love’s neck before showering and then soaking in a furo (a traditional Japanese bath) together.

Once Molly was feeling better because of the hot water soaking away the soreness, they dressed and slipped out of the apartment through the side door. Molly waved bye to her mother as they ran off for Neflyte’s car.

They had breakfast at a little shop Neflyte always went to. Omelets, baked fish, rice, and juice. Molly remembered that this had been one of their favorite breakfasts whenever they were together on Earth in their last life. The memory made Neflyte smile, he had ordered it for them just because of that - so that he and Molly would have their first meal together just as they had the first time they ate after being introduced.

Molly chuckled at how different she had been then, but she understood that maybe how they were parted had an after effect on her. Seeing on his face that Neflyte didn’t want to remember that night, Molly changed the conversation. “Neflyte, I really enjoyed last night. I think it was better than our first wedding night.”

Neflyte’s eyes sparkled as he grinned. She was stunning, and once again his beloved. “I did too, my Molly. Now all we have left to do is make it proper in this age.”

“It’s proper to mom, and in my heart … that’s all that matters to me. Is what happened between the two of us last night going to be avoided now?” Molly liked how this man made her feel, and she didn’t want to lose it.

“I doubt that I could keep away from you in that way, my Molly. If you feel we’re acting properly, then I won’t stop. But, you must want it as well. You say no, no matter how far along we are or when in our coming years you say it, we will stop and wait until you’re ready again. I’ll never force you. I’d just like to marry you again.”

Molly blushed just slightly at that. Thankfully they were seated a little away from the other customers for privacy. “Are you proposing to me again, General Neflyte?”

The use of his old title made him chuckle deep in his chest. Neflyte knew what Molly meant, that in her heart things weren’t any different … as if she hadn’t died. She had not stopped being his wife.

Pulling the velvet bag out of his pocket, he shot her the same sneaky grin he had received from her that morning. “Actually, now that you mention it, Princess Molly of Solaris, I am. Will you do me the honor of marrying me … all over again?” he added as an afterthought.

Out of the bag he pulled out three rings, their wedding bands and her white star amethyst engagement ring! Molly couldn’t believe it; Neflyte had kept their rings! She tried desperately to keep from bursting into tears by panting her sobs back. “Oh yes! You know that I’d have no one else but you as my husband!”

Both grinned as he slid the ring on her finger. Without a thought of where they were, they kissed deeply. The elderly owners of the family run shop blocked the view others might get quickly with a decorative screen the moment they realized he was proposing to his young lady guest. Both the old man and woman had taken well with the eccentric millionaire, looking upon him as one of their sons. Seeing the love and desire in the young couple’s eyes, they realized where things were going as the pair were seated.

As they giggled and planned their future, three little children walked over to Molly and each gave her a small bouquet of a different flower - dandelions, yellow poppies, and pink roses. Molly couldn’t hide her blush as the children bowed and ran back to their chores.

“Well, I wonder why they did that?”

Neflyte chuckled. “Do you remember how Serena told you that flowers have their own language? The family that run this shop have given you a message.”

“Can you translate it for me, my fiancé?” Molly smiled as she inhaled the scent of the flowers.

“They wish us happiness, wealth, and success with the first two. The pink roses they are thanking you for some perfect happiness.”

Molly’s smile grew brighter.

The old woman overheard the translation and came behind the screen. “Your happiness, Stanton-san. You are good customer and are like a son to my husband and me. Rarely have we ever seen you this happy, and to know this young lady is who makes you happy makes us happy. Congratulations to you both.”

Without another word the old woman left the couple on their own. Neflyte stared after her in shock. “I never knew that they felt that way.”

“None of us know what effect we have on the world around us, my love. And we can never know where our touch ends. That’s why every life is so very important.” Molly softly said.

Neflyte thought for a moment. By now Molly remembered their shared past, and all about his different expressions. She knew that he was considering something and needed to be left alone. He looked up at her with a smile on his face.

“I know three people who have changed our lives forever twice, my love. I can’t properly thank Queen Serenity or her daughter, but I can thank the Scouts … I meant ‘we’ can thank them. Let’s get them something while we are out.”

Molly grinned. “That is a wonderful idea, love.”

Neflyte paid for their meal, though the family wanted to waive it. He also made plans to take all of the girls there for breakfast the following Saturday morning.

