The Crystal Weaver Saga: An Ill Fate Marshalling
by E. Liddell


* * * * * * * *

Snapshots of the Edge of Oblivion

Somewhere in the city, a woman with graying red hair bends over a photo album, dreaming of grandchildren. The pictures on one side of the page that she has been frozen in the act of turning are of a red-haired teenaged girl with blue-green eyes; those on the reverse depict a twentyish woman with the same red hair but yellow eyes, smiling up at a handsome, auburn-haired man.

In a classroom somewhere on the campus of one of the city's major universities, a blonde young woman has a look of attentiveness plastered on her face as she stares without seeing at her Literature professor. Her left hand, however, rests inside the bookbag on the floor by her side, fingertips just barely touching a giant feather that shades from medium grey at the base to rich purple at the tip.

Near the top of a downtown high-rise, a black-haired man has been frozen in the act of conferring with a real estate agent.

And hovering high above all the rest, a slender woman with a black moon crescent on her forehead wonders, What have I done? I never intended for this to happen! What will Wise Man think?

* * * * * * * *

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