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The Deserted City Streets
By Gita Toronjil-Lee

* * * * * * * *

“But Nephrite-sama,” said she so small
(hoping he wouldn’t then set her down),
“my home—it’s not this way.”
Had she ever seen his glove compartment, she’d know—
it was full of maps.
He’d never been much good at direction.
(if asked, he’d say they were for human authenticity.)
“I know,” he said though he didn’t.
“But what else could he do since he knows where you live?”
“Ah,” she said, though her captors had been women.
“Of course,” she said.

The street was dark as night; the night was dark as pitch.
She wished he’d hold her longer.
He wished he had his car. (But he didn't mind carrying her.)
Her head tipped, softly, but jerked back though burned—
prickly gold, sharp gold, catching in red curls.
Gentle arms, but not a comfortable man.
He hadn’t known what she’d been doing till his rank made her cry.
Not that he’d take it off, not it alone, but…
his arms dropped.
And she could lean against his chest, unimpeded.
(that’s better, they both thought.)

“Do you hold him like this, you bastard?” his voice low and rough,
“Is this why you won’t let me challenge him fair?”
“Nephrite-sama?” she asked, innocent as dawn—
she knew of course he wasn’t talking to her.
Bright as dawn too, this girl in his arms.
“It’s nothing,” said he quickly, and tried to let her light in his voice.
Not difficult. She was warm and solid and made him…breathe.
(if he feels anything like this to you, anything close,
I just might forgive you, he would say,
if he were still thinking of his rival then.)
(But he wasn’t.)

The sidewalk turned, and so did he; there were lights on this road.
It wasn’t quite the same, but—she was.
So he walked in silence, and worked hard not to think;
she enjoyed the moment.
“But—your bedtime—” he said at last.
“Not yet,” she lied. She was not tired.
“After all, what else could he do if he knows where I live?”
He almost laughed, and that was something.
Never once did her wide eyes leave his face,
and he watched the trees above.
The streetlight and starlight made them lace.

There weren’t parks in his homeland, no. And no one like her, either.
In all the immense Kingdom. Funny, that.
Somewhere he knew this was treason, and he didn’t want
to know this. Not when he couldn’t justify himself at all.
He narrowed his gaze straight and focused instead.
The set of his shoulders, though, gave his thoughts away,
and away she pulled. All this he had done! And for her!
What else to do, what else to say, but…
“Nephrite-sama, thank you.” Voice thin but sincere.
And his heart flipped in his chest.
—has anyone ever said that like that before?—

Had his arms not also been holding a revelation, he would have dropped her.

Author’s Note: Though I am not sure how I feel interpreting Nephrite/Naru with long-term implications, even I must admit ep. 24 saw a marked change in the guy. (no apologies for the gratuitous K/Z reference. I am who I am. :P)

* * * * * * * *

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