Then he and Molly went shopping for gifts to thank the Scouts for saving his life. Despite his arguments, Molly ended up buying him a birthday present that she refused to give him until the meeting.

Every time he tried to guess at it, she’d giggle and refuse to say what it was.

Lunch was at a fast food place for burgers and fries. After lunch she finally had her dream realized when Neflyte took her to the café they had talked about the night before. In the end they both ate half of the dessert. Neflyte still had his sweet tooth, and obviously was becoming as addicted to chocolate as his secret wife was in this new life of theirs.

Then he took her clothes shopping … making sure she took the time to pick up a few things that only he’d see. Molly didn’t like how he wasn’t getting anything for himself. She ended up buying him a robe, and he agreed - only because that it was a gift from her.

All too quickly it was time to drive to the Cherry Hill Temple.

Neflyte soon found himself being half dragged up the stairs by his excited wife.

He didn’t know if he’d be welcomed at this meeting. After all, it was Scout business, and he doubted that they trusted him yet - even if they did save his life. Adding on that Serena knew that it was his birthday, he dreaded what awaited him even more. But, for Molly’s sake, he’d suffer being told to leave or worse.

An old man was sweeping the walkway when they got to the top. “Welcome to the Cherry Hill Temple! Would you like a tour?”

“You have to be Raye’s grandpa! I’m Molly and this is Maxfield. We’re looking for Raye.”

Before he could say a word, a cheery voice interrupted. Serena was actually on time for a meeting! “Hey, you guys! Happy birthday, Maxfield!”

“Thank you, Serena. We were just seeing about where Raye is.”

“Come along with me! I know exactly were she is!” Grandpa chuckled as he led the group back to Raye’s room. “Oh Raye, the rest of your friends are here!”

“SURPRISE!” came several voices at once. The Scouts and Queen Jessica were definitely not letting this reason for celebrating pass them by.

The room was decked out with streamers and balloons. Presents were piled in a corner. And those who meant anything to him were there. Neflyte felt so unworthy of it all, but was grateful for the acceptance and attention.

In the middle of the room was a cake with twenty-eight candles that read:

Molly laid the gift she had bought him with the rest, while he gave their thank you gifts to each of the Scouts, Luna, and Jessica.

He gave each Scout a locket that had their planet’s sign on the front and a saying on the back:

Serena: The Spirit of True Friendship
Raye: The Burning Fires of Courage
Amy: The Revealing Waters of Wisdom
Molly: The Light of Love

Jessica and Luna too received lockets. Jessica’s showed a mother holding a child. Luna’s had a heart with her name in its center.

Jessica: The Mother That Always Hoped
Luna: The Heart That Never Gave Up

“Neflyte, you didn’t have to buy me a locket! I mean you gave me back my old engagement ring,” Molly gasped as he put the necklace on her.

“What!?!” the Scouts all gasped.

Molly showed off the stone, and all oohed over it. Jessica simply smiled, because she knew what Neflyte was going to do before the pair had even left the store that morning.

“I’ve given gifts at birthday parties, but never gotten any … except at mine of course!” Serena stuttered as she actually fought off her tears for the first time. Being a Lady of a Royal Court she knew that she couldn’t cry like a baby … especially once they were introduced to the Moon Princess - she might kick her out if Serena did.

Raye was secretly proud that the meatball head hadn’t klutzed out or whined yet. The fiery tempered priestess of the Scouts hadn’t trusted Neflyte completely at first, but now she could see that he had strong feelings for Molly, and that Molly trusted him - then with what Luna told them that morning over the communicators of who he once was.

Raye did a fire reading before any of the others arrived for the meeting/party, and found that he was on an important but shaky ground. He could be one of their strongest allies and defenders. Or he could be their downfall. It all depended on his heart. If he was shown that he was held as his once was, Raye knew he would be a good friend.

She knew exactly how to do it, and talked her grandfather into helping her buy the gift she couldn’t wait to see how Neflyte would react to. Oh well, he would soon find out that they counted him now as another warrior for their side and one less for the Negaverse! “Speaking of, let’s get the candles lit so we can get to the presents!”

While the girls started lighting the candles, Molly whispered the tradition of making a wish and blowing out one of the candles to make the wish come true to Neflyte - a tradition they didn’t have back in the time of the Moon Kingdom.

