An Apology
by Dark Amethyst

* * * * * * * *

Torment and turmoil. Tears and blinding pain.
My body and our hearts, awash in blood.
Yet I'd redouble all my agony,
To take from your mind every shred of me.

A finer friend than I deserved to know.
The honour of your love - beyond my bearing.
Your heart - the purest white in my dark world,
Now sullied, blackened by my filthy touch.

The shattering of hope and innocence.
The ruin of your castles in the air.
Your fragile dreams of Love forever fouled
By me, cruel bringer of the ugly truth.

An evil in me deeper than I dreamed
To take so kind and trusting soul as you
And use and hurt you so atrociously.
To love you when I knew it could not be.

My final, sinful, selfish, monstrous crime
Not yet content in tearing out your heart...
I dared to beg you never me forget,
As if your sorrow I'd immortalize.

Words, once spoken, will not be called back.
My heartless actions cannot be undone.
But could you hear one further word from me...
I'd beg you now - forgive me and forget.

* * * * * * * *

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