He only had one worry on his mind right then, though he’d love it to be otherwise. The world had changed, and Molly was not yet of legal marital age - and he feared anything giving away the fact that they still acted as if they were still legally husband and wife.

‘I wish that nothing happens to bring shame on my Molly. That our daughter does not come to us until after I can be her husband in the eyes of those around us.’

Without missing a beat he blew out every last candle, to the cheers of the others. Deep inside he missed the concept of Molly carrying their lost daughter, but he wouldn’t have the vicious words he once heard of her said again - even if this time they didn’t wait for their legal marriage.

On his insistence, Neflyte finally got to open Molly’s gift first thing. Wondering just what it was she got him was about to drive him mad. And her giggles did nothing to help.

First he opened the card, and it showed how much she did remember of their old life. It was a black background with shimmering stars and sliver lettering that said:

The stars are more than twinkling dots to fill our sight.
They are tiny lights to guide us through the darkest night.
They are reminders of tales to enchant and give us delight.
They are where we set our goals in life.
They are a place to find hope in the middle of our strife.

Inside it read:

It is said the stars have a keeper to keep order of our nightly view.
That he moves us all with the movement of lights and I know its true,
Because that keeper has moved me to you.

Happy Birthday,
Love Molly

She had remembered the night he formally introduced her to the stars as his bride. Neflyte felt the need to cry for the first time in too long, but not in front of his friends and on his birthday.

Inside of the box was a silver picture frame that had two hearts in one upper corner and a rose across the bottom. Engraved in the hearts was:

March 9, 1992

Neflyte knew what Molly had meant by it. That she had been serious that she still considered herself married to him, and the night before had only been a renewal of those vows they had promised one another a thousand years before. All that was left was to get a picture for it.

Serena decided that there was now time like the present. Molly grabbed Neflyte’s arm possessively and wrapped it around her waist. The photo left little doubt as to just who MR was - Molly Rachel Stanton (nee’ Baker).

Serena then gave him her gift. Inside her box were a small palm leaf, a tiger lily, a magnolia, an iris, a white heather, a cattail, as well as one white and one yellow zinnia. “Read the letter and you’ll understand.”

It read:

Happy Birthday Neflyte,

Up till now we’ve been enemies, and I never once thought that there was any good within you. In the past few days you have proven me wrong and I dearly hope you continue to do so. So this year for your birthday, I will again give you my trust and my friendship. Please know that you stopped being alone when you put Molly’s life above yours that night. You are one of us, and we will be there for you every step of the way.

There is a language to flowers, and this bouquet is telling a secret message to you from me. The palm leaf shows that now there is a peace between the two of us, because we cannot be enemies if we are not at war against one another.

The tiger lily says how proud I am of you for returning to our side. I know that Molly and the others are too.

The magnolia tells all that once again we see you for the noble man you truly are.

The iris is saying how much your friendship means to me, I have faith that you will not turn us away, I hope that you will believe and accept our friendships, and that your wisdom and valor are welcome and needed within the Scouts. A lot said by one flower, but all of it the truth.

Hopes that all your and Molly’s wishes will come true, and the promise of my protection always, is told by the white heather.

This cattail too speaks of peace, but also wishes prosperity for you and Molly always. After what the two of you have been through, you both deserve it.

While the white and yellow zinnias ask you to remember every day just how good a man you really are. I promise that we will never forget that.

And just so everyone knows, Luna helped me with this note.

With hopes that all your wishes come true this birthday.


Everyone laughed that Serena had admitted to Luna helping with the note, but it was the most thoughtful gift Neflyte had ever received. That this girl could open her heart to a former enemy without hesitation made him realize all the more how wrong he had once been. And that she had put such thought into the present stunned them all. This was one gift that Neflyte would never forget.

Raye handed over her gift next. “Well, it’s kinda hard to follow a present like that one. But it’s nice to see our leader finally getting her act together.”

Before Serena could start an argument, Neflyte decided to open the box. Everyone was surprised to see a black Iatio sword! Raye too had written a note.

Never forget the honorable man you were before, because I have seen him in the sacred fires and I know he is still within you.

You’ve may have made bad choices in the past, but now I give you back your honor with this sword - in the name of Mars.


“And Raye was complaining of how Serena’s present was going to be hard to beat!” Amy chuckled as she reached her gift to Neflyte. “This is for our group to make us not only friends, but a family as well … that is once we find the Moon Princess.”

Inside of the box was an empty book simply titled ‘Our Family’. On the inside cover was a message:

Happy Birthday Neflyte,

I cannot think of anyone more appropriate to guard this book than you.

Once long ago you helped to protect all of us. You’ve returned at last to take up that task again. Thank you from us all, we’ve missed you.

Best of everything to you and Molly - today and always.

Amy a.k.a. Sailor Mercury

Holding back the tears was becoming all the harder for him as the moments passed. And he saw there were two more gifts waiting for him to open. How was he going to get through this day?

Jessica picked up the last two gifts and smiled at her still wonderful son-in-law as she reached him one. “I think that Luna’s gift should come next. If I’m right, it is very important.”

“That it is, Queen Jessica. I’ll simply say what I would have written, if my cat scratchings could be called handwriting. You have a wisdom now that you didn’t before and it more than anything I believe will make this a proper welcome home and birthday gift to you.” Luna chuckled as she finished, meaning that it was something from the time of the Moon Kingdom without question.

Neflyte was shocked to see his old uniform and rank insignia before him! He just couldn’t believe his eyes! Looking around the Sailor Scouts, he saw that they were all wearing knowing smiles on their faces.

“Look, the three of us had a communicator meeting after Queen Jessica told me about today being your birthday. Seeing as this is the first one you’ve had in awhile with us, we wanted to make it special,” Serena explained.

Raye spoke up next. “Yeah. So we all discussed how we could show you that your past is forgiven and that now we trust you. And getting that isn’t as easy a thing to do as you may think - especially from me.”

They all giggled as Amy finished the thought. “Luna held that back for you. And we all agreed that you deserve your place back among us.”

“So, now you are once again a General in the Moon Kingdom Forces.” Luna smiled with a twinkling in her eyes.

Neflyte swallowed so that he could have a clear voice. “Thank you all. And thank you Luna for saving this for me. But I cannot wear this again in good conscience until we have found the Moon Princess and she forgives me.

“I should have had more faith in Serenity and her daughter … that they wouldn’t betray the two of us, Molly. But it was so hard trying to live without you … without our daughter. It felt like we were never going to be reunited. And after a few years joined with the Negaverse, I felt that I was not worthy of being your husband again … not worthy of being our daughter’s father again. No, please understand all that this is something I must see first.”

“We all understand, Neflyte. And I just know that the Moon Princess will forgive you. She has to, because all of us see the good within you - so will she.” Serena smiled as she rested her hand on his. If she were the missing Princess, he would be the honorable man he once was - but Neflyte doubted it would be that easy to be forgiven by the daughter of the woman he helped to destroy.

Jessica smiled softly. “And now for mine. It too belonged to you during Serenity’s reign.”

Inside of the box was a shield. The symbol was of the Moon Dragon Clan - a family that he was the last survivor of. That did him in. Neflyte couldn’t hold back his tears any longer. Silently they slid down his cheeks to be wiped away by his beloved until they ceased.

But before he could say a word, Jessica held up her hand in a regal gesture of silence. “Don’t try to feign the need for forgiveness of your past. That is yours by birthright, and to be Molly’s true husband you must be the true and honorable, Neflyte - now you have proven to all that you are. If you were not worthy of holding it, that shield would have disappeared the moment you touched it. Now while we enjoy this cake, we can get to business.”

First they decided to hold off court training until after they had found the Moon Princess. They all decided that if she too had no memory of being a Princess, then it would be better for them all to go through training in courtly manners together.

Jessica told them the story. “All of you were from your respective planets, in fact each was a Princess. Yet all of you were part of the Moon Princess’ royal court. The Universe was at peace, until a certain relationship was brought forward. The Moon Princess had fallen in love with and was engaged to the High Prince of Earth.

“Beryl had too fallen in love with the Prince, and wanted to be his wife. Prince Endymion was in love with his Moon Princess, and refused to have anything to do with Beryl. That was what caused the war that ended our universe as it once was.

“Beryl knew that the four Generals were her greatest weakness, as they were faithful to the Prince and would be hard to break. She cast powerful spells that twisted hearts and destroyed the Generals.

“Zoicite was born a man, but fell in love with Malachite and wished to be a woman - to make his relationship with Malachite proper in the eyes of others, and that he could carry a child for his love. Malachite of course was deeply in love with Zoicite. They might have been given the permission for Zoicite’s sex change operation, or the work it would take for them to have a child.”

That stunned everyone but Neflyte.

Amy swallowed. “We always assumed that Zoicite had always been a woman. Do they have a child in that horrible place?”

“No, nothing can grow in the Negaverse. That is their greatest argument with Beryl. They still want to have children.” Neflyte answered.

Jessica continued. “Jedite’s reason to turn is still a mystery. And we all know why you turned away, Neflyte.”

“Molly’s death. I remember it. It was so horrible,” Serena mumbled out. Jessica smiled; the young Scout leader was starting to remember - though it would be a time yet, before she completely returned. “Yes, my baby’s death. But that is the past. Now we can enjoy the present and plan for our futures.”

Then came up the idea of the threat the Negaverse still posed. Raye looked over at Neflyte. “What about Beryl? Won’t she be doubly out to get us now that we have you back with us, General Neflyte?”

He smiled at the use of his title. His announcement surprised the Scouts. “I’ve set what loyal youmas I have to spying on the Negaverse, watching over each of you, and guarding my and Molly’s mansion. In fact, Kyla should be checking with us in a few minutes.”

Serena’s eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her head. “Who do you have watching over us?”

Neflyte chuckled and waved each youma into their sights as he introduced them. “Monlou watches over you, Serena.”

A shimmering half plant and half humanoid with dark hair and silver mirrors for eyes came forward. The plants, which grew out of various places on her body, wrapped around her as clothing and trailed down her back from her shoulders in a sort of cape that ended just below her knees. Vines of ivy pulled her hair back and twisted around the hair like ribbons. Her feet were like the roots of a plant, and her fingers were like the twisting tendrils that holds most vines to whatever they can cling to.

“Raye is guarded by Iona.”

Iona had brilliant red eyes - like ruby crystals. Green hair curled around her face in loose waves. Her pale skin was made more prominent by her dark red nail polish and equally dark red lipstick. Black leather tightly covered her from neck to her black knee high boots and down one arm, while the other sleeve was half torn. She was carrying a whip that didn’t look too friendly, but her smile and courtly bow set Raye unusually at ease. Iona would follow her orders.

“Amy is cared for by Phon.”

The first thing everyone noticed was Phon’s glowing white hair. It was straight and flowed loosely to just below her knees. Her eyes too were white, while her skin was a medium blue. She was wearing a glimmering dress that looked like large snow crystals sewn together, and was barefoot!

A shadow came forward with lavender eyes and mouth. “Queen Jessica is tended by Thuran.”

Thuran had dark gray curls that looked almost like smoke flowing from her scalp to her calves. She had metallic copper eyes and nails, metallic gold lips, and pale green skin. She wore a toga of fine gauzy material clasped over only one shoulder and fell to the floor.

Jessica nodded to the youma and then gave Neflyte a look, “I believe we discussed this last night, Neflyte. You are to call me mom, not by my old royal title.”

“And I told you that you and Molly will always be Queens to me. When I’m not with her, Roghen is to guard Molly.”

Roghen reminded Serena of her mom after that algebra exam came back the night she first became Sailor Moon (including a wand in the place of the spatula), except that the youma’s skin was orange in color, and her hair was pink.

Then out came a youma with purple feathers layered down its head instead of hair. Its body was bright pink and was wearing a bright green schoolgirl uniform and hip high boots that matched her black eyes. “And Luna is ‘tailed’ by Ghosun. Sorry for the pun, old friend.”

“You still love to fickle me!” She huffed as she licked her paw, pretending to be hurt by the comment.

“If I didn’t do it you’d think something was wrong with me … right?” Neflyte rubbed the black feline’s back.

Luna purred happily, “Well, you’re right. Still the charmer, you are.”

Kyla appeared and bowed before them all. She reminded everyone of a burning fire shaped into a human-ish form. “I have important news Lord Neflyte. Queen Beryl has set Zoicite to search for the seven Rainbow Crystals that were once the Imperium Silver Crystal. They are using your old Star Crystal to seek out those who carry the crystals in their bodies.”

“Thank you, Kyla. That will be all for now. Keep a watch on Zoicite and report back to one of us with any new developments,” Neflyte answered.

Luna decided to research this development, but promised to get back with the others as soon as she could. After the meeting broke up, Molly spent her first weekend at her and Neflyte’s mansion.

* * * * * * * *

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The Nephrite and Naru Treasury